How to fix ChatGPT Internal Server Error 500?

Updated on: February 17, 2023

ChatGPT is a trained language model designed by Open AI which interacts conversationally. Any queries asked to it are answered in a way that is instructive and useful. The world's technology is still vulnerable to errors, regardless of how advanced it may be. Eversince ChatGPT preview is available, I have faced internal error multiple times. This article let us troubleshoot and fix ChatGPT internal server error. 

So, we assume you ran into an error while using ChatGPT and came here to look for a solution.

What causes ChatGPT Internal Server Error 500?

A common issue faced while using ChatGPT is an internal server error that appears on the server side and prevents you from using that web page. As a result, the service can become inaccessible or produce incorrect results.

The error message may differ from user to user depending on the context, such as whether the user is trying to use ChatGPT via the user interface or the API. Various ChatGPT users experienced an infinite login loop or getting an internal server error. When a user attempts to get into their account, the problem begins. They returned to the login page even though logging in and clicked the login tab. After trying several times and using different devices, including cell phones, it returns to the same login screen. Well, we have found a possible solution to the login loop issue. You can only authenticate your account after checking the email OpenAI sent you. 

Although there are various alternative causes of an Internal Server Error, the most common of which are as follows:

  • Misconfigured ChatGPT system Bugs or issues with the ChatGPT system's software
  • Strained Server
  • Temporary server maintenance

What should you do if you receive an Internal Server error when using ChatGPT? The first thing is to try again later, which may resolve the problem in that period.

How to Fix ChatGPT Internal Server Error 500?

1. Check whether ChatGPT Servers are down due to outage

When you have an internal server problem, the first thing you should do is check the openAI servers for outage status. The service is quite popular and attracts many users from various countries, so it may crash if it receives too many requests. Fortunately, we have a dedicated third-party site where you can indicate recent troubles at OpenAI. 

DownDetector is the most widely used online service status information platform which collects and analyzes the data that the service user faces problems with and alerts both the firm and the community of issues.

DownDetector OpenAI status page tells you about:

  • Company Status: This implies whether many reported no issue, a possible or detected issue for the firm.
  • A problem report tab.
  • The problem g resolved within 24 hours, and a daily view of issues is reported.
  • A live outage map with an overview of the most frequently reported user-submitted issues is also shown on that page. 

2. Check Your Network Connection

Slow internet speed or unstable network connection can also cause internal server errors. If the site takes too much time to load or you cannot use it properly, then there might be an issue with your network provider. To determine whether the problem is your network connection, you can use various sites to measure your network's bandwidth, or you can disconnect your router and plug it in after 5-10 seconds.

3. Clear browser cache and browser data

Corrupted files in your cache or other cookies can cause this error, and to fix the issue, you may need to erase your browser's cache and cookies. 

Follow the steps to clear your browser cache and browser's data.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser and go to Settings.

Step 2: Click on Privacy and security and search for Clear browsing data.


Step 3: Click on the time range, go down to the All-time option, and click on the clear data tab. 

4. Disable Chrome/Browser Extensions

Several third-party extensions can cause problems with specific websites, such as ChatGPT. If you have those browser extensions installed on your computer, we recommend you disable them before using the platform.

You can follow the steps below to disable the Chrome Extensions:

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser, Select Hamburger menu- the one with three horizontally stacked dots. 

Step 2: Hover mouse on more tools and Click extensions.

Step 3: Now turn off those extensions and restart the browser. You need to turn off each extension individually. 

5. Use VPN Service [90% works] 

It's conceivable that the problem is limited to your region's servers, and the service is functioning normally elsewhere. Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the other location-based data centers. Every internet connection, including your cable modem, is given a set of digits called an IP address linked to details like location, internet service provider, etc. 

Using a VPN, you can appear to be connected to the internet from a different location by replacing your original IP address. Open your VPN application, choose the server location, and you're ready to change your IP address. After doing that, you are currently browsing with a new IP address. If you want to make sure that your IP address is changed, check it by using a browser, typing "What's my IP address," and then clicking on one of the results.

Many free VPNs are available in the market, but we want you to prefer to use paid and trusted VPNs like ExpressVPNIvacyNordPurevpn, and others.

6. Flush DNS

The other possible way to resolve an internal server error on ChatGPT is by flushing your DNS (Domain Name System). If you haven't done it already, we advise doing this to check if the problem still exists.

Follow the steps below to flush your DNS:

1. Press the Windows key and type the command prompt

2. Click on Run as an Administrator

3. Type Ipconfig /flushdns in the CMD and press Enter.

Here's how you can flush DNS on Mac-

1. Open Spotlight and Search for Terminal. Click and open the same.

2. After Terminal is open enter the following command:

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

3. Terminal will ask for your Mac password. Punch in your password and press Enter.

Kudos! You have successfully cleared DNS on Mac. If the problem persists proceed to the next step.

7. Restart Your Computer

We advise restarting your computer if refreshing your browser is not enough. As a result, your computer should be able to reload its resources and delete any temporary caches and data. The step holds good for both Windows and Mac. 

8. Contact OpenAI

When all other measures have failed to fix your problem, your final resort is to seek help from experts for assistance. Go to OpenAI HelpCenter and contact the team to assist OpenAI in resolving the issue more quickly. If at all feasible, send a screenshot of the error along with your location. You can also look through the other guides on their page to see if you can uncover any answers.

9. Get chatGPT Plus which is Premium of Open AI account.[100% Working Solution] 

One can use many more models, including ADA (the quickest model), Davinci (the most powerful model), and many others with different capabilities and prices, by signing up for a premium account with Open AI.

While ChatGPT also has a new $20/month subscription option that gives you priority access to updates and new features and access to ChatGPT for everyone, including during peak hours. Open AI offers a pay per use pricing. The minimum amount starts from $18. If you want to get eary access to chatGPT Plus even if its not available in country then use this method. 

Wrapping up

That concludes our article on how to resolve ChatGPT's internal server problem. Hope it was helpful and you are finally able to use ChatGPT to the fullest. Please let us know if you have any further questions in the comment box, and we'll surely help you out.

Fix ChatGPT Internal Server Error 500

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