How to Edit Photos on PC in PhotoWorks

Updated on: May 13, 2019

Being able to edit photos can be incredibly useful. The right alterations to your photos can make a world of difference, and allow you to fix any issues that are present, improve their quality, or even transform them and change their style to look more impressive.

In PhotoWorks you’ll have a photo editor app for PC that hands you all the tools you need to do that – and more. Not only will it provide you with a comprehensive set of features to edit and improve your photos, but it takes advantage of the latest image-processing technology and AI to simplify its tools and make them far easier to use.

All it will take is a few clicks for you to start editing photos on your PC using PhotoWorks.

Quickly Fix the Lighting and Exposure

One of the main problems in many photos is the lighting and the effect it has on the color balance, and overall quality of the image. In PhotoWorks you won’t need to fiddle around with complicated manual settings to fix that and can use its automated AI tool to immediately balance the light or color of your photos.

If you want you can make manual adjustments to the light and color balance as well, to fine-tune the atmosphere of your photo and make it more unique.


Touch Up Portraits Like a Professional

Want to make a portrait shot or selfie really stand out and look like it was shot in a studio? The intelligent Portrait Magic tools in PhotoWorks will provide you with the means to touch up your portraits with professional alterations - minus a complicated workflow.

Within the feature, you’ll find a range of presets designed to bring out the best in your portraits. It can help you to hide any imperfections and skin blemishes, smooth out the skin, get rid of face shine, whiten teeth, apply a slight tan, and make eyes look more vivid.

Just a few clicks are all that it will take to transform a relatively mundane portrait and make it look like something that belongs in a magazine.


Craft Breathtaking Landscapes and Scenery

Another useful way to edit your photos in PhotoWorks is to use its features to breathe life into your landscapes and any shots of scenery. It has many easy ways to do that – starting with quickly fixing the lighting and exposure to make it look more vivid.

One tool that can be particularly useful for crafting impressive landscapes is the graduated filter. By using it you can quickly make a grey and overcast sky look a very natural, vibrant blue.

Aside from that, you can remove any unwanted elements from the composition quickly with its smart Healing Brush. The tools in PhotoWorks will let you also straighten landscape shots, adjust the frame, or even apply unique atmospheric effects.


Easily Play Around with Color

One of the more unique aspects of PhotoWorks is how its intelligent technology will let you play around with the color in your photos. Making alterations to any color will be a piece of cake, and you won’t even have to manually select it.

The level of customization that you can get out of your photos is truly impressive if you take advantage of PhotoWorks’ ability to rework colors. With just a quick adjustment you can change the color of a specific object, or even shift the mood and atmosphere of the entire photo.

Apply Unique Effects and Filters

Effects and filters can help make your photo look more unique, and in PhotoWorks you’ll have access to lots of options on that front.

It has an impressive array of filters that can enhance detail, apply color toning, use seasonal effects, create vintage photos, add color splashes, and more. All its effects can be applied in a single click and will let you create stylish and artistic photos in a few seconds.


As you can see PhotoWorks will make it easy for you to edit photos on your PC in many different ways – without forcing you to jump through any hoops. If you have ever wanted to be able to improve your photos and make them look more professional, it is the perfect way to get started.

Edit Photos on PC in PhotoWorks
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