Why Gaming Chairs Play a Vital Role in your Health

Updated on: November 12, 2018

As a gamer, you may observe certain pains after gaming for a long period of time. After a period of gaming, does your neck feel stiff? Is your back sore? Are you unable to find a comfortable sitting position? Do you feel tired after standing up? If you said yes to any of these, your chair might not be catering to your needs while you game.

Most chairs are not designed for comfort, so ergonomic gaming chairs were designed to address these problems that are often triggered by long hours of gaming. They can provide optimal comfort and support, some for a low price. Whether it’s for pain relief or improved mental focus, specially designed gaming chairs do play a vital role in your health.Gaming-Chair

Why Sitting for Long Periods of Time is Harmful

Researchers have found that prolonged sitting can actually increase your risk of death, even if you spend time working out regularly. As an activity, gaming effectively relieves stress and can keep your brain sharp.

However, while gaming, the long hours of sitting at your desk can end up hurting your spine and back muscles. Additionally, sitting too much can also increase the risk for heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, muscle degeneration, colorectal cancer and herniated lumbar discs.


As you sit, you may end up slumping in your chair, which can actually cause even more problems. Prolonged sitting often leads to postural problems, breast cancer, chronic back pain and poor circulation in legs. Thankfully, these risks can be prevented or lessened with the use of the ergonomic gaming chair.

Improved Blood Circulation to Your Legs

Regular chairs often have edges that prevent blood flow to your legs. If you’ve ever gotten up and felt pins and needles because your legs were asleep, you are probably not getting good blood circulation to your legs.

Other than the bad feeling, this occurrence may end up causing more leg and foot problems later in life if this continues.


To counter this aspect, gaming chairs have edges that are designed to help improve circulation to prevent the pins and needles sensation and future problems.

Improved Posture and Better Back and Neck Support

Gamers should know that when the game, they are probably not assuming the best posture. This is because they are most likely excited and engrossed mid-battle and not thinking much about their sitting position.

Luckily, the gaming chair can help you fix this problem. Without much effort, these ergonomic gaming chairs will offer you comfort while also keeping your posture in check. They usually come with extra soft cushioning that doubles as support and comfort. These added features will allow you to sit for an extended period of time more often.

These gaming chairs also support your neck, something that most regular chairs do not help with. As you hold your head up while sitting in a normal chair, you can end up suffering from a list of problems over a prolonged period of time.

These chairs will usually allow you to rest your neck and will also end up preventing you from straining your spine.

Gives You More Gaming Stamina and Improves Your Gameplay

In a non-supportive chair, you can often feel weak after gaming for a long period of time. However, if you use an ergonomic chair, it can give you better posture, give you more energy and make you feel less pain. Then, you will feel better and be able to play for a longer period of time.

With less back and neck pain and pins and needles in your feet, you will be able to focus on your game a lot more and excel even more in your game. With a drop in stress levels, you can simply focus on having fun and doing well.

The ergonomic gaming chair is an effective way to improve your posture and sitting comfort. It can help you feel better and aid your health in general. However, it is also important to take good care of yourself as well since gaming chairs are helpful but are not a magical fix to other health problems.

Eating healthy and exercising well when you are not gaming will help you resolve many of your problems as well. Regardless though, the gaming chair will still provide you with a more comfortable and healthier experience while gaming!

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  1. Very important subject to touch up on and I think everyone who is into long hours gaming should read your post Saurabh. All elements in a gamer's computer are critical from a health point of view therefore should be picked very carefully.

  2. This is very nice and important article not only for gamers, but anyone who work long hour sitting in front of their PC. I have seen a lot people having fatigue after working more than 6 hours weather they are gaming or working as developer. And this is all coz of their improper way of sitting. You mentioned one thing they can do to deal with it and the other one is a desk. It is very to have an amazing desk which one can buy to deal with side effects of improper sitting. Find Your desk at Get Your Mojo.

    1. yes gaming chairs are really important for those people who sit hours in front of computer screens, It's their gameplay to relax & give comfort to their back problems.

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