How To Find Online Jobs During Corona Outbreak & Work Remotely 

Updated on: June 20, 2020

Working Remotely is never a new topic today in every part of the world. There are a lot of countries that are practicing this kind of job. A remote work started in the 1980s, this is the time where the internet was created as well. This reached the peak of success and still improving until today. When a company allows an individual to work for them is not a traditional way, it is called a remote work. Today, because of the outbreak of coronavirus across the world a lot of companies refer that working remotely is an option.

Through this people are able to earn while at home. This style of job will probably help many people in different parts of the world. People are able to support their needs such as food, water, clothes, and many more. This corona outbreak makes everything difficult and complicated. It's impacting our mental health due to career uncertainties. A lot of people are affected by their business and jobs. Working remotely these days is an alternative today. The following are the online websites you can look remote jobs.



This is one of the leading companies when it comes to remote work. A freelancer can get a job in speech and search technology services. The platform offers different jobs for the said field with their partner companies. Freelancers can choose their contact from being part-time and full-time as well. People can find flexibility and continue productivity through this platform.



The company that helps other companies to connect with their customers. This is by getting services from freelancers across the border. There are many jobs posted every day on this platform. Such as corporate associates, translators, agencies, testers, raters, curators and many more. If you are a freelancer who wants to have a career here, you should just click the “Join Our Team” tab to start applying.



If you are an individual who would like to teach this is the perfect platform for you. Every freelancer here can get a job remotely and teach online. A freelancer can make their profile and portfolio to start teaching. There is almost 30,000 contractor in the platform. An individual can get a rate starts of $7-$9 per session. If your passion is teaching kids then this is the right place to apply.



This platform is for freelancers who want to work as call center agents. A freelancer can easily access this platform. Anyone who will work here will have an opportunity to work in a virtual world. These platforms offer a lot of job opportunities as they have many partner companies in every part of the world. Another is that this website offers a flexible working hour for its call center representatives.

Working Solutions


This is the platform where freelancers can be directly hired. There are a lot of jobs a freelancer can apply such as data entry, customer service, sales, and marketing. For the people who would love to work, then they can direct to the website by just clicking the tab of “ apply”. There are many partner companies by these websites as well.



This is one of the leading multinational technology companies. The population of their employees is almost 750,000 people. The main thing here is all about e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Every freelancer can look for the job like amazon store automation, FBA support, Amazon specialist, Amazon advertisement expert and many more. Experience the flexible hours working with the company and get the high-rate.

Kelly Services

kelly Service-remote-jobs

This platform offers jobs for the field of the following, law, financial services, information technology and many more. Every freelancer can get the best staffing jobs here. There are a lot of contractors from a different part of the world who can give part-time, gigs and full-time positions to work at home.



This website is similar to online and other platforms. This is where a freelancer can easily access and find jobs by searching the keyword and place. A freelancer can just search in the tab of “work from home” and do their research for the available position. Another is that a freelancer can make their own profile for this and connect to their social media accounts.



This platform offers both Homebase and office-based jobs. If you are a freelancer looking for the remote work then you should visit their website. The platform gives freedom to every individual who wants to build their career in the company. Jobs including customer service, digital designs, and marketing, find here in this platform.



This is an e-commerce company selling different kitchen utensils, cooking ware, bakeware and many more. Freelancers can get the best jobs such as stock associates, marketing coordinators, managers, HR generalists, and many more. Freelancers can apply both part-time remote work and full-time.

Language line Solutions

LanguageLine Logo

The website is for the people who are looking for a job in document translation and onsite language interpretation. This is the leading language solution company. Freelancers can look and apply for the job either part-time or full-time positions.


intuit online jobs

This is for financial services, accounting, and tax preparation. If you are a freelancer looking for this field of jobs, then visit this website. There are a lot of partner companies in this platform that a freelancer can go with.


transcribeme jobs

This is for the people who love transcribing audio. This is one of the leading companies that gives its employees a lot of audio files to transcribe. The rate is per audio that you can convert it to a text.



This is the platform that gives people an opportunity to work at home and office-based. The company provides customer service to a different partner company and today for their innovation working remotely is what they offer. This is where a freelancer can apply to the company online and work virtually.


In this era where technology has the main role in everything, including in job opportunities. The Internet is the key to making this remote work possible. With this outbreak of the virus, many companies agreed that working remotely is the answer. However, before finding the best jobs a freelancer needs to prioritize getting the best online websites to look for a job.

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