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Updated on: May 18, 2013


Recently Google has launched Google+ , a social networking site to beat their rivals like Facebook. Primarily Google only allowed to join the Google+ through their Invitation; the strategy to excite the customer's emotions and all. As soon as the service has been started, lots of  interested users started googling  for free invitations. Though many people share the invitation with their friends and family they failed to get instant signup because of  some exceeded request message from Google. Few peoples also started to Sell their invitation from Ebay up to 45$ and all 🙂  . I also tried a lot to get my Google+ account, thanks to Ajay for inviting me. When I got my account that time I really wanted  invitation box to invite my  Friends, Readers & Followers  but unfortunately it wouldn't happen. G+ told me it that will enable it very soon...the soon is yet to come 🙂

So I go through G+ and suddenly an idea click on my mind that if we share any post from G+ to  a person who is not in the group of G+ then he/she  may get invitation and my things go right way, It did what I wanted . One of my friend completed signup of  G+ without any invitation.

  • How to Send Invitation of G+ without invite box:

1.  Login to your G+ dashboard, go to your profile

Google Plus Profile

2.  Post something & try to share that content to friend with his/her email id.

Google Plus Share

3.  When you share this, your fellow will get the email & from that email tell him/her to click on "Learn More "button.

Google plus Email

4.  After that page will redirect you for sign up.

Google plus signup

  • Things you should try to enable Invitation Box in G+: Suggested by Blogsaays

1. Either use any good and trusted proxy for login like HIDEMYASS or use good free VPN Service.

2. Try to change the GMT (Timing from your Google profile)

  • Get Free Google+ Invitation.

If you still don't have invitation of G+ then,get FRESH invitation  by simply following these steps

Step1. Like BLOGSAAYS on Facebook, share this post to your Wall

Step2. Follow us on Twitter or Tweet this post using the Re tweet button in post

Step3. Put comment below with tweeted link with your valid Email ID.

After completing all this we will send you G+ invitation immediately

[note]Please  mention Your Correct Email Id in comment for Invitation[/note]

Thumb Google plus invite
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