How to Get the Best Mobile Phone Contracts

Updated on: May 18, 2013


The mobile market is booming with competition every day, and smart customers are starting to realize that one of the best ways to get a better offer is by going for a long term contract with their ISP.

Most ISPs already have a template and standard agreement (or recommendation) for their new customers, and while going with that might look smart; I’d advise not to rush into it. Based on a lot of research and study of mobile networks and mobile customers, I have realized that it is often smart to look for a custom solution instead of going with a fixed plan. Below are some of my best tips to help you get the best mobile contract you need.

Mobile Contracts

Get best Mobile Contracts

Work Out What You Need

The first step you should take when trying to go on a mobile contract with any ISP is to work out what you need. While you might have seen an advert or two, or even a recommendation from a friend, as to which plan will be best for you it is often advisable not to rely on any of those.

The key to getting a better offer is to understand yourself. Research into your mobile usage and ask yourself which service you’re most interested in. For example, most ISPs will tell you to go with a package that has everything from text to calling minutes to internet data, whereas you might not be using your mobile to access the internet. Try to get a list of the packages included in your tariff from your SIM card provider and ask them to remove those services you don’t need, or to let you know about a package that suits you without the need for these services.



Research the Tariff That Suits You Best

In most cases, your ISP already has a tariff that suits you or that is cheaper due to the fact that the services you don’t need are not included. Don’t expect these tariffs to be readily available, though, so you should be ready to ask your ISP if they have more tariffs suited to you. Sometimes, they won’t show you these tariffs unless you’re insistent; which is why you should be able to give them specifics as to what you want and what you don’t want.

Go For SIM Only Deals

Another option you might want to give a try is to go for SIM Only deals. This is often the best option and will help you see a great reduction in the price you’re supposed to pay, which is one of the reasons why I run a site that gives people the best SIM Only deals.



In case you don’t understand yet, most ISPs will give you an additional mobile phone if you sign a contract with them, and they will end up deducting the payment for this mobile phone from your contract. By going for a SIM Only deal you will be able to avoid getting the mobile phone and as a result ensuring no excessive fee is added to your contract.

[note]About Author: This guest post is written by Paul, an expert that writes for SIM Only.[/note]

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