HzO WaterBlock Technology:Waterproof Smartphone,Gadgets

Updated on: January 12, 2019

If you ever face anything like this,You went to picnic with your friends/family on beach &  tried to captured some awesome  movements into your smartphone/cameras  &  suddenly one of high tide broke all your efforts 🙁  b'coz of  number one nemesis of  electronics gadgets Water  isn't it ? If yes then its a really annoying situation

HzO  Protection from the Inside Out

HzO WaterBlock Technology

But from now onward  start smiling b'coz   we are going to tell you some great remedy for this ,and its a technology of waterproofing called "HzO Waterblock" technology.  its name clarify all the things,its a cutting edge technology having capability to resist the water effect on various consumer electronic devices like smartphone,gadget,cameras and many more .'HzO' basically invented for demographic purpose,currently they don't have any plan  to take it into market because of High Costing  issue 🙁 .

HzO  Protection for mobile gadgets

HzO Protection for mobile gadgets

HzO is displayed at CES 2012 as a product review and as expect it rocks all the way.HzO planning to grab some OEM(Other Equipment Manufacture) for good business in Consumer Electronic.

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA1uPLNSue0']


How WaterBlock Works:

1. WaterBlock is nothing but a transparent chemical wrapper that contain thin nano-cover that resist the water & water rippling effect ,which help the electronic products  to  behave like normal !!!

2. Till now HzO not specified in detailed architecture of  its working,but you can view the demo videos of the Hzo which was demonstrated in CES 2012

iPhone with HzO:

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLDm2TMJ7iY']


Feature Of HzO WaterBlock:

1. A revolutionary change in Consumer Electronics like Smartphone,gadgets,iPhone,iPad etc.

2. Helpfuly in  fully-digitalize  watch's like ipod nano watch or in Android Live-View.

HzO  for ipod nano watch

3. It will help in medical industry like digital hearing aids can made as waterproof,it help to diagnosis  inner parts of body   using some electronics devices

[note]As its a key-changing technology,its production cost is really high ,so its expensive for normal users 🙁 ,Hope in future we really get  this technology with better cost and compatibility[/note]

HzO Mobile
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  1. This is great, I saw a pre launch video on youtube a few months ago - I am the worst person in the world at dropping my stuff in bad placed from a mobile phone down the toilet to a ipod in the sink. I would definitly pay more so my gadgets were protected!

      1. Interesting article, there does seem to be a few companies emerging that are doing this, but one is already working commerically with electronic manufacturers (including smartphones/hearing aids) check out P2i

    1. Hi,if you need to protect the mobile phone,the watch phone could be a good choice? like the smart watch phone

  2. Saurav its always nice reading your articles. Thank you for the info Looking forward to thisnew technologyGCE Store (Gcelectronicsstore - Your one stop shop for all your Electronics Accessories.)

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