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Updated on: May 18, 2013

The Street Fighter series, made popular by Japanese video game developer Capcom, features a vast array of fighters from North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Seth appears in the fourth video game installment of the Street Fighter series as the Chief Executive Officer of S.I.N. Weapons manufacturing company.


Knowing the precise method of how to unlock Seth is highly valuable to any Street Fighter IV player.


1. Unlock Dan, Sakura, Cammy, Fei Long, Rose and Gen.

2. Choose any character to complete Arcade Mode a second time.

3. When playing through Arcade Mode a second time with the character chosen, do not lose any rounds and do not use the “Continue” aid if there are any losses.

4. Complete Arcade Mode with the following “Perfect” round-endings, including the fight with Seth: Playing the game on one round matches, achieve “Perfect” once or more.

- Playing with three round matches, achieve “Perfect” two or more times.

- Playing with five round match, achieve “Perfect “ three or more times.,

- Playing with seven rounds matches, achieve “Perfect” four or more times.

5. Akuma should be the next opponent after Seth. Defeat Akuma to unlock him. Next, unlock Gouken.

6. To unlock Gouken, follow steps three and four as above, as do the following

- In addition to the “Perfect” wins, achieve the following number of Super Combo or Ultra Combo Finishes for Gouken selection

- For one round matches, three or more combo finishes must be completed.

- Playing on three round matches, the player must achieve five or more Super or Ultra Combo Finishes.

- Five rounds matches require seven or more combo finishes.

- Seven round matches will see the player having to execute Super or Ultra Combo finishes nine times or more.

7. Unlocking Gouken requires successful completion of the following number of “First Attack” opportunities

- Playing the game on one round matches, achieve “First Attack” five times more

- Playing with three round matches, achieve, achieve “First Attack” ten times or more

- Playing with five round match, achieve “First Attack” 15 times or more

- Playing with seven round matches, achieve “First Attack” 20 times or more

8. After completing the game with the expected “Perfect” rounds, “First Attack” messages and Super or Ultra Combo Finishes,

9. Gouken should be the final opponent, after Seth.

10. Defeat him as an opponent and Gouken should become selectable in the Character Selection table.

11. With Gouken selectable, use Gouken to complete Arcade Mode once more, defeating Seth.

12. Seth should now be available on the Character Select screen.


Tips, Warnings and Recommendations

- In order to unlock Gouken, do not lose any rounds whatsoever and do not use the “Continue” chances.

- If unlocking Gouken and defeating Seth with Gouken does not allow Seth as a selectable character, complete Arcade Mode with the remaining characters.

- The difficulty level has no effect on the successful unlocking of characters. Completing Arcade Mode in “Easy” is recommended for novice players.

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