How to Identify the Best Marketers & Make Them Interested in Your Job

Updated on: August 11, 2022

An effective marketing team is a force that pushes your business forward, which is why hiring the right person for a marketing position is so vital. Sadly, not all business owners have a thorough understanding of the job. This, in turn, makes it challenging to hire the best experts. Of course, you can start by reading marketing assistant job description or ask your peers for a referral. Still, it would be better if you grasped the basic concepts of marketing before you start looking for that special someone to promote your product or service. Let's see which must-have qualities should an expert marketer possess and how you can find this person.

Must-Have Qualities of a Successful Marketer

While a marketer position implies a lot of duties and calls for vast experience, there are two absolutely must-have qualities for every expert — strategic thinking and background experience in the niche they advertise. And here is why.

Strategic thinking on a large scale

Marketing is a vast concept that can include email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, traditional advertising, and plenty of things in between. Finding a person who would be an expert in all existing marketing variations, from inbound marketing to video marketing, is impossible. However, you can look for people who can see the broader picture of marketing.

Strategic Thinking Marketing

Depending on your company size and needs, you can always hire more people who specialize in SEO, SMM, content production, and PR. But, you will still need a person who can think on a larger scale, and this person will be your chief marketer to manage them all. Thinking strategically is one of the key skills for any marketer. This could only be achieved if the person has a general understanding of all marketing types. At the same time, one does not need to be a narrow expert in any of the given marketing fields.

General knowledge of the product they promote

Just like good marketers should have a general knowledge of all marketing types, they should have at least some basic understanding of the product they promote. After all, you cannot expect a person who's been advertising software products to suddenly become an expert in fashion. While not entirely impossible for some people, such a case scenario is very unlikely.

Product knowledge in Marketing

Marketers should sell products and services. So, they must understand what they are selling. Once again, they are not supposed to be narrow experts in your business niche — you have other staff members for that. But, they must grasp your product's general concept and be determined to narrow this knowledge down whenever necessary.

Finding Expert Marketers & Engaging Them with Your Offer

Now that you know what qualities your ideal marketers should have, let's see how you can find and engage people that fit your company.

Use professional tools for your search

Posting an ad on a job board will not help you find a qualified marketer. Usually, top-notch experts get plenty of new offers and have no need to apply for openings. But, you can always scan LinkedIn to see if any marketers fit your company. When you find someone, use a contact finder to search for a specific contact by name or location. Why not message them directly over LinkedIn, you may wonder? Well, because tons of recruiters bombard qualified experts with offers, so your message may simply get lost. Besides, the more offers people get on LinkedIn, the more they think of such messages as spam.

Contact finders, however, can help you convey your offer via a candidate's email. This is a better, more certain way to catch someone's attention. Besides, using a valid email ensures your message comes through. A person you want to contact may not be using LinkedIn every day. But, people still check their inboxes several times a day.

Using Latest Marketing Tools

Do background research before the first contact

Finding a qualified marketer on LinkedIn is not that challenging. This network offers extensive information on ones' professional experience, and many users feature valid resumes in their accounts. However, a resume is not enough to get a truly good idea of the person you are about to contact. Whenever possible, try to take a look at your prospect's personal accounts. Check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — whatever you can find.

Of course, some of those accounts will be private. Still, many of them will be public because good marketers understand the real value of publicity. And, seeing how a person manages their personal social media — even if the account is public — should give you more insight into someone's character. Remember, it's not about digging for every personal detail there is; it is about finding a person who could be a good fit for your business and your existing team.

Personalize your job offer

After you handpick several candidates and do some initial background checks, you will most likely narrow down your list to just one or two people. Now, it's time to make your pitch. Here, the main goal is to make it as personal and specific as it can get. As a rule, these tips should help:

  • Don't bury your lead and state clearly who you are and why you are emailing this person.
  • Mention why you think your collaboration would be fruitful. Here, you could mention several projects the person has worked on and praise the results.
  • Clearly state your offer but do not go for lengthy descriptions.
  • Ask the person to write back — either for more details about the job or to say they are not interested

Following this pattern will show your prospective candidate that you have done your research and handpicked them out of thousands of others. While it does not guarantee someone's interest in your job opening, it is still the best and most polite way to make a new connection.

The final word of advice is not to despair if you cannot find the best person for the job right away. Qualified marketers who can think strategically and have some experience with your type of product are not easy to find. Still, with a bit of patience and effort, most businesses find the expert they need.

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