Fix Index Coverage Issues Detected in Google Search Console

January 25, 2018

Recently Google released its new beta search console reports which helping webmasters to get more insightful information and activity reports of their content indexing. Today morning I received an email from Google stating that there are some "Index coverage issues" found on your website. Please fix it to avoid an impact on your SEO ranking. I was shocked and thought something messy happened, in response to this email I decided to check what exactly issue is and I opened my webmaster/ search console and found the following message.

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 new Index coverage related issue. This means that Index coverage may be negatively affected in Google Search results. We encourage you to fix this issue.


This is something scary for webmasters, no one wants to lose their organic traffic due to some misconfiguration & violating Google rules. Hence I decided to assist my issue on an immediate basis. After researching a lot & understanding the problem I found its fix and submitted to Google for validation. Please consider following guidelines to fix an issue if you also get it into your webmaster/search console.

How to FIX Google Index Coverage Issues in search console/webmaster

1. Go to webmaster then look for a message stating index coverage issues, then look how many pages get impacted due to this.

fix google index coverage issues


2. Once you identified it then look for suggestions from Google to fix it.

fix google index coverage issues 1

3. Your issue is either by following, identify it first.

What is an Index Coverage Issue?

1. Robots.txt file which is not allowing Google to index particular pages. I tested my robots.txt but its perfectly configured for me.

2. Pages are not getting fetch using Google Bots. For me, it was also working as expected.

3. It's not getting indexed in the search engine because of incorrect meta robots tags "noindex,nofollow" or noindex,follow" for particular pages. This was my problem as all of my 5 flagged pages had "noindex,nofollow" tags in their meta robots section which avoiding search engine to index it. So I identified my exact issue.

4. Your sitemap is incorrect and needs resubmission. My sitemap is ok as I use Yoast sitemap. So this condition is not applicable to me.                                                                          

5. To address this issue simply navigate to "affected pages" showed in search console -> View Page Source. Look for the robots meta tag. In my case, I found the following tag with affected pages. That was the obvious reason Google Webmaster flagged it.

fix google index coverage issues - meta noindex tag fix google index coverage issues Yoast Setting

6. Later I edited my page using Yoast SEO settings, I changed its meta robots index to "index, follow".                                                                          fix google index coverage issues Yoast noindex

7. Once you confirm changes in affected pages  & its "view source code", then resubmit it to Google for further validation.  You have to wait for confirmation from Google.

You can also refer our video tutorial to fix the index coverage problem in your Google search console. It's important to fix it as it may impact on your search engine ranking if it's not addressed as soon as possible.

8. This is how you can fix Index coverage issues in the webmaster panel.

If you face some other issue and fixed it then please feel free to discuss it in a comment section. We are happy to help you to solve it.

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  1. OMG I got 20 emails from google about this, I thought it was a spam or phishing.

    My problem is only one link that I removed last year, and I was updated the sitemap. But google still detect it as an error.

    Since I don't care about this removed link, can I ignore the email and not fix it?

    1. You can ignore as its just indication to show something is wrong in your sitemap but I strongly recommended to inform Google about removed link from Webmaster panel. You can find option in webmaster console

  2. What if I did not use meta robot indexed in my static website? Is it will be automatic 'indexed' or 'followed'?

    1. By default, it will be "Indexed" and "Follow". But you have to check your robots.txt if they have some specific rules for some pages then it will be different accordingly.

      1. Both my robots.txt and meta tags were set to noindex by a plugin... I had to set them all manually using the details in this post to get the index coverage issues sorted out. It took a while to do them all seperately, but well worth it!

    1. that's great as many people who upgraded to New Google Search Console getting INDEX COVERAGE ISSUE message from Google and its fix is pretty simple.


    1. that's awesome your issue got resolved. Major SEO plugins have that setting so, once you fix it then nothing to worry. It will get update in Google webmaster soon after pushing it to revalidation

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