Facebook Integration Into Skype Is Now More Impressive

Updated on: May 18, 2013


One good news for the Skype/Facebook addicts; Now the Skype users will be able to interact with their online facebook friends directly via Skype desktop client. With the acquisition from the Microsoft, Skype is trying really hard to present their new features.

Facebook integration into skype (Courtesy:Skype)


With the beta version of Skype for windows, the users will be able to send the instant messages to the facebook friends directly. In addition, they can 'like' the posts and comment on them. As shown in the above image, the new section for the Facebook/Skype contacts has been modified as per the user's 'Social' concern. You can  access the Facebook feeds and the notifications right from the Skype client.


Facebook Newsfeed in Skype


Instant message - direct from Skype to Facebook


[note]Skype instant messaging is available only in Skype 5.5 beta version for windows [/note]

To see more information, Click here.

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