Famisafe: Best Parental Control App to Limit App Usage of Child

Updated on: June 28, 2022

Today we cannot deny that there are many situations when it's hard to handle content filtering. In connection to this, kids are often the one who gets victimized in every crime, as they are the one who can be trick easily. It's important in this age to use the best Parental Control App. Studies show that,

If you are looking to check your kid especially their everyday activity then you should rely on technology. There are various product today that can help you to be more responsible parents and give importance to the safety of your kids.

Referring to this, one of the best product a technology gives to the people is the software or the parental control application. This device can work on every mobile phone and every parent has their own control. The parental control app is beneficial as it helps you to control in various ways. To know that you have a reliable parental control app then the content may be about the cyberbullying prevention, location tracking, app blocking, web filtering and also the screen time control features.

One of those who have all of these features is the FamiSafe software. The good thing of having this parental control app is that every parent can build a great virtual connection to your kids. It allows every parent to know their kid's activity by reading reports that can help and accessible in tablet or mobile.

What are the Features Of FamiSafe

1. Prevent Cyberbullying

One of the best features of this FamiSafe is that every parent gets an alert once their kids receive harassment or inappropriate adult content. Parents can monitor well their kids by just being involved in their text conversation. Another thing is that this parental control app helps every parent to be aware of the risk their kids may experience or already experiencing.

Cyberbullying parenting app famisafe app

2. Every Parent Can Easily Track Their Kids With The Help of Geo-Fencing.

Parents should be aware of where their kids have been. This is to prevent any involvement of their kids from harmful activities. This FamiSafe parental control app ensures every parent to the safety of their kids as they can easily go to the historic location of their kids and know how to find them if in case.

Geo-Location parenting app famisafe app

Also, this device can be a way to know why your kids have been to the “unusual places” you are not aware of before. Parents just need to set the Geo-fences as the safe zones or the places you know your kids are only allowed. Parents may get alerts if their kids enter and leave the places they have set for their children.

3. App Blocker and Activity Check.

Parents have their full control with it comes in different application their kids have to their computer or mobile phone. They can block the app during the study and sleep time for their kids. They can check the application your kids have been using. At the same time the apps they had installed to their own devices.

App blocking app reporting Famisafe Parent controlling app

You are also allowed to know every social media engagement and control it. This way every parent guarantee the safety of their kids in using mobile phones and other devices.

4. Web Content Filtering

There are harmful things to the kids online, especially if you are not with your kids and you are not sure what they are actually doing. You need to keep away those different threats and inappropriate content, websites that might harm the perception of your kids. Today, parents should always be aware of browsing online and using social media apps. You may check if the content of the websites includes pornography, violence and many more.

Webfilter parenting app famisafe app

5. Screen time Tracking and Also Control

Parents will have their full control with it comes in using their mobile devices. Kids are all monitored for what they need to do and at the same time to prioritize all the activities, especially in study or sleep time. You can set only the time they are allowed to use the phone and automatically turn off the phone once the time is done. You can also set the places they are allowed to use their cellular phones.

Applock parenting app famisafe app

6. Flexible remote and Parents can Personalize setting

Your kids cannot be aware of what every app is all about and how it can be used properly. You don’t need to worry as you can access to their phones and set the settings by yourself. You can monitor and fix the settings that you want for your kid's safety.

Webfilter parenting app famisafe app

How Does FamiSafe Works? There are only three steps you need to consider to start with this application.

  • Every parent should have their own account or membership to fully experience the perks in having this parental control application for their kids. They need to registered for them to have their own membership account and easily use the application.

  • Then the second thing is that you need to install the FamiSafe to your phone and to the kid's device also. Through this, both of you have a virtual connection by using this parental control application.

  • Finally, you can connect to your kids and monitor their activities. Set the allowed things they can make then block harmful websites and activities they can have.


With solid parental control app set up, a parent might have more comprehensive peace of mind. This kind of app enables you to understand what message your kid is getting. By utilizing this monitor app, you can trace your kid action from any time and anywhere.

Parental control app for smartphone is really helpful to your kids to learn the value of boundaries in digital content. You can prevent a kid from texting with strangers or entering adult content. If you are seeing for the best place to prepare a parental control app recommended  FamiSafe Parental Control app.

Famisafe 5.83$/Month
  • Features & Usability - 95%
  • Functionality & UI - 88%
  • Parental Control Features - 96%
  • Quality of Stats - 95%
  • Child Location Tracking - 95%


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