Top 4 Reasons to Gift Tata Nano GenX Easy Shift AMT to Women in Your Life

Updated on: October 25, 2019

Cars are so special for our perfect family drive, as we are seeing evolution in mobile devices, car manufactures are not lagging in same. Automobile evolution continuously increasing in country like india and this helping all consumers to Demand for Best. An ubiquitous innovation making automobile industry more secure, reliable and functional.

Tata nano GenX keys

The upcoming Tata Nano GenX is a great example of this Demand for Best evolution. Recently we got an opportunity #FollowTheGenX to mingle with this next generation baby from Tata Motors at Tata lake House, Pune . An awesome place where 'Every Small is next BIG'. We thank Indiblogger for providing such great opportunity.Tata motor going to launch GenX Nano in India on 19th May, 2015. Our team got an opportunity to take test drive and review this nextGen compact car.

TataNano GenX Easy Shift

At beginning Tata Nano created big influence in indian middle class consumer market but later on public started demanding for more and hence somewhat it loosed its limelight but this time Tata Nano GenX throws every flower towards customer satisfaction which make it more promising in consumer market. As I already drove both old & GenX version of Nano, I give surety that new GenX Nano is totally redefined version with lots of improvements, new addons and added facilities which was absent in last versions.Which actually implemented according to public demand.

TataNano GenX Easy Shift Road

KickOff of Tata Nano GenX Event: 

It was a sunny day as we arrived in Tata Lake House Pune, we never thought about such awesome place in city. Everyone was fall in love with place where you will find peace, harmony of birds and of course  an engineering talent. We got an amazing welcome by Indiblogger and tata motors team followed by breakfast and TataNano GenX presentation which was totally full of knowledge.

TataNano FollowGenX

After getting an idea about new GenX Nano AMT all our teams were started moving towards flag off ceremony, afterwords each team of bloggers started their journey to explore real feel of Red Beauty Tata Nano GenX  on the roads of Pune city. That realtime driving experienced was totally indeed, we actually tasted the flavour of this new cake baked by Tata Motors and for me it was amazing.

We drove from heavy traffic, off roads, slopes and terrific roads of Hinjewadi IT park. GenX was performed outstanding without any trouble. We enjoyed a lot in between by doing some crazy tasks by Tata motors followed by lunch at Mezza 9, delicious evening snacks &  fantastic Drume performance by Taal Inc . Seriously What a mesmerising day it was ! Our team 'G' totally enjoyed it & as a technical guy I noted major things about new GenX Nano which you also excited to see.

TataNano AMT TestDrive

Tata Nano GenX Specifications :

Attributes  Values 
Engine & other Tech 2cyl, 624cc, RWD, 37bhp @ 5500rpm, 51Nm @ 4000rpm, 5AMT/4M
Top Speed 105kph (indicated)
Average 21.9kpl AMT, 23.6kpl Manual (claimed)
Fuel tank 24 litres
Wheel 12-inch steel wheels
Weight 765kg
Approx price tag 3.2-3.5 Lakhs INR
Major Improvements AMT (Automated Manual Transmission ), ePas steering wheel, fog lamps,Can travel with bags with rare boot space. Good ground clearance

Top 4 Reasons to Gift Tata Nano GenX Easy Shift AMT to Women in Your Life

As you know We had a real time driving experience of genX nano by completing more than 60KM+ driving. We did major review of this new flagship which ultimately useful for consumers to choose best out of it. Nano GenX is seriously efficient for intra city travel with great economy, great features and automation.I think women and youngsters seriously love this car for their day to day travel.

1. Easy Shift Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) make HassleFree Ride- DriveNext

After driving 1st easy shift AMT car, I seriously fall in love with this feature.Tata Nano GenX AMT feature make us more reliable during heavy traffic.So no need to take care about clutch and gear shifting. This functionality is really helpful for women. We did offline survey about AMT and 3 out of 5 women actually avoid car in heavy traffic due to clutch and gear shifting hassle. So this promising feature nullify their issue in intracity traveling.

2015 Tata Nano GenX AMT gearlever

AMT comes with more option, like auto mode, sports mode & manual mode. Both mode can be use according to your needs.

Sports mode is useful when you want to drive car with more efficient at off-road, this give more boost to engine and produce efficient result.

Manual mode is basically useful when you want to do uphill drive & off road drive when engine power is important than speed.

In Auto mode the Creep function itself helps carefully in city’s bumper to bumper traffic, as it starts moving  the vehicle after releasing the brakes without even using the accelerator. Automatic cars possess this creep function which is included in Nano GenX.

2. ePAS(Electric Power Assisted Steering) Drive Control :

For any car wheels control is an essential factor and its totally depend on the quality of steering wheel which is used inside. ePas is small compact units, required only a battery connection to work with built in fail-safe feature ,it also reduced mechanical drag on engine. So when you want to take U-Turn or Quick turn this will give you more accurate and quick response.

2015 Tata Nano GenX AMT ePAS steering

This is also value added feature for women while traveling intra city.ePas is more promising w.r.t its quick action than ordinary wheel in previous variants of tata nano.

3. DesigNext : Superior Interior, Exterior Look & Large Space

Every consumer love design and colors of car its like fall in love at first sight, Tata Nano GenX currently coming with these colour variants Sangria Red and Persian Red. Which make genX RED Beauty. This model have large inside and back side space which now helpful for family to keep their traveling bags inside rare parcel tray. GenX also have striking front & rear bumpers with infinity motif grille.

Speed meter of GenX looks stunning w.r.t their previous variant which has more detailed options like digital clock in the display, Instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, gear shift indicator, dual trip Meter, distance to empty make it more informative.

Fog lamps making this GenX to travel it in any season. Extra ground clearance of this model helpful in rainy season to keep nano body safe from big pot hole inside cities 🙂

Extra added rare space help women to keep their big luggage's easily especially while shopping glossary & vegetables etc.

Tata Nano Genx SpeedMeter Rare fog lamps

4. ConnectNext : Powerful Music System & Best in Class Air-Conditioning

Previous variants of tata nano dont have integrated music systems but this genX have powerful inbuilt Amphistream Music System alsong with Radio, Cd Player, USB & Aux-In, Bluetooth Connectivity for phone and music streaming (A2DP). The rare portion also help us to install added features inside nano genX including amplifier and extra speakers.

AC system is more enhanced in this version of GenX which is quick responsive and easy to operate.We actually tasted it during hot day and I really like inside cooling performance.

2015 Tata Nano GenX AMT music system bluetooth


Prior Nano had one single shell with 4 entryways. In GenX nano with fifth entryway at backside area, more comfort for backing is added to preserve wellbeing. Effect padding fold zone, strengthened body boards with interruption pillars on the entryways and hostile to move bar make Nano more safe in heavy traffic and off road driving.

2015 Tata Nano GenX AMT Safety

My Experience and Conclusion:

According to my day drive experience with this GenX nano I believe its a good car for intracity drive especially for youngsters & women who can avail AMT feature and get most out of it.

Tata Nano GenX Amt

Its infinity front grill make more promise for more great features.Overall its nice indian family car with good performance, economy and safety. I like to view your experience about this next flagship from tata motors.

TataNano GenX Easy Shift
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  1. Everything is alright, but the existing Nano customer is depriving to own Gen X due to poor exchange value of Old Nano even 2 or 3 yrs. old models. This will certainly affect the marketing of Gen X.

  2. Not only women, after taking a test drive, I think all drivers of Car will prefer for a tension free driving, without clutching, de-clutching frequently, especially with use of excellent Creep function. Excellent Car for modern days.

  3. I already have a nano cx but was not able to really learn to gear shift and clutch business i think it is very tedious job for women will this genx help me to really drive easily and go to my college and clinic and wherever iwant around how much value for my nanocx 2011 mode i will get

    1. Yes Rupali this genX is way powerful for women. get rid form Clutch issues during heavy traffic. You will like it for sure. Tata have Xchange offer too for getting AMT

  4. This is the best automatic version car as I had taken test drive of it. Why pay more to other companies when we have good and so easy shift drive available. Good work & job well done: Tata Motors. I'm planning to gift her to my wife on her birthday. Even I like this smallest & cheapest wonder of the world. So cute So easy to drive for ladies especially .

  5. I'm sri lankan, and I'm plan to buy tata nano genx xm car in this week. but I asked lot of people about the vehicle. but 99% are not given to good answers. some are telling, it have engine issues, and safeness is very low. please tell me what am I do?

    1. Hi Isura, Nano GenX is really powerful & safe than previous model, its highly designed for intracity. I personally used it and few of my friends using it & they have great experience about this NextGen AMT. You can take trial for week then decide. Let me know if you need any more insights

  6. Mr. Saurabh, I am Sumit Ghosh from Jharkhand, & planning to purchase Nano GenX AMT version, but the problem is my maximum friends are saying please don't go to purchase this car because, it has some engine power issue, noise problem (As like Auto Rickshaw) & very bouncy on road and also saying that as per their opinion might be 3 - 4 years later the engine will get very noise.

    Sir, I want you assistance before I take any decision.

    1. Hi Sumit, thanks for asking.

      Here are my observations.
      1. New nano & AMT is a very improved version of the previous one which had that issue.
      2. I personally drove it & I enjoyed it also few of my friends having the latest model from 1.2year and they don't have any concern till now rather they are saying its value for money for intracity transport.

      I suggest you to visit a showroom and ask existing users data of who are using NEW model and ask feedback by calling. That is what I suggest.Hope you will take best out of suggestions.Let me know if anything is required.

      1. Dear Saurav,

        Yesterday 22.09.2016 I have purchased Tata Nano XTA,
        I feel it was awesome vehicle, & very very very easy to drive,
        Today (23.09.2016) morning & I my self test this vehicle by giving load of 6 Peoples, & i found it easily pick the vehicle on incline mode, but true slowly. engine pickup power is good.

        Even Air Conditioner is great its will chilled to your bone.

        I have noticed some problem on its engine sound, there is some noise level got increased when i switch on AC, if you have any suggestion regarding this issue that how to shutout the problem, please let me inform about of it.

        and upper side incline mode sudden pickup is not found on it, some rectification is required on this vehicle like noise problem and sudden pickup problem in an AMT mode.

        After buying this vehicle i feel its good but not great.

        Finally I want to say that i am falling love with Tata Nano XTA.
        Even everyone can fall love with Tata Nano, as it is very cute

        1. Hi Sumit, Congratulation for your New NANO AMT, as I said earlier tata nano is good for intracity travel & AMT version is much improvised w.r.t AC and some engine settings.
          I understand due to engine capacity during hillside and incline portion it's hard as ur on AMT but I suggest you to keep it on MANUAL when you are going from such route. AMT is good for traffic and congested roads. Otherwise, all sounds good.

          We are really happy that our review helped you to choose this tiny but new avatar of TATA NANO AMT

  7. I think I am a bit late to post comments. I own and drive a Tata Nano Lx for the past 4 years and am still proud of its performance, comparing the price with that of other small cars. True, it has some sound on the outside, but not much inside. Five normal sized persons can comfortably sit inside. Once inside, we will not feel that we are inside a small car. Ample head room, leg room etc.
    The draw back I was feeling was only the lack of power steering and rear openable boot space, which is rectified in the new GenX model. So I am planning to upgrade to the GenX AMT soon. I also feel more patriotic to own a purely Indian made vehicle. Hats off to TATA, the pestigious heritage name upheld by all Indians.

    I will recommend this 'small wonder' to any body who really prefers comfort and economy to ego and so called show of 'prestige'.

    1. Great to hear about it Vijayan, Every product evolve according to time and TATA is doing great upgradations as per suggestions and feedback. Learn and evolve which making them best in a market. All the best for your AMT, you will enjoy feel of new tata nano AMT

  8. I think I am a bit late to post comments. I own and drive a Tata Nano Lx for the past 4 years and am still proud of its performance, comparing the price with that of other small cars. True, it has some sound on the outside, but not much inside

  9. Hi Saurabh...I am planning to buy NANO xta, but my friends are discouraging me from this move as I am 6ft tall, they say that it is won't suit me. How is the legroom & the sitting comfort for a tall guy like me? And also let me know about the fuel efficiency in city ride.
    Thanks in advance

    1. You are Amitab bachhan Vinod 🙂 So frankly speaking it will not give you comfort as per your height you have to modify seat arrangements. Fuel efficiency is really good for intracity travel and this nano genX model win the race in this segment.
      Let me know if you buy it ! All the best

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