Great Apps of Windows Phone 7

Updated on: May 18, 2013

The marketplace of Windows Phone 7 is continuously growing with Microsoft Corporation lately stating that they are approving 100 and more brand new application to their marketplace with every passing day. So, you are not still in action? Is your answer a No? Well in my opinion, you should!

To kick start you off, following are some of the great Windows Phone 7 apps you can find within the marketplace which are highly recommended above all others. All of these applications are just perfect for anyone who has recently started making use of the Windows phone 7 and also all others who have had theirs since it was launched. I am pretty sure that you are going to love them, Enjoy!

1. Angry Birds

angry-birds-wp7 apps

This is certainly a must have application when you have Windows Phone 7 with you. I really do not need to explain the reason why Angry Birds is such a significant application at the moment; as a matter of fact, it has been a hot application since it’s launched and it was a year ago. I can recommend you with this application for its awesomeness, but also I can also recommend this app for its continuous patches and updates.

2. Official Kindle App


Who has mentioned that you cannot read on an LCD? This is just another must have application. We all are aware of the fact that the concept of E-reading is rapid becoming a hot consumer choice for reading, therefore if you are someone who love to read books then you need to open you application marketplace and grab the official kindle application which supports more than 700,000 books. This application has been recently launched on Windows Phone 7, and already has hit more than 28,000 downloads.

3. Adobe Reader

adobe reader wp7 apps

This application is nothing else but an alternative app for Flash! Another must have WP7 application. This is for the reason that you cannot get Flash on your WP7 devices and thus the Adobe Reader application turns out to be a great substitute here. It will enable you to open PDF formats from email attachments and Web pages seamlessly.

4. Twitter App


This is another must have application. You can have official as well as the real Twitter application on your WP7. It carried approximately every single feature of the iPhone Twitter application, and also appears niche with a rather glossy finish and clean layout.

5. The Official YouTube App

Youtube apps Windows Phone 7

This happens to be the most essential and important Windows Phone 7 applications which you will enjoy the most. As mentioned earlier the WP7 does not support flash as yet, and for this reason the official YouTube application is an essential bit of the kit which I personally would not want to live without on a daily basis. It covers the basics; the application will play all kinds of videos, though the controls are pretty much minimal.

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  1. great article on the improvement made on android phones, the new windows 7 apps are a big improvement and at last they are catching up with iphone and the apps store . Angry birds is the best kill some time game and i love it . Thanks for sharing , i had never heard of kindle until i read your article .

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  3. Hey saurabh Great Article!! This is really useful app list for windows phone. I am using some apps such as Official Kindle App, Twitter App and Angry Birds. I love them a lot as they are useful for me. Thank you for sharing such a good article.

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