Game Every Romme Enthusiastic Must Play

Updated on: September 11, 2017

Just because a game is a little dusty, it does not mean it cannot still be sought-after nowadays. Romme or rummy is one such example. Though it has achieved classic-status now, it is not ignored from the list players have. Online, it can be found easily and for the joy of gambling enthusiasts, it can also be played with money at stake.

Basically, what you are aiming to do in this game is arranging all of your cards in a certain order. Your opponents will do the same thing, and in an exciting bout of elimination rounds, the “last one standing”, as they say, is declared the victor. However, it is not all that facile. You must play by the board and need to place your cards in predetermined combinations and sequences, as per the game’s rules. Skill, as well as luck, are needed for a rummy player.


Sometimes, an extra rule or two can be added to spice things up and make the game more fruitful, longer and fully enjoyable. One element that is present in many related domains, such as gambling, takes a role in this particular activity as well - the wild joker-card. What that means is that it can replace any other in any combinations, so as to help you win and assemble the suitable rows.

I know what some might think when hearing about rummy… that it is ancient and only played by the elderly, so on and so forth. Well, there is no restriction to that whatsoever, and given its presence online - complete with various tidbits creative minds have spruced it up with - it can be just as appealing for anyone who likes games and/or wants to try out something new, irrespective of age. It only takes a little while until you grasp the rules and get your mind around playing it optimally, but you know it - practice makes perfect!

Saurabh Mukhekar
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