How To Unfollow On Tiktok in Bulk For Free?

Updated on: October 14, 2022

In this article, you will learn how to safely unfollow multiple accounts on Tiktok. It is very important to use legitimate methods that follow Tiktok's guidelines. You can unfollow people in bulk for free using these simple methods.

How To Unfollow Many Tiktok Accounts in Bulk for Free?

On the Internet, you will find many paid, bot apps to buy followers and likes, follow/unfollow in bulk, etc. However, these tactics are not safe and legitimate. And being paid, they can result in unnecessary spending while putting your Tiktok account health at risk. So we recommend that you should instead use any of these 3 safe, free, and legitimate methods to Unfollow many accounts on Tiktok.

1. Unfollow many accounts one-by-one manually on Tiktok

2. Unfollow many accounts automatically with "Tiktok Unfollower" Free Chrome Extension

3. Unfollow everyone on Tiktok by submitting an official request to Tiktok Support

Step by Step Instructions to Unfollow on Tiktok (3 methods)

Learn the pros and cons of each method, and use the step-by-step instructions to implement them yourself:

1. Unfollow many accounts one by one manually on Tiktok

tiktok follow unfollow

Pros: This method works on the Tiktok website, as well as Android and iOS apps. It is completely free and safe.

Cons: It is time-consuming as it needs to be executed manually.

  1. Open Tiktok app or website. Make sure you have signed in.
  2. Go to your Profile. You will see the number of accounts you are Following, as well as a number of Followers.
  3. Click on the "Following" link. You will see a list of all accounts that you have followed. Every account has a "Following" button on its right.
  4. For any account you wish to unfollow, simply tap/click on its "Following" button once. This will Unfollow that account. The button will now change to "Follow".
  5. Repeat this for all accounts you wish to unfollow.
  6. Make sure you do not unfollow more than 200 accounts in a day. If you exceed this daily limit, Tiktok can flag your account as bot, spam or shadowban you.

2. Unfollow in bulk automatically using Tiktok Unfollower

Pros: This method helps you to unfollow many accounts automatically. It is completely free and safe, as long as you stick to its default settings, and unfollow less than 200 accounts in a day.

Cons: It only works on Tiktok website. You need to use the Chrome browser and install the free Chrome extension. You cannot exclude accounts you do not wish to unfollow. So it will unfollow all accounts gradually, and you will need to manually follow again the ones you wish to keep. And you still need to beware of not crossing the 200 accounts unfollow limit per day. Also do not change the settings to unfollow very fast, otherwise it will appear as a bot to Tiktok.

  1. Open the Chrome browser on a PC, and install the Tiktok Unfollower free Chrome extension.
  2. Make sure to pin the Tiktok Unfollower button. To do this, click on the Extensions icon on top right of Chrome menu. Find the Tiktok Unfollower extension and click on the Pin icon in front of it.
  3. Login to Tiktok website, go to your Profile, and click on the Following link to open your list of accounts followed.
  4. Click on the Tiktok Unfollower extension button. The extension is a macro script that automatically executes the Unfollow action inside your browser. By default, it does this every 5 to 10 seconds. And by default, the limit is set to 100. We recommend sticking with these settings to be safe. Make sure you do not unfollow more than 200 accounts in one day.
  5. Simply click the Start button in the Tiktok Unfollower extension menu. It will start automatically unfollowing the accounts in your Following list. It will stop executing once the limit of 100 unfollows is reached.
  6. To be safe, change the limit to 99 if you are going to run this again the same day. And then use it again only after 24 hours to unfollow more accounts.

3. Unfollow everyone by submitting an official request to Tiktok Support

tiktok support

Pros: It is completely safe and free. It works on Tiktok website, and its Android and iPhone mobile apps. You can unfollow everyone by letting Tiktok Support team perform this action programmatically on your behalf. You are no longer limited to the 200 daily unfollow limit.

Cons: You will need to have a genuine reason for unfollowing everyone. Tiktok Support may not fulfill this request for everyone. But it might be worth trying if you have a good amount of Followers, Views and Likes.

  1. Open the Tiktok website or mobile app.
  2. On mobile, go to your Profile. Tap on the hamburger or three lines icons, and tap on "Settings and Privacy".
  3. On website, click on your Profile pic on the top right to open the dropdown menu. Then click on "Settings and Privacy".
  4. Inside "Settings and Privacy" scroll down to get to the Support section. Find the "Report a Problem" link, and click on it.
  5. Click on the "Paper and Pen" icon, or "Submit Feedback" button. This will open a simple form. Write down that you wish to unfollow all accounts in your Following list, and the reason for the same. For example, you might have followed thousands of accounts, and now it is really hard to manually unfollow them. So you are requesting the Tiktok Support team to delete everyone in your Following list. Submit this request.
  6. In 24 hours, you will receive a Notification or email with the reply from Tiktok Support team. Hopefully, they will have cleared your Following list as per your request!

Why Do People Want to Mass Unfollow on Tiktok ?

Tiktok is a popular app for creating, sharing and enjoying viral video clips. It is highly addictive and has a high user engagement. This makes it a suitable choice for promoting products, brands and content. Anyone can get a shot at being a Tiktok influencer and becoming famous quickly. Then earning well for posting promotional and sponsored content. This has made it a go-to alternative to Youtube and Instagram for young millennials who wish to earn online and boost their social status.

Social media users often compare their Following and Followers counts to measure their clout or influence. They want to appear as powerful influencers by following very few accounts, and having lots of followers. One tactic for growing their followers is to follow a lot of accounts, many of whom will follow back. Then later, they unfollow these accounts. If you follow and unfollow a lot of account quickly, your behavior will be seen as spammy or bot-powered, and your account can get shadowbanned by Tiktok. And to gain genuine followers and fans, you must focus on creating good, engaging, and entertaining content.

You may have genuine reason to unfollow accounts in bulk. This will help you to declutter and refresh your feed. You can curate better content creators in your Following list to get positive and inspiring content. To unfollow everyone on Tiktok, or to unfollow many accounts in bulk, you need to choose safe and legitimate methods only. If you use bot apps to unfollow lots of accounts very quickly, Tiktok can shadowban your account. This will result in your content not appearing on other users' feeds for many days.

To be safe, you must use the manual method of unfollowing, or set daily limits below 200 unfollows per day for automated methods.

Final Words

Tiktok has grown so popular that many paid third-party services have appeared in the market from time to time. They can be used for gaining likes, followers, doing mass automated actions. However, many such apps or services that are listed on other blog posts for how to unfollow on Tiktok are not available anymore. Also, there are many downsides to these third-party services. They can gain access to your private information on Tiktok, they require you to pay in order to avail these services, and many tactics they employ are against Tiktok's guidelines. So, they can result in harming your Tiktok account health. That is why, we are discussing and recommending only legitimate, safe, and free methods.

In this article, we have shown you the manual method to unfollow on Tiktok, automatic methods using Chrome extension, and by submitting a request to the Tiktok Support team. The last method is the best one if you wish to unfollow thousands of accounts at once. However, if Tiktok Support does not fulfill your request, you will need to use the Tiktok Unfollower Chrome Extension on a PC, and unfollow 200 accounts automatically every day. To unfollow a smaller number of accounts, it is easiest to use the manual method we discussed in the beginning.

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