How to Find Nearby Jobs using Facebook Jobs Marketplace

Updated on: May 6, 2019

Facebook is getting a swat at LinkedIn – the social media titan has worked out a Jobs marketplace to find nearby jobs using Facebook. This social media platform has almost millions of users. Businesses can now post job opportunities to a Jobs tab on their Facebook Page for a charge. The openings will then resemble on that page, in the Jobs dashboard & on Facebook Marketplace. You can increase your range for a fee as well.

Job seekers can find openings by visiting From there, they can auto-fill forms with profile information including job history, write and present applications and set up interviews over Facebook Messenger. This enables individuals to clean up their Facebook profiles and maintain their online reputation. The same could be said for small businesses. If your profile is deficient or inaccurate you won't attract the level of applicant you want.

Facebook Jobs Marketplace

Review Your Facebook Setting for the Potential of Employment

Facebook is the best tool for communicating and reach people in the whole world. Finding jobs is never easy as you need a lot of effort and time to get the best a job anyone can have. People using this social media platform for the reason that it is easy to use by someone. However, Facebook can be the best way to get you a job. For that, you need to set your profile and maintain a good image of you.

List of available job openings at Facebook

Since Facebook limits the thing of making a list of every skill you have, then it is always a good way to show skills in a possible way. This can be done by posting images that can show your skills or your interests. When applying it is so important to give your potential employer a good kind of impressions. Avoid unnecessary stuff in your profile, make sure that the information you have in your profile is true and appropriate. This will give your future employer a hint and their first assessment to you using your profile for an interview. Use the engine of the project to showcase key contributions and achievements from past jobs and to list out any quantifiable career.

List down the Companies You want to Explore

To avoid any conflict in applying it is a better way to create a list of companies that you want to apply or explore. You are more organized and you managed your time well. After listing all the potential company that you want to work with, visit each company site, in order to see if they are currently hiring and what are their vacancy that you can take or apply.

It makes the process more efficient and convenient as well. Each company has its own set of standards to hire an employee, so it is really important to work fast even in your profile. Another great idea is to use Google News Alerts. By arranging this up, you can continue to speed on what’s happening in a selective company and in the industry as a whole. This includes having tabs on who is hiring and who isn’t.

Locate Local Jobs and Start

There are two ways to find nearby jobs using Facebook, on a particular company’s Facebook page under the Jobs tab and the other one is a separate jobs page that you can use in order to search all job listing. This can be categorized into the location, skill, industry and of course job type. Using a mobile can also be useful, you just need to go to the tab under more, and you can start finding for open positions job.

When you get a job that entertains you, click the “Apply Now” button. This will navigate you to a page which will pre-populate your name, education, and any other publicly accessible knowledge about your profile.

If required, you can make revisions before you submit your data.  It's recommended doing it once on the front end will save time and avoid possible confusions.

You can’t upload a resume at this time. On the next page, you have to write a good cover letter to your potential employer to showcase your skills and reason why they should hire you. Be creative while doing this.

Hit “send”  or forward to take your information over to the company via a Facebook message. The company will then carry with you through Messenger unless stated otherwise.

Be sure to “like” and follow any organizations that interest you. By doing this, any new job postings the company plans will give up quickly in your news feed. You can also tap the Subscribe button for the same result.

Watch more from Facebook

Many experts believe that this First version of Facebook job searches is just a taste of what’s to come and that a more healthy version is in the works, especially as it positions itself to rival LinkedIn. Facebook stated plans to increase its job-search feature to an additional 40 countries and more revamp version in upcoming days as per recent F8 conference. This will help everyone to find nearby jobs using Facebook in a more powerful way.

Posting Job Opening Facebook Page

You can also create a job opening at your own company to hire nearby talent. This is very useful for Hyperlocal business or online business. Hyperlocal business getting wings due to this functionality and good local talent as well.


In fact, about 93 percent of recruiters will evaluate a candidate’s social profiles before producing a hiring decision. Contracting managers and recruiters will search for you on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for keys to your personality.

Today it is not impossible at all to find jobs as such powerful tools enabling us to apply from fingertips. Just like Facebook, it is one of the social media platform having a widest connection to the world. Allows people to explore different opportunities and freedom of choosing a job as per their desired skillsets.

Find Job Using Facebook
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