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Find Lost Key using iHere smart key Finder


How often do you miss your car key? Once? Twice? Or, can’t you count the number? Well, if you are in the third, it’s high time that you should start using iHere — a brand new, unprecedented Bluetooth tracker from Nonda. iHere is a quite revolutionary product, which you can use for different purposes in the day-to-day life. In this article, we’ll have an overview of iHere 3.0 Bluetooth Key Finder and Remote. iHere is much more than the typical Bluetooth-powered trackers usually seen, and is worth looking for when you have a busy techy life.


What is iHere 3.0?

As we mentioned earlier, iHere 3.0 from Nonda is a rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder and Smartphone remote. In a first look, it’s a small device with somewhat triangular shape and it has a single button in the middle portion. So, it’s a device that is meant to help your lost car key or something else. But, unlike the typical Bluetooth trackers we have seen before, iHere 3.0 has some additional capabilities — which make it a Smartphone remote, shutter remote and a car finder.  On top of all these, iHere 3.0 is a rechargeable tracker, which is not that usual. Now, we will go deep into the device and its use.

How iHere 3.0 Works?

Bluetooth is your answer! To use iHere 3.0 for your purposes, you first have to install the iHere App on your Android or iOS device. Then, you need to connect your iHere 3.0 with the device using Bluetooth connection and the process would not take more than a few seconds. Once everything has been set up, you are ready to roll — to never lose the car key or your phone again. Or, alternatively, to find your car key or phone when you have lost it! it has to be noted that the iHere app can detect the signal if the device is in a radius of 75 foot.


Why Use iHere 3.0?

Recalling what we said, iHere 3.0 from Nonda is packed with several features. We can note the main sections.

  • Key Finder

It’s actually not about just keys. If you have tied something else to iHere 3.0, you can find that thing. To use this part, you need to open the iHere app on Smartphone and you can hear the beep sound from the iHere device. That way, you will be able to find the key you have lost.

  • Car Finder

iHere 3.0 is capable of storing the current location of your parked car via GPS coordinates. You just have to select the ‘Car Finder’ option in the app, and click on iHere button. The location will be stored and when you want to get back to your car, the app will guide you — quite smoothly.


  • Phone Finder

Did you put your phone somewhere in your couch or beneath the car seat? Well, don’t worry — clicking on iHere will make your Smartphone ring. Not only when you want to find the device; you can use iHere feature to make excuse-based call. (for instance, if you wanted to get rid of some boring talks)

  • Sound Recorder and Shutter Remote

Yeah, you heard us right! iHere 3.0 can be used for capturing photos and triggering voice recorder in single click. You just need to click on the centre button and you can do the expected job. However, you need to select the expected option in the app.

So, iHere 3.0 is rich in terms of features and capabilities. You have multiple uses through this small, single piece of BT tracker. And the best part is that a single charge can give you a battery backup of a few weeks, which is a good thing. The only problem with iHere is that only one function is possible at a time. That is, when you are using it as a parked car tracker, you can’t have the ‘Remote Selfie’ function.

The Verdict

Considering these features, iHere 3.0 from Nonda is truly an awesome rechargeable Bluetooth tracker you’d get. It’s supposed to help you do different stuff, despite having an extremely small and cute design. So, if you used to spend a lot of time searching for your keys or in finding the parked car, just go and pick the iHere 3.0 for you, at just $19.99, which is truly an affordable rate.


iHere 3.0

$ 19.99

Design & Build


Size Of Device







  • Small & sexy looking device
  • Multiple usage of device
  • Easy to setup


  • Only 1 colour
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