Glasp: An AI Powered Content Summarizer Tool for Youtube, Kindle & Other

Updated on: February 27, 2023

Most of us take pride in the amount of information we consume online. We watch hundreds of hours of YouTube articles, opinion pieces, and whatnot. Now the question is to what extent have we converted the information into actionable. Bookmarking webpages and adding articles to Evernote goes only so far.

What is Glasp?

Glasp is a new-age Chrome extension that helps you make out the most of your online life. You can use it with other apps to extract important information mindfully. For instance, Glasp lets you highlight and take notes across YouTube, Kindle, Quoteshots, and online PDF files, and you also get an AI-powered summary of your notes.

Until now, I have been using several apps and extensions to highlight and save certain things. After using Glasp for a couple of days, I realized the true potential of this tool. It helps save time; a single tool serves many purposes and integrates with popular services like YouTube and Kindle. I no longer rely on three-four tools to manage my online content. Furthermore, Glasp's AI-powered feature is the icing on the cake. Download Glasp from here.

How Glasp Makes your Life Much Easier?

AI is often touted as an evil invention that will soon gobble up jobs. In my opinion, ChatGPT and the entire AI ecosystem need to be understood. In the near future, such tools will help scale our productivity to unprecedented levels while AI takes care of mundane tasks.

1. Highlighter

Ever experienced a eureka moment while reading something exciting on the internet? Well, you are not alone. Unfortunately, most (including me) tend to forget such important things. Bookmarking is not an efficient way to save such things.

With Glasp, you can highlight text on a webpage. Feel free to choose between four colors. There is also an option to add notes. Next time whenever you visit the webpage, you can see highlights and notes. The best part is that the webpage is saved on Glasp. So no need to bookmark it separately.

Something interesting enough to share on Twitterverse, well, Glasp has you covered. Simply highlight a text and click the Twitter icon to share it directly. All the highlighted text and notes will be displayed on the Glasp dashboard.

2. YouTube Summary

It is no secret that YouTube videos are more enticing than reading articles. This is the reason video content has picked pace in recent years. As per statistics, 30,000 hours of new content are uploaded daily on YouTube.

Typically, I use YouTube for self-learning. I follow a few YouTubers for their impeccable personal finance advice and philosophy on minimalism. No matter how thought-provoking the video is, there are chances we all miss the essence. In an article, we can always highlight or note important things in one way or another.

YouTube Summary feature uses AI to generate video transcripts. Furthermore, the text is divided into sections based on the video chapters. That's not all; you can highlight and save the text. Another use case is for videos in a foreign language. It is no secret that YouTube's auto-generated captions are rubbish. With YouTube Summary, convert the video into English text. This way, you will have a better understanding of what the video is about. This content summarizer tool is really powerful if you are an online learner.

Still, trying to figure out what the video is about? Click the AI Summary button, and Bingo. Glasp opens ChatGPT and offers a brief of what YouTube is about. I was left impressed with the accuracy of the Summary. It is almost human-like.

3. Kindle Integration

Five years ago, I finally took the plunge. I ditched traditional paperback books in favor of Kindle. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to highlight and take notes. I read quite a lot of self-improvement books. Kindle's highlight and note-taking help when you revisit the book.

Glasp's latest update lets you integrate Kindle highlights with your browser. When you open the dashboard, Kindle highlights will be displayed alongside other web highlights and notes. You no longer have to open Kindle to access notes. Everything is synced and available on your PC browser.

4. Quoteshots

Love spreading your wisdom? Quoteshots are a sure-shot way to grab eyeballs. The feature lets you create quotes out of highlights. Spruce up the things with a background or create a custom background. Change background color, font, and much more. You can share quote shots directly with friends or via Twitter.

5. Knowledge graph

Information and knowledge are strongly tied to each another. Yet they are completely different things. It takes effort and persistence to turn information into knowledge. In my experience, I read a slew of self-improvements book and gained very little. Later I realized that I had turned reading into a passive activity. A knowledge graph is an awesome tool about your foothold in a particular topic. You can revisit websites and other research materials about the topic. With Glasp, no more mindless consumption of information. Lastly, the feature integrates with popular tools such as Notion, Atomic Interest Graphs, and others.

6. Explore Tab

Glasp explore a community-driven feature. Type a topic of interest, and you will see several articles. The majority of the article is penned by industry experts and is immensely valuable. For instance, I searched for Web 3.0. Glasp fetched the most frequently highlighted articles across medium and other sources.

Without Glasp, it would not have been easy to find such content. That's not all; the articles also list users' commentary.

7. Glasp AI Content Summary

ChatGPT and other AI tools are hogging the limelight. Glasp has deployed AI and created an amazing summary tool. Not all of us have time to read a long article. The AI Summary gleans the article and sums up the highlights in the form of a Summary. This feature is extremely useful when you are searching for specific information. You can convert the Summary into highlights and easily share it on social media, including Twitter.

8. Download the Glasp response into pdf and other file formats.

Unlike other options, Glasp doesn't forbid you from taking your data out of the ecosystem. In other words, you can download highlights, history, AI summaries, and everything. It is a cool feature. Perhaps you can compile it into a PDF.

In Conclusion

I am amazed at how Glasp gets everything right. Each one of the features is highly focused and utilitarian. I am especially in awe of Highlighter and YouTube Summary features. I have used in tons to get a basic idea about an article or a YouTube video. Despite being a Chrome extension, Glasp boasts impressive community-generated content. It also serves as a platform to engage with like-minded people. Currently, I am hooked to Glasp. It has become an indispensable tool for my article research. Try out Glasp and let us know which is your favorite feature.

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