Importance of Firefox 12 between Zorin Linux & Window 8 Metro Apps

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Mozilla is preparing to launch custom version of Firefox 12 for Windows 8 and Linux platforms. The number of improvements aimed at the developers does not interfere with the less interfering update mechanism for its users. Firefox 12 simplifies the process of updating on Windows by doing away with the user account control (UAC) dialog pop-up. Updating any version of it will not give the irritating pop-ups any more!

Firefox-12-download win 8 zorin linuz

Features of the new Zorin Linux are quite interesting:


Zorin Linux downloads in the ISO file format. It can be stored by burning it to a CD using Imgburn or to a USB using Unetbootin. Installation is pretty easy. The option of dual booting it along with the original OS is also provided. The download is as fast as 1.14 GB with Firefox 12.

Zorin-OS-Lite firefox12


Running Zorin on VMware as a virtual CD before installation followed by its installation as VMware virtual machine is easy with Firefox 12. It automatically installs itself as the secondary OS in the main hard disk drive.

The Zorin Experience with Firefox 12


Windows has succeeded in making Zorin immediately accessible. Linux itself has quite a few interesting features such as:

  • Preloaded with the softwares usually required- on a whole it is more of an application store kind of experience.
  • Hundreds of softwares can be installed with a single click. 33865 softwares are available under Firefox 12 and Zorin Linux collaboration.
  • The ‘Look Changer’-From the control panel, Zorin’s look can be changed to Windows X, XP, Vista, MacOS X, or the usual Linux.
  • Can run the windows software using Wine- It is a feature of the recently reviewed ShiftNon Zorin.
  • Offers lightning fast speed with Firefox 12 and is stable.
  • Less prone to malware than in Windows.

Summing up, Zorin is a free and fast running OS which is fast on even old PCs and laptops. Using a secure OS while having the look of any Windows one is used to is a good deal. Experimenting with Linux by dual booting the PC is a convenient option. It is Linux with the look and feel of Windows.

Download Firefox 12  Linux

Windows 8 is another OS coming up. It is the officially declared next version of Microsoft Windows. It is fit for PCs, be it desktop or laptop or even the netbook or tablet.


Firefox 12 is also a standard browser for Windows 8.

The features Windows 8 flaunts with the Firefox 12 are:

  • Getting the applications faster from the Windows Store.
  • Though devoted to the mouse and keyboard, Windows 8 manages to give itself a brand new feel with Firefox 12.
  • It supports both x86 PCs and ARM Tabs- It is the first version of Windows which manages to operate on both, the traditional and the unconventional processors from AMD and Intel.

Firefox-12-metro-sidebar-windows 8

  • Charms- It is newly implemented on the conventional Windows Start Bar. It can even be used to configure settings for the individual applications quickly.
  • Snap Multi-tasking- It is designed to enable the running of two applications on Windows side by side, to switch between them and to resize them as well.


  • Control Panel-The control panel has been redesigned and the task manager has been revamped.

Download Firefox 12 Windows 8

Summary - Firefox 12 remains the best browser for both, the Windows 8 and the new Zorin Linux.

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