Google+ Games Started: Enjoy Gaming Battle Between Facebook & Google

Updated on: October 28, 2019


All we know that very recently the search engine giant  Google has started their new successor of Social networking Google+, which is growing very quickly. Most of the  people liked its cool features like hangout and hurdle, still the craze of  Facebook is there 🙂 due to lack of options in Google+ likes Custom Apps & Games. But if you are really using facebook to play games like FarmVille ,CityVille & Mafia Wars etc. then , now you have a reason to switch to Google+ to play games like Angry Birds, Bubble Island, Crime city etc. Good news is that google announced their brand new games in social war, hope they will catch the  popularity  like Farmville and others 🙂 this announcement made @ Googles Official Blog .

Google+ Game Arena

Google always tries to do things differently, in gaming section also they have put such ideas. They put a separate button near to profile stream at the top of  the dashboard, so you can easily switch from your live profile feeds to Games stream.According to google announcement "If you're not interested in games, it's easy to ignore them." 🙂 they also preserved the privacy in gaming; you can share your latest high score, invite circles to play and show gaming update to specific circles etc. Google excluded the +1 button from the game section because of their business policy 😛

Game Button On Dashboard of G+

  • Overview of G+ games

1.Maintaining Privacy of gaming.

2.Seperate button stream.

3.Gaming invitaion and score sharing within circles.

4.Control on gaming invitations.

When you play any game, post  an update from a game, it won’t show up in the your  Google+ stream on home page. to get all gaming related updates, just visit the Games stream to see a list of game updates shared with you in Google+.

You can interact with posts just as you would from your stream on the Google+ homepage. For example, you can comment on, mute, and re-share posts but you can't +1 any game like comment as discuss above.

Few Arrivals of Google+ games

Now friends if you have any good gaming Ideas and want to develop it i.e become a developer then just follow their Gaming Blog,its official from Google. If anybody of you got Gaming button please share your experience in comment below.


[note]Currently Google is following same strategy like G+ signup, only few people can enjoy the game tab and very soon it will available for all members[/note]

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  1. I was never been into Gaming on facebook, and I don't think I will do it on Google + too. Need for Speed and angry birds are the two games that I usually like to play on my iPad. I have read somewhere that they have Angry Bird on Google + . I think i should give it a shot. what say?

  2. I hated the the overall Facebook gaming stuff too, but when I palyed Angry Birds on Google Plus - It was nice and clean like on my HTC smartphone,

    I specially like how you complete with other top scorers closer to you & brag to loosers - He He 🙂

  3. Each one opinion is different and as per me i like Facebook Games than of Google Plus because google has recently started we need to see if it get popular in Games.

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