Why you should Game on an Android phone?

Updated on: June 7, 2014

The online gaming industry is a hugely successful and ever-expanding one, but increasingly playing these games using a mobile device seems to be regarded by many of the major games developers as the future of the industry. Perhaps this is not surprising, as mobile technology is advancing so rapidly that these devices seem destined to supplant even the most convenient of laptop PCs, but these developments mean that the battle is well and truly on between the Apple and Android platforms to be seen as the cutting edge option when it comes to mobile gaming .

In recent times it has seemed as if Apple is winning that particular battle, as recent figures have indicated that it continues to take the lion’s share of the gaming market – with 84 percent of the total U.S. mobile gaming revenue being captured by Apple. This does not tell the whole story though, as in fact Android appears to be starting to eat into Apple’s market share suggesting that the Android operating system has plenty to offer for mobile gamers. So why should you choose to game on an Android phone?


Well for one thing, as an actual platform for gaming, Android is far more widely available than Apple is as there are simply far more Android devices on the market, which can make the actual experience of gaming using an Android phone easier than with an Apple iOS one – which after all is a closed system. Furthermore, another significant advantage of gaming using an Android device is that a lot of the mobiles using this operating system can be connected to your television (using an HDMI cable) which allows you to play the games using the control pad from an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. Ultimately, the major advantage that gaming on an Android phone has is that virtually any device will give you a great gaming experience. Whereas with Apple devices anything less than the iPhone 4 will not have the processor power to provide an experience of similar quality.

Reason Behind Popularity of Android Games:

1. Visual effects & Smooth performance :

Android is one of the stable & well establish mobile OS, which handle all system resources properly. We know for better gameplay we need good graphics and well performing system and android is standing in same.

2. Cheap rates & free upgrade :

Android Play is having millions of apps, their are several gaming apps which are available for very cheap price which attract user to buy it. Few app mfg. providing free upgrades for their upcoming series.These strategies are beneficial for both parties, customer as well as mfg. App user get what they want and mfg. easily create their influence  🙂

best Android car games

3. Game efficiency and Online data store :

Few android games having capability to store their gaming data online, Its a really important thing to persist your gaming checkpoints.It help you when you format your device or if you loose your game c'oz of some disaster situation.Online data store help you to easily resume your app from checkpoint,no need to start with new game  🙂


4. Creativity & availability for all age groups :

I personally like creativity and uniqueness of android games. Android kid games are really awesome, any age group person can play android games from children's to grandparents  🙂  Gaming not only  help kid to build their  curiosity but also develop their logical thinking.If you have children's then don't forgot to share some cool android games with them.

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  1. Very nice and interesting post and website you have. The post is very nice. Keep us entertaining us with such great posts. And the android games are doing just very well.

  2. I do have my personal reason to choose Android and gaming was one of them, but reason to choose Android for gaming really interesting because your written it very well.

    But always think that HD games should little less in file size. They are mostly more then A GB which is hard to download, quite time consuming...

    1. Haa.. thats looking great,Our suggestion help others to grab android phone 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation we surely work hard to give better analysis of any tech related product 😀

  3. I have Mali 400GPU on my tablet and it can play every games of android. Playing games is so real in Android. And i can download these games within a minutes

  4. Today Android device are stronger then the ISO and it's true that everyone can agree with that, i have Samsung galaxy s3 with his Super Almond HD screen (fix me if I worng) all the colors came to live and is more enjoyable. thanks for your post man (also galaxy 4s coming soon and he will leave iphone 5 with dusk)

  5. Nice post and Your website is very cool. Well thanks for the article, an awesome article for the game lovers really these game are exciting to be played i wish i have time to play these games by the way add Rock the Ball one of the new android game for puzzle lovers and its very addictive

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