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Updated on: May 10, 2017

Mr. Feras Antoon currently serves as Chief Executive Officer at Feras Antoon Reports Ltd. and is a very experienced entrepreneur who started his career as a blogger. He writes so passively about the industries like Business, Technology as well as World. He actively writes about all these fields in his blog named “Feras Antoon Reports” where he inspires quotes and stories about Business, Technology and World news.


Famous Blogs and writings

He wrote on many interesting as well as inspirational topics. These topics have been divided into three major categories: Business, Technology and World.

Some of his famous articles are: “How to raise entrepreneurial children?”, “The key things you need to do now to become a millionaire in your 30’s”, “Gold Vs Bitcoin: which one is better ?” in the Business Section.

Few other articles like “Facebook tests dislike button on messenger”, “Waze and other navigation apps give city planners some trouble”, “Russian Hackers on the move: demanding Liberal groups for hush money” in the Tech Section.

Doctors who officially brings back cybermen”, “How to raise a well- rounded and successful daughter?” and “3 helpful tips for parents who wants to raise a successful daughter” in the World Section.

Business articles

  • In his very famous article “How to raise entrepreneurial children?”, Feras Antoon focuses on the importance on the need to raise entrepreneurial children and how their guardians can mould their young minds. This is a very helpful and inspirational article for parents who see an entrepreneur in their children. Feras explains how to identity the potential in the child by the following steps:
  1. Establish a growing mindset
  2. Nurture problem solving skills
  3. Teach them to befriend failures in life
  4. Early decision making training
  5. Face them with challenge norms


  • In his other article “The key things you need to do now to become a millionaire in your 30’s” he mentions that it is very much possible to make millions and millions of money at your early age if you cast your potential in the right direction. In this article, he also discusses about factors that should be considered if you want to be a millionaire. Some of them have been listed below:
  1. Save to invest
  2. Have a clear goal and establish a specific plan
  3. Educate yourself
  4. Think big and huge
  5. Manage your accounts

Technology articles

  • In the article “Facebook tests dislike button on messenger”, Feras Antoon tells us how social media platforms such as Facebook gave us emotions and moods, but at the same time has developed a new option on its messenger app where people can use a ‘dislike’ option. Giving a thumb down on anyone, makes the people affect their mood in a negative sense and is somewhat the root of hating and misunderstanding. Facebook has introduced this button so as to see if the reaction is helpful for group conversations, especially when there is a need for a vote.

World articles

  • His popular and motivational article “How to raise a well- rounded and successful daughter?” in the World category articles, he talks to the parents of all the young daughters and try to make them understand that the expectation of the main parent can work very influential for them. He goes on giving some steps to increase the self- esteem of the daughters, which are as follows:
  1. Always tell her that you believe her
  2. Introduce her on playing outside
  3. Pursue her passions
  4. Help her appreciate her looks
  5. Enrol her in sport activities
  6. Be interested in her academics

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