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How to Setup Location Based Alarm when You’re Near to Reach your Destination


The world is so close due to technology and availability of transportation. You can easily visit your hometown on any day from any place. I believe Technology also making us lazy & tired as mobile phones become our BFF(Best Freind Forever). Everyone’s attention is on that tiny rectangular magical device human invented ever. You can find most of the people either listening to songs or be chatting with friends on Whatsapp/Snapchat/Facebook etc. while traveling from a taxi, bus or any local transportation services.

location based alarm

Recently I traveled to Southeast Asia for some business work, while going from my city (Pune) to Mumbai airport I preferred to utilize State Transportation Bus. My flight was in afternoon, so to reach on time I left my home early in the morning. I didn’t have good sleep so I decided to take sleep during my journey to avoid dizziness. Before sleeping I opened my Google Map to set my STOP location but then I realized if I get the sleep I may miss my desired STOP location & no one wake me up. So there should be something to set the alarm before my STOP arrive. As I was going to take sleep during the journey. I realized Google Maps app is  missing with this future but fortunately found some alternative and a solid dedicated app called Alarm-Me (Location Alarm)

Alarm-Me (Location Alarm) is an excellent Android mobile app designed to solve this WakeMeUp issue without any human intervention. It’s your personal travel companion. Alarm-Me is location-based alarm application which wakes you up when you are near to your destination by Ringing/Vibrating your smartphone. Due to this amazing app, you don’t need any help from any human while sleeping during your travel. If you are bus-sleeper or train sleeper you will love this app for sure.

How Alarm-Me (Location Alarm) Works :

1. Download & Install Alarm-Me (Location Alarm) from PlayStore.

2. Open App & grant respective app permissions including GPS access.


3. Now you will see map, over there you have to put your destination STOP name where you want to step out of from your bus or train. In my case its “Mumbai Airport”. Once you have done with location selection you need to set radius, it’s necessary setting which indicates how far away from your destination your alarm will start Ringing. I preferred to keep it as 2km so that when I’m 2km away from my destination my alarm will start ringing & it wakes me up. Then select “Alarm Here“.


4. In next screen, you will see an option to give a name to this ALARM along with several customized option like

Alarm Actions: Vibration, Sound, Headphone, Text Msg to SomeOne from your contact etc.


5. This actions will get trigger once you enter into a defined radius area & remind you to get out of your sleep and get off the bus/train. You can STOP alarm accordingly.


iPhone & iOS users can use  OmniBuzz – GPS Alarm for Transit

If you are iPhone user then OmniBuzz is an alternative to achieve the same functionality. It’s also simple and easy to setup.  You can download it from iTunes


Alarm-Me really helps me to solve this issue. I’m expecting Google should include something like this in their Google Map in future as its really needy functionality for most of the smartphone users. I would love to hear your feedback about these productive apps in the comment section.

Saurabh Mukhekar is a Tech Blogger from Pune, India. He is also thinker, maker, life long learner, hybrid developer, edupreneur, mover & shaker. He's captain planet of BlogSaays and seemingly best described in rhyme. Follow Him On
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