How to Fix Instagram "Couldn't Load Activity" Error?

Updated on: December 8, 2022

Instagram app offers plenty of interactions and activities for everyone. This is due to its large social network and the vast repository of user generated content. In simple words, the activities of users powers Instagram. Users create photos, videos, short-form portrait videos called Reels, instant updates called Stories, and Live streaming to followers. They use hashtags, descriptions, and tag other users in their posts. And users can also exchange text, voice, and video messages and calls using Instagram app. When users leave comments, likes, @username mentions on your posts, you see these updates in your Notifications feed. Previously, till 2019, Instagram also had a Following activity feed, which showed Insta activity updates of the users you follow. In this article, we will understand the causes and fixes for the Instagram "couldn't load activity" error.

What is the Instagram "Couldn't Load Activity" Error?

There is a group of Instagram error messages, when you are unable to view the posts, notifications, or images/videos sent by messages. This behavior can happen in your home feed, notifications "activity feed", or direct messages. They come in various flavors:

  • couldn't load activity
  • couldn't refresh feed
  • couldn't load image tap to retry

The Top Fixes for the Instagram "Couldn't Load Activity" Error

instagram couldn't load activity error

We will look at the possible causes and their fixes in the increasing order of their seriousness. So the most common & trivial causes with their simplest, quickest fixes first.

1) Check your Internet

The most common reason for seeing Instagram "couldn't load activity" error is network connectivity issues. Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can switch it OFF & ON, try opening another website, check your internet speed on

If you notice that your Internet hasn't been working normally, wait till it is restored, or use another internet connection that is working well.

Checking and fixing your Internet Connection is the simplest and fastest way to solve the Instagram "couldn't load activity" error.

But as long as you are sure that other apps and sites are working fine, expect Instagram, then you can try the next solutions.

2) Close and Restart the App

Let's say all other websites and apps are working fine, but Instagram app is giving you errors.

You should try to close the app. On Android, tap on the Square icon at the bottom to see all opened apps. Slide the Instagram window to the left or right to close it. On iPhone, double press on the home button, and slide the Instagram app window to close it.

Now, restart the Instagram app by tapping on its icon from the home screen or app drawer.

3) Clear the Cached Data

When a simple close and restart of Instagram app doesn't work, you must clear the data from its cache.

Long press on the Instagram app icon, and go to its App Settings.

Scroll down to find the Clear Data option, and choose "Clear Cache". But don't try the "Clear All Data" option, doing so will log you out.

Now restart the app.

4) Restart the Phone

Are you facing issues even after you have checked your internet connection is fine, closed & restarted Instagram, and cleared its cache?

You can try to reboot your phone. Long press on the Power button, then choose to restart the phone.

Alternatively, you can choose to shutdown / power OFF the phone. And then after 2 minutes or so, manually restart it by long-pressing the power button.

Now switch on your Internet and open the Instagram app.

instagram activity error banner

5) Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Most users are able to fix the Instagram "couldn't load activity" error by trying some of the first 4 fixes.

If the issue persists for you after trying out all 4, it is best to Uninstall the Instagram app. Tap on the Instagram icon on the homescreen or app drawer, and choose "Uninstall".

Next, you can first restart the phone. Then go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search "Instagram" and tap on "Install" button.

Once the Instagram app is installed, login with your username and password.

6) Switch Account Type

Open Instagram app, go to your Profile. Tap on the Hamburger menu (three lines) on top right.

Go to Settings > Account > Scroll down to find "Switch to Professional Account".

This will give higher priority to your account and the activities in it. Check if the glitches and issues are gone.

You can switch back to Normal account after sometime.

7) Contact Instagram Support

If none of the above solutions fix the Instagram "couldn't load activity" error, you must contact Instagram support and report your issue.

Go to Settings > Help > Report a Problem

Now you must follow the on-screen instructions, to submit screenshots and issue description.

If necessary, you will be contacted by Instagram on your given phone number or email address. After some hours or days, your issue will be fixed.


The Instagram "couldn't load activity" error is normally very easy to solve with simple fixes. Only in rare cases, you will have to try to tweak some settings or contact Instagram support. We have seen the top 7 fixes which you can do to solve this issue. Let us know in the comments sections if you were able to sort out the glitches and use Instagram app properly again!

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