Best Hacks to Optimize Your Android Smartphone

Updated on: August 29, 2020

Mobile is the next big thing in the market and we all are promoting it to next level using the internet. Innovative mobile apps make our life easier and simplified. Smart people are more productive due to this ocean of information. Now days we have powerful smartphone which perform major multitasking things simultaneously. This may affect consumption of heavy resources on smartphone which create lagging and quick battery draining issues in smartphones.

Android Performance Hack


So it’s more important to have some good mobile applications which help you to save your Android battery life and other lagging issues. Personally, we have experienced that Android smartphone have battery lagging and heating issues, so we come up with some of the best hacks in the market which ultimately help you to reduce this issue and enhance your experience on smartphone devices.

Best Hack to Optimise Your Android Smartphone

1. Greenify-Battery Optimiser & Clean Master-Speed Booster

Didn’t think your smartphone or tablet would turn out to be slower and battery hungrier after several applications are downloaded. With Greenify, your gadget can run as easily as it did as on the first day you had it!

Greenify Android App

Greenify helps you recognise and put the applications that are acting up into hibernation when you are not utilizing them, to prevent them from slacking your gadget and siphoning the battery, in a special way! They can do nothing without you selecting express dispatch or different applications, while it safeguards the full usefulness when running in forefront, like windows applications!

It’s important to have app like greenify which save on battery consumption of unwanted apps which run in background.

CleanMasterApp Android

Clean Master is a recommended app for the Android user who are have less RAM and internal storage. It is a powerful app that boosts and cleans junk files immediately when you run it. It has a heterogeneous functionality which is really needed for current Android smartphones.

2.  Tasker : Automation at best

You might of heard about a personal assistant which actually manage all the tasks of a person according to time & schedule. Tasker is a personal task manager for Android devices that help you to trigger required task as per your time and it will turnoff it later. This awesome feature helps to save system resources like memory, processor load and sensors activity.

Tasker Task Manager Android

I will tell you how actually tasker helps you in daily automation. Consider you travel to the office on a daily basis and you need GPS navigation to check for traffic status, etc. You just need to set your office in and out time in tasker, it will switch your GPS ON and OFF according to the timeline automatically, triggering an event help system to save lot of resources and power. Likewise you can schedule as many events which will trigger as per rules you set.

3. Lux Auto Brightness: Display Power Saver

Every Android device display always consumes more power than any other resource. We all have light sensors inside our smartphone but default auto brightness app does not help us during day-night conditions.

Lux isn’t your common brightness application. It insightfully changes the brightness of your presentation in view of the brightness of the surrounding that you’re in. If you happen to venture into a faintly lit room, Lux will naturally bring down the brightness of your device to make it easier for you to use, as well as protects your battery life.

Lux Brighness Control App

Lux is additionally ready to change the screen temperature of your showcase consequently to make it suitable for night use. At nightfall, you can have Lux naturally warm your showcase and switch to your Night profile. In case you are a stargazer, you can empower space expert mode to remove the unforgiving white light. On the off chance that you have a root empowered smartphone, you may even have the capacity to apply these improvements at a low levels with Lux’s module framework.

Maybe the best thing about Lux is that you can show it how to act. In the event that the backdrop illumination is too bright or faint for your tastes open the Dashboard, modify the shine slider to the level you seek and then hold the connection catch. Lux will utilize this new “connection” as a kind of perspective in future.

How Lux perform better for Online Shopping APP like Myntra

Nowadays everyone uses the online shopping app, Myntra which is a famous Indian online fashion store which has a variety of brands, which have lots of images and attractive information about products. Recently Myntra shutdown their website and will only be available on the  Myntra APP app.Now #ItsPersonal for all.

Myntra Mobile App

So when you are checking good deal on your Myntra app LUX will control your screen brightness according to images you are seeing on APP this help you to save on screen power consumption which is not present in ordinary inbuilt app of Android smartphone.

4. Switchr : Quick Task Switcher

In our smartphone we have multiple apps installed , and if we want to use the major applications frequently then the inbuilt Android app switcher is not a good idea, coz it refreshes the application pool in system memory while in transition, which ultimately creates an overhead on the processor and the memory of device.

Switchr-App Switcher

Switchr gives you a chance to swipe in from the edge of your smartphones presentation to raise a particular arrangement of ordinarily utilized or as of late utilized applications. It permits you to set up a wide range of the smartphones edges which goes about as the trigger and control precisely which applications show up in the rundown. You can redo a wide range of stuff about how the rundown looks and functions, as well, permitting you to make an ordeal that is custom-made to your own work process.

5. OperaMini & Chrome Compression:  Big Data Saver Options

Data is another power killer of Android applications, if you are loading high end images inside your mobile browser it will take more memory, processing and power due to data size. But there are some browsers like OperaMini & Chrome help you to save on your data by enabling their HighData compression options.


is an awesome browser to use if you actually have a limited data plan for monthly usages. It’s server side compression make it stand out in the crowd without any quality compromise.

OperaMini save Data

Utilizing less data transmission can make versatile scanning speedier and help you smolder through your month to month information less rapidly. Best of all, all that’s needed is a flip of a change to move yourself into a more productive rigging.

Save Data Chrome Mobile

To enable Chrome data compression, Open up your Chrome application, tap the Menu symbol at the upper right of the screen and choose “Settings”. Tap the choice marked “DATA SAVER,” then select “ON”.

Chrome mobile compression is also lossless compression but this compression will not deal with css and javascript or html5 data compression.

If you have found any other tool, which you find very useful for Android smartphone optimisation, please let us know in comment section.

Check out these simple hacks & you’ll be well on your way to a get personalized smartphone experience! #ItsPersonal

Android Performance Hack
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  1. Well Saurabh I opted for Clean master speed booster and the big data saver options, really helped a lot and still up on my app list 🙂

    If we want to get some more out of our smartphones, how about rooting them?

  2. Good Research work of Smart phone optimization. Very useful to all smart phone users especially newbies. I strongly recommend this blog to all.

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