Top 5 Home Automations Tips for 2020

Updated on: December 13, 2019

Home automation is a technology that is used to control household electronics automatically. In simple words, you can able to control the features and utilities of your house over the internet. Home automation makes life more convenient and secure and in a way, helps to reduce bills. Here are five automation tips that you should try in 2020.

Home automation lighting

It is a technology that you need to embrace in the year 2020. When you automate all your lights, it will be easy for you to control your lights with a push of a button. Distance will not matter; for example, you will be able to switch your home lights while you are in your workplace.

When you automate your lights, you will have some benefits such as you can schedule your lights to switch on/off when you are not at home, and also they can sense some motion and turn on/off. For example, it can switch on when you are walking in darkness. You can get different light automation products ranging from motion sensors bulbs to WiFi light bulbs.

Home security automation

This is another thing that you should consider installing. Home security automation will ensure that your family is safe. It involves the use of smart doorbells, smart locks, motion sensors, and intelligent cameras.

The smart cameras take over from the traditional cameras; they use a WiFi connection. You can control them using an app in your phone, and they can upload images to the cloud. There are so many options that you can choose from, such as indoor or outdoor cameras, resolution, audio recorder, and a motion detector.


After you install your smart locks, you do not need a key. Their ability to communicate between your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi is what makes them quick. You can close or open your door from any location. Some locks can even unlock after they detect your presence. So, you should get a smart lock that suits your needs.

Automation of audio system

You can also consider installing a sound system. It will allow you to listen to music from any room. For example, you can listen to music in your bedroom, when the stereo is in the kitchen. When you install, you will be controlling music with the push of a button.


Upgrade WiFi

Another thing that you should not forget to do is to upgrade your WiFi. This way, you will be assured that you can rely on the internet to control all your devices. Your web will also be fast, thus making your life enjoyable.

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Include home security alerts

They can either be in the form of email or text alert. They are accessible from anywhere, and they send you a signal when there is someone in your house. They will allow you to take security to the next level by alerting you on a preprogrammed schedule or if anything is happening in the house, and you need to know.

You can set it, such that you receive an alert when there is an intruder or when your kid arrives from the school. You can even request a photo to be sent to you when they open the door. All this will help you bring your home security to another level by ensuring that you know the security status of your home by accessing it from your phone.

When you automate your home, you will be able to keep your family safe, put off criminals, and have more control over your home. As you have seen with the dynamic changes in the internet, you can achieve so many things. Like nowadays, you can buy Instagram followers. For example, here is the way to buy more followers on Instagram if you want to boost the number of your followers.

Home automation lighting systems
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