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Updated on: April 26, 2020


Google always cooking delicious dishes for  world wide Web 2.0.  Their power pack product Google plus rolling out like a charm.Now Google come up with new sweet dish called Google Schemer. A systematic plan of  management(Schemer) that will fully focus on your future goals,a stuff that you want to do ,your actions ,recommendation of your social goals and many more.So you may think, how it will beneficial for us !!! the answer is simple, if you willing to buy Kindle-Fire in future then just put your interest as a goal in schemer you may get a good recommendation from your community like  where to buy it? Cheapest place to buy kindle-fire! etc.So Indirectly we are achieving social activity of our goals unlike Facebook & foursquare may not support it properly.You can say its like 43things

Google Schemer invite

Google Schemer invite

Google Schemer really help you to find an activity that you really looking for it.We can say that its a online tools from which we can discover,schedule the things that we are doing offline.Their are some points that  Schemer can do for us

Google Schemer Dashboard

Google Schemer Dashboard

1. Schemer let you define your goals and highlight  the things that you already archive

E.g "I want to buy new Bike in 2012" is my goal where "I am using Nokia N8 " is the thing that I already accomplished in past.So i can put my review with the people who are willing to do same things that I was achieved and things that  I willing to do in future.

Google Schemer want to do

Google Schemer want to do

2. Schemer Can refine your interest in Geographical way !!! putting TAGS into schemer, will get necessary data 

E.g If I am located in Pune,India & "I want to participate into marathon " that time I will get location base recommdation from peoples who are located in nearby area.Tagging in schemer provide application specific data !

3. Schemer is Google+ supported  application so in future Google+ integration will possible

Schemer develop by Google so it may possible to get the recommendation from Google+ friends circle,in stable release.So we can share our goals with all circles of G+.


  • Google Schemer Invitation Giveaway:

1.Google Schemer is only open for invited peoples,so to grab it just follow some steps we will give you FREE invitation of Google Schemer on First Come First Serve Basis. To experience Schemer explore few things

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[note]Google Schemer is rolling out in beta for US citizens only.You can still get invitation for signup for other countries.But you may not avails  every feature of it. US peoples can [/note]

Google Schemer invite
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