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How Google Keep Our Data Safe & Secure



Many Internet users are using number of services offered by Google like Gmail, Gmap, Goolge Apps etc.We are submitting all our legitimate data and information  to Google for their services,because we trust the services offered by them,but do you really  know how exactly Google maintain their customers privacy,security and data integrity?No 🙁 ,so don’t afraid I also did’t know about this but after watching this Official tutorial I came across their efforts toward their service and customers which is truly amazing and unpredictable.


This  Google video show you

  • Physical security
  • Data protection
  • Reliability of operations

Google today released a video showcasing the security and data protection practices in its Data Centers, which includes some interesting footage from the company’s data center in South Carolina. Most of the tour focuses on physical security and access control, including the security gates and biometric tools (iris scanners, in this case).

It also showcases Google’s methodology for wiping and destroying hard disk drives when they fail or are taken out of service, including an on-site disk shredder. At about the 4 minute mark there’s the briefest of partial view  of the data center area, which shows the efforts and techno aspects of  Team Google.


Google’s  data centers aren’t just designed with data protection in mind, they’re also some of the greenest in the world. They reduced  energy consumption by over 50% by building highly energy efficient facilities, and recently they announced a power purchase agreement for clean wind energy.Soon we seen Bloom Energy in Data Centers of Google.

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