How to Compare WordPress Plugins Online

Updated on: September 17, 2020

To edit or customize your computer app, programs, or web browsers, you require a software addition. This software addition is known as plugins. Plugins help in optimizing and even adding many features to your content. When you surf through net and go through images, videos, sounds and, animation, you experience many plugins. It also helps reach out to the audience in a more professional way and ranks your blogs better.

WordPress is an online site to create blogs and make your blog more reachable and exciting, and you have to look for plugins. However, looking for the perfect plugin to use can be very challenging. There are many plugins online, and it is tedious to select one. Then how can you find the ideal plugin for yourself? The solution is by comparing the WordPress Plugins online and then selecting the right one for yourself. Still wondering how? Well, do not worry as we have got you covered!

Steps to Compare WordPress Plugins Online

Well, if you want to compare the plugins between sites, there are steps that you need to follow. Before, it was too tedious, but now you can easily do it.

Comparing the plugins on two sites

Since comparing plugins are very difficult, we will provide you with a solution. Different sites have different plugins, and among them, you have to look for the best ones. You do not need to have a brainstorm to figure it out. All you have to do is copy and paste the line of text after installing the plugins. Once you copy-paste the text, the site will show you which plugins match and activate them.

In case you are working on many sites, select all the names from the drop-down below, and you can easily compare them.

Look for plugins that are active on multiple sites.

At times you may often find a lot of plugins that are inactive and just sitting around. In case you want to discover whether they are being used on any other site or even multiple sites, you can do it using the Plugins report feature. The feature is present below the Network Admin Plugins. It will give you a list of inactive plugins to use and delete the unused ones.

Tools to Compare

There are so many sites where you can easily compare the plugins. However, we provide you with two tools where you can compare easily.

1. WpHive

WpHive is an online platform by WordPress where you can easily compare the WordPress plugins that too online. The site helps you discover new ones and even suggests the popular plugins to up your blog or any other animation, apps, or programs that you want to customize. The site even allows you to compare the plugins on your phone. You can do it side by side so that you can activate the ideal ones.

  1. The WpHive gives you better insights by measuring the blog by you. The testing tool lets you know which is the best plugin for your blog.
  2. Specific data like PHP error, PHP compatibility, Javascript error, memory usage, and database footprint are measured. The site deviates the plugins based on the analysis of these features and suggests you the best ones.
  3. You can easily compare the plugins on your phone now. You do not require any other device as you can compare it from side to side.

2. Better Plugins Plugin

Better Plugins is another site that lets you compare two WordPress plugins. Better Plugins are much more beneficial than the default WordPress site. Once you activate this site and start typing on the search box, a list of plugins will appear below as you keep typing. You can easily find the matching plugins and activate them for your blog. However, Better Plugins are much more useful when it comes to the comparison of two WordPress sites.

The first step is to install

  1. Better Plugin and then activate both of them on the WordPress sites.
  2. Now go to the Plugins option. You will find a Compare page on the first site. Once you open it, copy the code of the plugin.
  3. The next option is to select the admin area on WordPress's other site and visit the page, Plugins compare.
  4. Now you have to paste the code that you have copied from the first website in the text area and click on the button reading "Compare plugin."
  5. Once the search is over, you will get a list of plugins that were missing. These plugins are not present on the second website.
  6. You can learn about a plugin by clicking on it and then install it if you want to use it.
  7. There is another tab that will show you the list of plugins on the first website.
  8. People can see this feature of another tab and see the list of plugins you have installed. They can download from there if they find it helpful.
  9. In case you are confused about choosing a plugin for yourself, you can also see the tab for the first website and look for similar content plugins searched by other users.


After creating a blog, have you ever felt that something is missing? Well, if you ever feel that way, you can effortlessly search up any plugin from these online sites and customize your work. Plugins can help you reach the audience in a great deal. In a nutshell, you can attract more blog viewers when you use plugins. So, now you know the secret to make your blog more reachable!

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