Fix Index coverage issues detected in Google Search Console

Recently Google released its new beta search console reports which helping webmaster to get more insightful information and activity reports of their content indexing. Today morning I received an email from Google stating that there are some “Index coverage issues” found on your website. Please fix it to avoid an impact on your SEO ranking. I was shocked and thought something messy happened, in response to this email I decided to check what exactly issue is and I opened my webmaster/ search console and found the following message.

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 new Index coverage related issue. This means that Index coverage may be negatively affected in Google Search results. We encourage you to fix this issue.


This is something scary for webmasters, no one wants to lose their organic traffic due to some misconfiguration & violating Google rules. Hence I decided to assist my issue on an immediate basis. After researching lot & understanding problem I found its fix and submitted to Google for validation. Please consider following guidelines to fix an issue if you also get it into your webmaster/search console.

How to FIX Index Coverage Issues Google Webmaster

  1. Go to webmaster then look for a message stating index coverage issues, then look how many pages get impacted due to this.                          Index coverage issue webmaster google
  2. Once you identified it then look for suggestions from Google to fix itIndex coverage issues webmaster google
  3. Your issue is either by following, identify it first.
    1. Robots.txt file which is not allowing Google to index particular pages. I tested my robots.txt but its perfectly configured for me.
    2. Pages are not getting fetch using Google Bots. For me, it was also working as expected.
    3. It’s not getting indexed in the search engine because of incorrect meta robots tags “noindex,nofollow” or noindex,follow” for particular pages. This was my problem as all of my 5 flagged pages had “noindex,nofollow” tags in their meta robots section which avoiding search engine to index it. So I identified my exact issue.
    4. Your sitemap is incorrect and needs resubmission. My sitemap is ok as I use Yoast sitemap. So this condition is not applicable to me.                                                                          
  4.  To address this issue simply navigate to “affected pages” showed in search console -> View Page Source. Look for robots meta tag. In my case, I found the following tag with affected pages. That was the obvious reason Google Webmaster flagged it.                                                Meta tag index noindex Yoast robots meta settings
  5. Later I edited my page using Yoast SEO settings, I changed its meta robots index to “index, follow”.                                                                           Meta tag index noindex
  6. Once you confirm changes in affected pages  & its “view source code”, then resubmit it to Google for further validation.  You have to wait for confirmation from Google.
  7. This is how you can fix your Index coverage issues in webmaster panel.

If you face some other issue and fixed it then please feel free to discuss it in a comment section. We are happy to help you to solve it.

131 thoughts on “Fix Index coverage issues detected in Google Search Console

  1. OMG I got 20 emails from google about this, I thought it was a spam or phishing.

    My problem is only one link that I removed last year, and I was updated the sitemap. But google still detect it as an error.

    Since I don’t care about this removed link, can I ignore the email and not fix it?

    • You can ignore as its just indication to show something is wrong in your sitemap but I strongly recommended to inform Google about removed link from Webmaster panel. You can find option in webmaster console

  2. it was very helpful thank you

  3. What if I did not use meta robot indexed in my static website? Is it will be automatic ‘indexed’ or ‘followed’?

    • By default, it will be “Indexed” and “Follow”. But you have to check your robots.txt if they have some specific rules for some pages then it will be different accordingly.

  4. thanks a lot for solve my problem, keep it up.


  6. Gianpaolo Di Nino says:

    I see your validation started on 24 Jan, after how many days it ended? We had a similar issues later these days and validation started this morning.

  7. Very nice And helpful Article. today first time i get this Error Index coverage issue detected for site. i solve it now thank u very much

  8. Thanks for the info fixed my website with noindex issues which was created by Yoast plugin

  9. I have got similar message today. I’m try to solve this problem but still now show problem. Can you tell me that how can fix this issue.

  10. Hello sir, I have got the same message, but I have noticed that all my links are removed links about few years ago, what should I do now? Please help me.

    Saba Naaz recently posted..Bangladeshi Chittagong Aunty Rhishita Real Whatsapp Number ChatMy Profile

  11. Thanks for the information today I got the mail from google and I solved the issue.

  12. Thanks a lot for sharing us about this update. Hope you will not get tired on making posts as informative as this. 

  13. Thanks a lot Saurabh. I have resolved my issue by following the steps you have mentioned in the article.

  14. thank you for your post , i have got similar problem with my sites. i have checked robots.txt and its working well, then i try to check for incorrect meta robots tags “noindex,nofollow” or noindex,follow” for particular pages and everything runs well , its “index,follow” so why i got this problem ? and how to fix my problem ?

    • It might get flagged due to duplication of meta tags in your page. Please recheck if you have Robot meta duplication or different entries in page and robots.txt

  15. Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt

    how I fix this error??

  16. My issue is there a special url is detected by google. and it is not available in my website

  17. Thanks for sharing useful information to us!

  18. Can you recommend fix for Server errors (5xx) which occurs on one page?

  19. Hello Admin my Robots.txt is ok and all post is follow. but google sent me again {New Index coverage issue detected} please help us….

  20. I got an error message on 24 Jan and from 25 my site SERP decreasing everyday. On 6 Feb i checked and realized what might be the problem. I fixed that Soft 404 error and submitted to index and validate. After 24 hrs i got a message from Google regarding the validation, which was fixed. And from yesterday i have seen the traffic got recovered. So don’t ignore anything from Google. Just fix as soon as possible.

  21. Hi, I have a problem in my website that is new index coverage issue detected for sites : I have used Yoast SEO Plugin Free one, not Premium. Please give me advise for indexing my website

  22. thanks for sharing this useful info with us.. its really helpful to solve the issue.

  23. thanks for sharing its really a knowledge gain.. good job !its really helpful to solve the issue.

  24. Yesterday, i get the same message from Google Webmaster. I was completed scared and searched too much about this topic and find the correct details at your post.

    Thank you.

  25. Thanks it worked. What the robot txt shows red & Disallow that indicate that the URL is incorrect, so it’s better to delete the URL and then fetch and render the new URL /post. Thanks

  26. Thank you, this is so helpful! What if I added the noindex as a tag into my page because I do NOT want it do be indexed? Can I then ignore this warning message by Google? It’s a little unnerving for sure!

  27. Thank for the experlantion it really helps, a quick question i choose noindex for about and contact us page and i got this massage from google should i do anything about it?
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  28. How do i apply this on my blogger blog, not using WordPress? I can’t mark these pages individually
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  29. Wow, this was an amazing help! I simply went to Google and typed the search console message I received. Saw your help post and followed. Got the issue resolved 🙂 Saved so much time. Thank you man!

  30. Saurabh, Bro Need your Help!!
    You explain it very well but im facing same issue but i have one more problem, URL showing in webmaster is invalid i haven’t created any URL like that is showing in web master..
    For example: URL showing in webmaster is http://www…………..table-2/ but my exact URL is wwww……table.
    please tell me if you allow i will type both url exactly.
    Thanks Waiting.

  31. It was a quick and great help.
    Thanks a lot for easy and very helpful information.

  32. Hi Saurabh,

    I also got an email from Search console. My issue is ‘Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt’. This issue is with 2 URLs which I have blocked by robots.txt. I don’t want to get indexed these two URLs by the search engine but search engine shows as an issue. Why these pages are getting indexed though I have blocked by robots.txt?

    what should I do?

    • Hi Anaya,

      What you can do is, simply remove those URL from Robots.txt and then you can simply put robot meta tag “Noindex,Nofollow” for those 2 articles using Yoast SEO settings I mentioned in my article.

      It might get indexed before you included URL’s into Robots.txt, it happens. SO simply follow above steps and then resubmit for validation using search engine console.

  33. Hi I got the same mail form google and also 15,000 urls has been excluded in my own case when I checked google console.

    I do I fix this? Am using blogger and the explanation here is different as I cannot fix this pages individually.

    I will be glad if you can help me out with blogger fix.

  34. Geethanjali says:

    I checked with robots.txt and My webpage is not blocked. When I try to open the affected page it throws an error as “500 internal server error”. How can I fix this? Is this serious issue which effects SERP result? Can you guide me?

  35. Thanks Saurabh for this helpful post. Keep it up!
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  36. I followed your suggestions but I use Weebly, not WP.

    Two of my page errors are for pages hidden from navigation. One is my 404 redirect page and the other is the welcome packet I send to guests before they check-in. I have several other pages hidden from navigation and they are not listed as errors. Do you have any idea why only these two would get flagged?

    The third error is identified only as “url”. There is no actual url shown in the description. I wish I could post screenshots!

    Thanks so much for the article and for any direction you can give me to fix this!
    Teena from beautiful New Hampshire!

    • Hi Teena,
      Answering to your 1st query: It was flagged due to a redirection of pages, so you should check whether redirection is Permanent redirection or Temp redirection. There is setting in search console about this. Googling will help you. { }
      For your 2nd query: You should post a screenshot here for better understanding.It’s weird that there is no URL. Also, check crawl errors in your search console. It will give you a better idea.
      I’m always ready to help you, Good day from Incredible India !!!
      Saurabh recently posted..SAP ARIBA Make Procurement AwesomeMy Profile

  37. Hi,
    I have also got this message today. My problem is that my web pages are by default index,follow but some pages I have blocked through robots.txt as they have some dynamic parameters in the url. Also, I don’t them to be crawled. What should I do in this case?

  38. Hi, Saurabh
    Is it possible that this issue effected our server. Actually our hosting service provider says to us your site got impacted, and they suddenly suspended our website, and give himself Ownership of webmaster account through html code. Now when asking them ‘why our website not work ?” they replied ‘google reviewing your site’.
    I just want to ask you one thing Is it possible that webmaster sent them issue message to hosting provider not us? because we didn’t get any message from webmaster about this issue.
    Thanks, please give your suggestion.

  39. Thanks for sharing. very useful information to us.

  40. Hi Saurabh,

    I had the same issue with some of my posts. Solved using your tutorial.

    Thanks a lot.

  41. Hi Buddy. I am facing this problem, and the url it is picking does not exist in my website’s directory. I am confused if I need to block that in robots.txt or should i DISAWOW that. Please advice.

  42. Few days back i got this error in webmaster tool

    Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 new Index coverage related issue. This means that Index coverage may be negatively affected in Google Search results. We encourage you to fix this issue.

    New issue found:
    Submitted URL has crawl issue

    Now i click on validate error and got email from google

    Google has started validating your fix of Index coverage issues on your site. Specifically, we are checking for ‘Submitted URL has crawl issue’, which currently affects 1 pages.

    We will send the results of our test when it is complete. You can also monitor the progress of the test by following the link below.

    How much time google will take to fix this crawling issue ? i didn’t made any changes in error url. My url don’t have robot(noindex, nofollw) tag

    • Hi Shen,

      I guess you have to wait till Google reprocess on this issue. If it will get fagged again then you should look into your webmaster properly to see any other issue like replyto? is present or not. I think it will take a week or 2 to get more insights about resubmission. Stay tuned for an upcoming email

  43. I am currently using blogger and please tell me how can i fix index coverage issues.

    • Hi Rajat,

      For Bloggers platform follow these step.
      1. Identify URL which is impacted by an index coverage issue.
      2. Go to the article and check its HTML code
      3. If there is any “NoFollow/NoIndex” tag. Please try to remove it accordingly.

      Resubmit it to google for verification.

  44. Hi Saurabh, Thank you So much for the response. I have checked and didn’t find any robots line.

    Can you Please Give me your Email so that i can Tell you the whole issue.

  45. how to fix it in All in One SEO plugin

  46. My Google search console result is showing Excluded Pages 1.44K, Errors 0, Valid Pages 453, and Valid Pages with Warnings 1, is this report good?

  47. I was wondering what made my traffic to reduce. But I only use a plugin to no-index the privacy,contact, disclaimer pages. Could this have affected my overall site? Well, i have gone ahead and deleted the plugin and waiting to see the results.
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  48. Thank you Saurabh for the link. I read it all and I am trying to understand where I faulted with my own website. I guess I found it.
    1. My content are all ‘buying guides’ which contain about 20 amazon links or more. I have gone ahead and cut them down to 8-10 aff. links.

    2. I am going to focus on informational content for the next few months… Hopefully as Glenn Gabe said; “So if you’ve been impacted by one of these major updates, then you typically need another one of them to roll out in order to see significant improvement.” I will be seeing some improvement after all the hard work.

    Thank you again.
    Franklin recently posted..Monthly Blog Income Report for October 2017 [Adsense Site Case Study]My Profile

  49. Thanks saurabh
    I read many articles of this issue but i was confused. But after reading this article i believe that i can slove my problem.
    Thanks for this wonderful article.

  50. Today i opened the webmaster and i was totally shocked. Think i am gona pay for this, i was totally blank what to do. I go though the webmaster guide but it was so confusing.

    Thanks to you Saurabh, i got this article, finish reading and get relief.

    Thanks for the info and now the issue is fixed

  51. Hi Saurabh,
    If we want that the url still blocked and not indexed. I did everythink to blocked them, but this messages appears. And I don’t want to index them.
    How can I say to Google, “Yes” it’s correct, I don’t want to index them?

    Thks for your reply 😉

  52. Hi Saurabh,
    1)Today morning I got index coverage issue. I am not getting what is the problem i checked all the 4 ways what you mentioned in above guide. cloud you pls explain me.

    2)One more is I informed some unwanted URLs to robot.txt to block and not indexing but in my beta search console account showing my other main URLs as like “Submitted URL blocked by robots.txt”.

    • Hi Ramadevi,
      I suggest you to first check which URL is flagged in Google Search Console as they provide URL whoever got impacted due to this.

      Once you have that urs, simply go and check its page source code and look for nofollow,noindex attribute of links is not present in it. If you included by purpose in aticle then ignore INdex coverage issue notification. If not then simply make it index,follow and resubmit it for validation to Google .

      if you are getting errors in the crawler then simply check what URL are getting impacted

  53. I have this same issue, I don’t know how to solve it…. please what are the best solution for this

  54. Sourabh bro, I am facing google index coverage issues. Google is warning me my some URLs have marked no index. Those URLs are posts tags of my posts.
    I am using Yoast SEO, and I have disabled tags not to be indexed. Should I enable TAGS index option from Yoast SEO to index tags or leave it as disabled. Please help me I am a beginner in blogging.

  55. Hey Sourabh,

    Thanks for the guide and it’s really impressive.I have a question.
    I am getting wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 400 error. What is should do?

    Please refer me a guide.

    Aashirvad Kumar

  56. Hi… Thanks for your guide. The problem is, my website is at blogger (with custom domain). I am having the same issue. When I searched, the issue with all the urls of /search/*

    i.e /search/label/Fitness%20Quotes (6 other)

    I just edit the robot.txt file, where it was written
    Disallow: /search

    I just delete “/search”. It’s sufficient?

  57. Thanks friend for post.
    I’m use blogger.
    My one question?
    How to allow Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt?

  58. Wow, nice post.

    My one tag keyword getting an error in index results. As per this information, I resubmitted my sitemap. Now let’s see what happens?

  59. Hi Saurabh,

    Thank you for this blog. Can you share your Email so that I can share my issue with you? I am still not able to resolve this error.

  60. very nice post one of my news site having problem but for now i m done successfully thanks to u

  61. Thanks for the article. It would be most helpful if you set links to open up in another tab rather than diverting the reader away from the article. This way we can look at your references(and anything related) without losing our place.

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