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Updated on: July 2, 2022

We already passed that time when we used to promote our accounts just to get a great number of followers. Technology is getting more transparent and usercentric. Now we want followers to get a great number of customers. That's Ok, we and Instagram world is evolving. What we really need now is the auxiliary tools that would make our business on Instagram easier and engaging to run. Ingramer service is among the top providers of such tools. Let's take a closer look at it and find out whether it really that cool as everybody claims.

What's Ingramer services and tools set?

Ingramer is an all-round service for promotion on Instagram. It is multipurpose and multidirectional and actively applies Artificial Intelligence in its solutions.

This is the whole list of solutions it offers:

  • Promo Service: likes, watching Instagram highlights/stories, watched reels history, follows and unfollows. Everything is automatic. Plus, precise targeting;
  • Direct Service: Direct Messenger and Bulk auto-messaging tool in one;
  • Auto-posting Service: planning and scheduling of posts and Stories on IG;
  • VPN service: for secure work;
  • Hashtag Generator and Hashtag Trends: relevant tags and analytics;
  • Instagram Downloader: saving all content from Instagram (free and paid features);
  • Profile Analyzer: full profiles analytics (engagement, posting time, hashtags and caption words, etc.);
  • Instagram Accounts Search: accounts search b bios, phones, names, and emails.


It is quite a curious feature set, but I have my heart set on 3 of them: IG Direct, Hashtag Generator, and Scheduled Posting.

Direct-based CRM for sales

Ingramer's Direct Service is one of the most outstanding for today.

Bulk Messaging

You can send unique welcome and thank-you messages to all new followers as well as to all followers or a custom list. Thanks to that, you can create a personal touch with potential customers and start selling more.

Instagram Chat

The first and prime convenience of it is the possibility to chat from PC (from any device, actually). Also, you can connect several accounts — there is one messenger for all accounts. But these are the following things that surprise users more:

  • Profile's Info Sidebar. You have access to users' info right in your messenger working area. View Profile button will direct you right on the Instagram page of a person.
  • Labels for chats. You can label chats by categories to sort them for convenience.
  • Notes and Details. You can fill in the customers' details (phone, email, address, etc.) and leave vital notes for yourself and your colleagues.
  • Fast Replies. If you want to satisfy your customers, reply fast. That's common knowledge.
  • Message search across all chats. A convenient feature that Instagram doesn't offer.
  • Media Attachments. You can attach photos to make your messages engaging.


Price: $29/month

Hashtag Generator for content promotion

It just so happens that hashtags are the only way you can increase the posts' visibility. Ingramer's hashtag generator was created right to increase the IG posts reach.

  • Ingramer help you to  look for  proper tags by uploading a photo, IG post's URL or keyword/keywords:


  • You can observe Hashtag Trends;
  • It will show the analysis of each hashtag by clicking on it. There, you will find out whether it will be easy to get more impressions with this tag.


There is one hashtag hack I learned from Ingramer's blog to increase the reach 3 times. Read about it below.

Price: $34/month

Scheduled Instagram Posting for better time-management and engagement

Services for scheduling publications is a must if you want to save time (around 5 hours/month) and be consistent. This helps the engagement rate of your audience.

  • Ingramer allows to schedule and publishes posts (photos, videos, carousels) and Stories;
  • You can edit any publications, including old ones;
  • You can use the Autoupdate Description And that's the very hack I mentioned above: you can replace your hashtags in a post several times. This helps you to get impressions from 3 different sets of hashtags — your posts grow 3x.


Price: $18/month


Is Ingramer the best for Instagram Businesses? It's up to you to decide. We believe it the best service in the market to connect & engage with niche-specific audiences. I would love to hear about your experience in a comment.

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