Google Gmail Motion: April Fool's Prank by Google

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Google one of the best search in the world always giving better and better products to Internet many people  know the google'sdoodle campaign.But google also enter into Entertainment world and started pranking the the Net savvies like me.

Today,in afternoon  I visited Gmail and saw some new component getting my attention to left-bottom of gmail page and it was "Google Motion".I thought that this maybe new feature that google launches today.So I was too excited to see that one and I go through the link and I found some videos over their,and I go through them.

I was amaze by seeing such"Motion" features and I picked my webcam and connected to my PC.I want to realize this application in real-time.So my excitement goes high and I clicked on "Try Gmail Motion" and after few seconds google make me "April fool" ohhhh....what a fool surprise from google to me  🙂 . I just started laughing.....Its a Prank and I know many peoples are go through this Trap of Google.But anyway thanks for google for sharing something different rather than their amazing products.

According to Google, Gmail Motion is the company's "first attempts at next generation human computer interaction." Users will be able to control Gmail without the aid of a keyboard or mouse. Messages can be composed and replied to using only the human body.
Never the one to miss out on the little technical details, Google has put up detailed videos explaining how the thing works and have also posted a motion graph, to explain which body actions can perform what functions on Gmail as well as some safety precautions. That's not all, Google also announced that it was bringing Gmail Motion to Google Docs later in the year.

I am sharing few snap of them,If you didn't realize this yet then you won't affected with this prank .....haaa.... 🙂  You will make google April fool... So guy make them April fool

Note: But keep in mind  Google may implement this in features because they don't have "Impossible" word in their Crawlers database.

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