How iBCricket Disrupting into Virtual Reality Gaming

Updated on: October 24, 2018

Cricket has evolved into a top sport played by billions of people across the world while virtual reality is a technology which has allowed people to immerse themselves in worlds created using computer graphics and modeling software. Cricket has many forms but professional games aren’t available to most people. It is what draws cricket fans to cricket games available on consoles, PCs and mobiles. It is no different to other sports such as football where millions buy and play FIFA games each year.  This is to get the thrill and intensity of a professional football match which they can’t replicate in real life. People enjoy listening to a crowd cheering every goal and to hear entertaining commentaries.

Gaming Trends

There is something which prevents FIFA games from feeling like the real deal. It also prevents the plethora of cricket games from feeling like the player is a part of it and they are on the field and the crowd is cheering for them instead of virtual amalgamations of cricket players. The missing link is that they are playing it on a two-dimensional panel. The difference between a two-dimensional panel and virtual reality is very fascinating. The difference between watching a match on a TV and watching it in the stadium from the front row seats. There is a flaw to this analogy though because in the two situations the viewer is watching from a single perspective but in virtual reality, he would have full control of whichever view he chooses. A virtual reality game is the most immersive form of play.

Virtual reality cricket has few competitors and most aren’t good.  It is due to a lack of competitors and the less adoption rate of virtual reality headsets. In general, not many developers put the efforts required to make an amazing experience which shows its potential.  But there is a game which does it well. iB Cricket is a virtual reality cricket game which can play at home and in arcades and gets the feel of playing cricket right.

Best Virtual Reality Cricket Game

There are many virtual reality cricket games available on Steam for Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Gear VR, and HTC Vive. They have poor to mixed reception. Cricket VR is a virtual reality game for Oculus Gear VR headsets. Its available on the Oculus store for PC users and has a poor 2.5-star rating. Its a low budget and free game but its simple gameplay and graphics do no give any justice to what is possible on the headset.

A better cricket experience is available on HTC Vive. The game is called Balls! And is balls to the wall fun but rather shallow and runs off steam quickly. Its available on Steam for $10 and has a positive user review with 17 reviews. It is worth the price it asks for but it's still not a AAA experience. The feeling of having a bat in your hand is lacking and its first-person perspective is rather contrived and not accurate enough to immerse the user in the sport.

iBCricket :

iB Cricket is the most immersive cricket game available at the time. It is an incredible way to play real cricket in a virtual environment using some specific e-equipments like bats and VR headset. This will provide you powerful arcade user experience.

Novus Res is a virtual reality games studio with a promising virtual reality game creatively named Cricket VR.  It has a variety of gameplay modes and good graphics by Virtual Reality standards coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It has three gameplay modes,

1. Team Party mode for multiplayer

2. Career mode for single player and

3. Arcade mode for some quick fun.

vSport is the Best Virtual Reality Sport Format

iB Cricket has a new format vSports which are getting positive word of mouth and acclaim from cricket fans. It is designed with being playable for people regardless of their age, gender and background because it's affordable and its designed such that the player does not experience nausea which is a problem in many virtual reality games.

iB Cricket is a deep game with a lot of possibilities. There are artificial intelligence coaches which guide the player to becoming a skilled cricket player by advanced analysis of their tactics and skills through deep learning. Deep learning is a modern advancement in artificial intelligence which allows it to recognize and learn patterns it observes. Players have a pattern to their play, which easily captures their fans and coaches attention. This pattern has never been recognized by artificial intelligence in any sport and iB Cricket is a first in this regard.iB  Cricket s the principal sponsor for the Bengal Tigers at the T10 League in Dubai.


Cricket is a game which requires facilities and iBCricket is a game which uses advancements in software to its advantage. Virtual Reality is a technology conceived a long time ago but not available to the masses till recently with the advent of headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR. iB Cricket uses other advanced software such as the Internet of Things and Blockchain. Internet of Things allows consistent evaluation and improvements in multiple ways through feedback . All this data is sent to servers and a copy is created. A game like iB Cricket will have thousands of players which give more feedback and would help the product become more amazing as time goes on and more players experience it.

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