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Favbackup : Easily Backup All Browsers Data & Profiles With One-Click

FavBackup Software

Recently I installed Windows 7 ultimate on my new hard disk drive including  some browsers like chrome, Firefox and Opera. Everything works perfectly, as I am using different browsers I need to migrate all my Win XP browsers profile & data  to Win 7. I tried  some traditional way like copying browser apps data and all, but it didn’t work for me.After doing some research I found a handy tool called “FavBackup” ,which help you to backup all major browsers data like bookmarks, history, extensions, passwords, preferences etc.  in single file & you can restore it easily.FavBackup is a useful tool which not only  save all your  data but also restored it at one-click of a button.

FavBackup backup browser data

FavBackup help you to survive your browser data from disaster situation like system crash, failure or virus.FavBackup supports the these browsers:

Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari & Flock


FavBackup  is compatible  with windows os like Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 systems, its a portable application so we don’t need to do any specific installation for it, just run its executable  and perform your operations.FavBackup can do following operations:

  • Backup / Full Backup: 

To backup your data select your browser and then choose ‘Backup‘ option ,so that it will store your browser data into single file (.dat) Their are two types of backups “Backup”  &  “Full Backup“. Backup only garb single profile data where as ‘Full backup’ grab all existing profile data.

FavBackup Backup Process

  • Restore/Full Restore:

When you are ready with your backup file & want to restore all your data then choose this options  with appropriate browser(.Dat) file. Remember, backup of  ‘Chrome’ only restore  into another ‘chrome’ browser, it doesn’t not support direct cross compatibility

  • Convert: 

This is another handy option limited for Opera browser only, if you have any browsers backup data and want to restore it to Opera then, convert that file to make it compatible with opera from this option.After successful conversion you can easily restore it  into desire browser.

FavBackup Converting to opera

What I like about this tool:

1. Pretty good interface with easy navigation.

2. Choice to select backup list & profile.

3. Choice to select restore list & profile.

4. Light weight & portable.

Download FavBackup

1.  FavBackup .exe (278 downloads)

2. FavBackup . Zip (312 downloads)

Conclusion: As per my experience its really a perfect tool to save your web data.If you did’t use it, I recommended you to use it , I give surety  that  you will start loving it.Kindly share your experience with us .

Saurabh Mukhekar is a Tech Blogger from Pune, India. He is also thinker, maker, life long learner, hybrid developer, edupreneur, mover & shaker. He's captain planet of BlogSaays and seemingly best described in rhyme. Follow Him On
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  • Gowifi Internet Broadband Sangli Jun 14,2016 at 9:22 am

    The application is great and its working is smooth with easily understandable.Its also have facility to save data in 32 or 64 bits format.It is big tool for daily internet browser.

    Gowifi Internet Broadband Sangli provide services like Internet lease line, Network monitoring, Wifi and Hotspot Solution.

  • Jessica May 17,2012 at 8:10 pm

    What a lovely post, every information and guidelines that you share with us is truly indeed. You are able to provide it clearly.

  • Louisse Jones May 3,2012 at 9:57 am

    I’ve heard of this application before but I haven’t really tried it yet. I guess I don’t have to because I’m only using Google Chrome as my default browser. Thanks for the share anyway.

    • Saurabh May 3,2012 at 3:09 pm

      Louisse I think chrome also create some malfunctioning situation.So be alert and keep your backup ready 🙂

  • CarrMary May 3,2012 at 6:46 am

    Thanks for sharing this step by step information. I can easily followed it and do it very well.

    • Saurabh May 3,2012 at 3:05 pm

      Hi CarrMary,its our pleasure.So now you are completely safe in disaster situation.Favbackup is best in all way

  • victoria alex May 1,2012 at 4:44 pm

    Thanks for a great share , I have been looking for a good backup program , but nothing that compares to how good favbackup works for all browsers and is so simple to use.

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