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Updated on: December 7, 2020

Fluff Busting or F. B. Purity is a browser extension used to customize the Facebook experience. This tool can alter and clean up your Facebook newsfeed to only show relevant information. It is an excellent tool that can remove unwanted and irrelevant posts from the newsfeed such as Facebook ads, application spam, games, and other sponsored posts.

F.B. Purity was launched in 2009 and has been very popular since then. It has more than 478,000 users onboard and ranks in the top 150 firefox extensions. F.B. Purity is a useful and safe tool to enhance your Facebook browsing experience.

Let us look at F.B. Purity features in detail.


Features of F.B. Purity

Disable Autoplay Videos

F.B. Purity provides you with an option to turn off the automatic play video option. Videos will only play when you click on them.

Old Design

You can revert back to old Facebook design with the help of F.B. Purity. The extension has a built-in option that can change the new Facebook design into the old preferred Facebook version.

Change Newsfeed Order

You can change your newsfeed order and choose to view the posts in the "most recent' order. To better arrange your posts in chronological order, you can select "hide liked this" and "hide commented on this" filters to only see posts that people post.

Sort Notification Order

You can also sort your notifications to show in chronological order for ease of access.

Custom Text Filter

You can choose to hide posts with specific words or phrases. For instance, selecting keywords like spoilers, sports, celebrities, etc. will hide any post containing these keywords.


Image Filter

F.B. Purity can hide images you do not wish to see. You can choose from its filters to hide some specific images such as smoking, selfies, memes, food, etc. F.B. Purity goes through Facebook's image classification system to filter out such images.

Unfriend alert

If for any reason, you are removed or unfriended from your friend list, F.B. Purity will automatically send you a notification alerting you about any such activity. There is also a "show deactivated friends" option to view any friends who might have deleted their accounts.

Change theme

You can also modify the text size and the background color of the posts on your Facebook account. With the help of F.B. Purity, you can also choose to turn off the extra big fonts or the colored backgrounds on the feed.

Hide Offline Friends

If your chat box is too cluttered, you can free up space by hiding offline friends and only seeing the currently online friends.

How to use Fluff Busting Purity?

Fluff Busting Purity is a browser-based extension that you can install on your browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox from their store. Let's look at how to activate this extension.

  • Download the extension through the browser's official stores or through their official website.
  • After installing the extension on your browser, you have to go on Facebook and check if the extension is working.
  • B. Purity has few already enabled options such as disabling autoplay videos, hiding advertisements, showing the news feed in chronological order, etc.
  • You can change the settings or enable and disable features by going to the extension's setting.

Why use Fluff Busting Purity?

F.B. Purity is an excellent tool that can clean up your Facebook user experience. Facebook itself does not provide many options to change its layout according to personal preference. F.B. Purity comes into play in such cases where you want a personalized user experience.


It has several features as mentioned above that can provide you with a wide range of customization. It has some great and useful features such as the ability to set your news feed in chronological order to see the latest post on top. If you are looking for a lightweight, user-friendly, and useful tool to make your Facebook experience better, F.B. Purity is the best choice for you.


F.B. Purity is compatible with which web browsers?

F.B. Purity is compatible with several browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Maxthon. It also works perfectly with any chrome/chromium-based web browser.

How much does F.B. Purity cost?

F.B. Purity is a donation-based platform, meaning you don't have to pay for the extension, but you can donate whatsoever money you like to appreciate the effort put in by the company.

Does F.B. Purity work well with the latest Facebook update?

Yes, F.B. Purity works well with every Facebook version, and they update the extension every time Facebook rolls out an update.

Conclusion - Is F.B. Purity worth using?

F.B. Purity is a web browser add-on tool that allows you to customize your Facebook experience. You can filter out spam, advertisements, games, quizzes, and annoying posts automatically. You can get rid of unwanted notifications and video autoplay options. As Facebook does not allow you to customize your user-experience, F.B. Purity works as the best alternative.

So, if you are invested in Facebook and want to make out of the numerous opportunities that it has to offer, you must try this tool.

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