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Updated on: June 22, 2022

Advertising is an essential element for spreading one’s business in today’s world. It basically helps to attract the viewer’s attention towards the brand. The reach of the brand increases through its advertisements. A number of advertising networks, like Adsterra, Media.net etc., are working in the market. But we found HilltopAds to be the best amongst them.

HilltopAds is a global advertising network which offers an ideal solution for the publishers and advertisers who are looking for profitable and complete monetization. It is an ideal combination of smart tech solutions and the custom approach which helps in enhancing the growth of advertisers’, ad networks’ and webmasters’ online business. Both mobile and desktop traffic can be monetized using this ad network. The traffic type for desktop and mobile are popup/popunder, social, search, banner, etc. HilltopAds reviews sites before approving them.


Benefits for Publishers

Payouts are at their highest levels because each site is optimized constantly. All the statistics are transparent and there are personal managers available to help throughout. There are no transaction fees and payouts are available Net7 or per request when the min balance reaches $50.

There is almost no restrictions on the types of websites that they accept. Websites like micro sites, gaming sites, entertainment sites, news sites, blogs, etc are being accepted by HilltopAds. However, this ad network bans the use of illegal websites and fraud click attempts. Another important thing for publishers to remember is that they should not try to cheat the system else they will lose their accounts and earnings.

A few of the popular verticals of this ad network are gaming, downloads, dating, sweepstakes, video streaming, entertainment, file hosting, in video pin submits and so on.

A few of the ad formats that are accepted by HilltopAds are:

  • Mobile banners 300×250 –footer, header, middle
  • Mobile popunder
  • Desktop popunder
  • In player ads
  • Desktop banners 300×250 – NTVA, NTVB, in the video, bottom banners.
  • IM (Instant Messenger)

Some of its amazing features need to be listed down here:

  • It has its own anti-ad blocking solution for mobile carrier traffic.
  • It provides a great managed platform for publishers.
  • Advertisers get a self-serve platform.
  • A real-time bidding system is a great plus.
  • It provides advanced targeting options which include targeting by keywords and retargeting too.
  • 0% financial transaction fee for all its partners.
  • Has appointed real managers that help in setting up campaigns if any questions occur.
  • Allows ad network rotation and eCPM real-time optimization.

The last feature that is mentioned in the above list lets the network’s partners to get more traffic and more unique offers in the real-time mode.

HilltopAds’s unique internally developed optimization system provides help to its users to optimize their ad campaigns really fast and automatically so that the user can get maximum and best results.

payment hilltopads

Payment Info

The best part about the payments is that the payment frequency is weekly. Minimum payment can be of 50$. Users have the option to pay using several payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, Paxum, Wire Transfer, ePayements, WebMoney, ePayService etc.

Minimum deposit for advertisers is of 200$. Payment models like CPM, CPA, CPC, CPO, PPI and CPL are supported by the network.


Considering all of its above mentioned amazing features and user-friendly options, we recommend our viewers to opt for HilltopAds advertisement network. Users get ample opportunities to earn money through the network depending on the factors such as the niche, ads placement, quality of the website etc.

We hope that this review helps our viewers and we would really appreciate comments about your experience with this advertisement network.

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