ForFone Apps:Free worldwide calls, text & picture messages

Updated on: July 1, 2022

Recently we discussed with few free calling and free SMS  services like Evaphone & Jaxtr, all these services are great and working perfectly but most of them are desktop base services.Only few of them having  mobile application compatibility.Hence If you are on-the-go and want to avail such type of service we have another apps called "ForFone". Which is totally depend on mobile platforms like  Android & Apple etc.One of the latest VoIP service.

For Fone

ForFone is another type of start up booted in Germany,its look like an interception of Skype & viber.It offers Free worldwide calls, text & picture messages for ForFone users for up to 100 minutes/month,and for Germany you can make calls to landline number also. Its having unique feature which describe its best "You can send SMS and make a call to your friend using its Own mobile number,no need to remember any other alternative numbers" I like it most !!!

You can call and send free text and picture messages in the US and abroad without registering or any change of their mobile plan.

ForFone Mobile Apps

ForFone Mobile Apps

The ForFone app in a few words:
1. Free worldwide calls, text and picture messages between forfone users.
2. If you are registered with a British, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Swiss phone number you can call for free to
3. National landline phones – 100 minutes for free every month.
4. Without registration, no password, no username, no buddy lists
5. Text messages with geolocation
6. Easy and comfortable like making traditional calls or sending text messages!

To download the forfone app and try it out right away:

1. Download it for iPhone

2. Download it for Android

Here are some Snaps of ForFone on above OS respectively:

1. iPhone Dashboard

forfone Autre iPhone

forfone iPhone Apps


2. ForFone  iPhone Messaging View

ForFone Messaging View

ForFone iPhone

3. ForFone Android Dialing pad

ForFone Dialing Pad

ForFone Apps

4. Managing  Contacts in ForFone Mobile Apps

Managing Contacts in ForFone

ForFone Contacts

If you see all these things carefully u may conclude that ,its look like somewhat like "whatsapp" messenger,but it has major added functionality over other available services.So you can try out this and put your review in comment section,we are happy to know the usability of forgone application

ForFone support some premium service in cheap amount,to explore them kindly check out following image :

ForFone Call Rates Premium Service

ForFone Call Rates Premium Service

ForFone is compatible on Smartphone,so We are happy to see it on Basic Java enable cell phones also !!! So if you are  ready to explore it on java enable devices then Click here and put your suggestions

ForFone Mobile Apps
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