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Updated on: July 4, 2022

Music is the ultimate stress reliever for almost every person. The choice and taste of music might differ from person to person, but there isn’t any single person who doesn’t like to listen to music. We have a certain specific music for each occasion, be it a party, or a wedding, or some patriotic function. Music has a number of different genres and categories, some prefer jazz, some prefer soft music, some prefer rock while others are interested in EDMs. Music has various diversified fields and genres in music.

InsTube App

It is quite a hassle to find different songs of different genres, you spend a lot of time finding songs on the internet. There are a number of different music downloader available on the internet these days, people often download music from YouTube using the YouTube downloader for free. Apart from the YouTube downloader there are a number of different websites and apps that allow you to download for free.

Instube is one such app which is a one stop solution for all your music requirements for people. It has the music of all the genres and all the well-known artists. You can use it from anywhere and enjoy your favourite music just by a simple click. Instube allows you to download video as well as audio files from the app. The app is very easy to use and reliable for finding any kind of music. You just require a working internet connection in your phone and you are all set to start with your amazing musical journey along with Instube.

Download Music

Features of Instube

There are a number of different features of this remarkable music mobile application. Let us take a look at each one of them: -

  • It is specifically designed for the android mobile handsets and provides a completely free platform for the download of audio as well as music video files. You can download large MBs of music for free using this app.
  • It possesses a video locker feature, which is known to create a secured folder in your mobile handset. All your personal important music files including the video as well as the audio are safe in this video locker, you can access them whenever you wish to by just typing the passcode once.
  • It possesses a feature of the optimized download speed, which makes it easy to download the desired music files. Be it an audio or a video file, you will be able to download it in just a few seconds. It is a very time saving application, unlike many other music downloaders. It does not take much time to download and provides you with your favourite music in just a fraction of seconds.

Free Youtube Video & Music Downloader for Android - InsTube (1)

  • It supports various formats of music files, including MP3, MP4, 3GP as well as MP4. It provides you with an amazing video quality, which can be set at various pixel size. The maximum size of the pixel that was available was 1280. You have the liberty to choose the format of the file to be downloaded.
  • It is supported by a number of other different social media platforms including WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, vevo and many more. You can easily share the link of the music file from this app to these social media platforms.

Free Youtube Video & Music Downloader for Android - InsTube

We all have a different kind of music requirements and hence, we all refer to different music sites for finding our favourite music. There are a number of downloaders available, instube is the best amongst them. I personally, am a music buff and I have struggled and landed on a number of different sites for downloading my favourite music. But, since the time I started using the instube app, all my music requirements are sorted out and I look up to just one single music downloading platform and that is instube.

It allows you to download music in your own preferred format and also keeps it safe in the video locker of the application. This app provides you with the best quality of music at your fingertips at lightning speed. I think every music enthusiast or music lover should for once, try this amazing app and I am sure, it will become their favourite music downloading app for the rest of their lives.

Download Music
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  1. Thank you! I have installed instube, it's wonderful. Instube not only can download music but also youtube video.

  2. I've never seen a comment section (other than maybe Mental Floss) where people were so attached to the old and reluctant for a bit of change. The world will not end because this was hosted by someone different.

  3. I just make videos as a hobby. If you're like me and have zero need to use music for commercial reasons (read: pay very, very close attention to the license the music is under, typically a non-commercial, attribution, Creative Commons license), then Free Music Archive is pretty amazing.

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