Why Gamification is Key for Hacking your Mindset?

Updated on: January 3, 2019

Jump back in time, history review and the early sprouting of gaming, in specific the almighty Nintendo and the even higher-loved Mario and Luigi. Mario’s first debut was in 1981 and Luigi showed up for the first time in 1983.

The creator of all that is Mario and Luigi is Shigeru Miyamoto. A Japanese gamer and producer with extreme achievements and unprecedented recognition in the gaming industry. The spin is that Miyamoto being Japanese, automatically embodies the calmer meditative and highly imaginative genes.Gamified

Role of Meditation to Gamify mindset

Meditation, stillness of mind and limited access to the outside world, back in the day and today has a major effect on how people think, be and do. The whole movement of yoga and meditation comes to the West from the far East and there is a reason for it. Here in the West, our minds are always ticking so fast with so much information being processed that we barely have the time to slow down and re-collect, quieten down, find peace. It has to become a thing we do, like going to yoga class or meditation class in order to make time for it. There’s a huge befit in becoming more meditative and being able to induce your own meditative states of mind so as to tap into your creativity.

Meditation Chart

Gaming is an ever evolving industry where we all have to keep up-to-date, evolve ourselves too. Everyone is different on the outside but on the inside we are all the same. This truth is universal and it will resonate if you have already started on a inner journey. Otherwise, it may sound new to you which is nicely leading to the NEW conscious way in, into gaming being the way of playful self-love.

Everyone has their own understanding of self-loving acts but for those of us who like a little guidance here is a little something to the right.

Gaming is addictive and so is self-love

Self-discovery or personal development. Gaming is requiring of you to practice, keep going until you reach the next level. Self-love cultivation, energy and connection generating is also a practice that needs to be done again and again until another level is revealed. Trust the rabbit hole to go as deep as you like, unimaginable.

ThePlayfulWay meditation

This is where the playful way to self-love comes in… it’s a six step process that allows you to transition to the inner world. You will learn to find all the answers, to be more into being rather than doing, to see and to voice out what you see. It’s conscious merging of the two worlds, one inevitably linked to the other. Lighting up your inner reality will translate into a new level of external reality and that insight can be translated into gaming.

Essentially, your ability to navigate through the internal reality will have a knock off effect on all areas of your life, including health, relationships and finances. This new way in, into gaming is derived from being tuned into your own inner peace and inner voice.

Essential of discovering yourself

Not many people give themselves the time and the date to tune into their inner world and that is sad. If you start practicing meditation daily, you will soon see how beneficial this is for you and all of the people around you.

If you are new to meditation, when you close your eyes, you wont get much, until you marry the practice of closing your eyes with conscious breathing. Then… keep practicing, coming back to the present moment and seeing inside behind closed eyes, there you will find a vastness of space. This void will eventually start to become familiar, you will start to tune into your inner world and you will start to cut through the noise with a chainsaw.

Adopting a self-loving, self-caring attitude to your everyday life holds unlimited possibilities and insights. Just what you need to get back into the gaming industry. Imagination worth paying for. Something that isn't done yet.

The way forward is for us all to become aware of the inner most sacred sound of our being. That way gaming itself can reach it’s next level of evolution, for it is the users that make up the gaming world. Becoming conscious in the inside and outside is a practice, there are so many available tools but my favourite one is the playful way to self-love.

Meditation Benefits chart

Get playful before gaming! Just the fact that you are new to meditation and your inner world is only to brighten up means you have untapped resources of creativity, stillness and innovation. The extra bonus is that you will learn what is it you love, crave and how to nurture yourself which will in turn ensure you also become a great communicator with excellent people skills.

We are all one and the same so adopt a playful way, a new conscious playful way in, into yourself and into gaming. Translate and transition between the two with ease.

With love and with light


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