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Updated on: May 18, 2013

Internet cloud is increasing day by day.Their is lots of heterogeneous data available,like videos,audio,images etc. To grab a proper data we use search engine like  Google, which give us an ability to discover relevant data.But if you want to search for any particular file over the internet then normal search engine  repository  failed to give you a proper search result w.r.t to data content.Recently I came to know one of the best file search engine called "General Files", the term file search engine refers a sorted repository of data file,especially focusing on different file type.


General Files search engine is an ultimate solution to grab relevance files very quickly. General-files project is a part of General World network having lots of sub branches. It not only support file sharing service but also support direct link sharing,which make it unique service.General-File search enable you to full fill all your file downloading needs.This file search engine enable you to search anything that you want. like free software directory, movie,MP3, video and software patch to complex tutorials and other stuff. beauty of this is, all such stuff is hosted on a number of file sharing &  hosting sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire etc.You can grab the "free rapidshare downloader" from general-files sister service.

General Network

What features I like in General-Files:

1. Easy Sign -Up:

You can create account on general-files within few seconds,it's uses direct signup from your exsisting social media accounts like Facebook,Twitter etc. So no need to fill large registration forms like others.

2. Proper Categories:

Refine Search options General Files

We know their are 'n' number of file formats are available.but in General-files dashboard you have a capability to choose a proper category for particular type of files. E.g If you searching for  'Adventure movies' then search  Adventure Movie  and choose file format Video like .vob, .mp4, .avi etc.

3.Rating & user review:

General Files Rating

Every displayed result is easy to customize  according to users need,Users review & rating help you to choose proper download link.It also have option like most downloaded, most commented and most rated  files on general files as well as hot files and the latest uploads sections.You can save your task in 'Future Download 'section to download it later.

4. Link Checking and Alert Service:

General Files Link updations

When you search on general files,you will get list of result from many file sharing sites. Many times some files are removed from their host ,so that time general-file show a message about its existence .Which I like most 🙂

Suppose you search a query in general file & that query return no result ,that time you can set an 'Alert' about that query,the alert feature ping you when something new will available w.r.t query. E.g. If you set "Download Windows 8" in alert service ,whenever something related to Win8  get indexed ,you will get a ping from general files .I like alert service.

Alerts Service of General Files

I personally recommended   to use General-Files  service to save your time & efforts 🙂

Let us share your review & experience if you already used General-files amazing search.

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  2. Will surely try this out, thanks for keeping us updated. Alert service is really awesome people will surely love it !

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