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Ezoic help you to Skyrocket Your Google Adsense Earning

A constant battle that a digital publisher face is finding the balance between user experience and ad revenue. People spend incredible amounts of time trying to figure out the best spots to insert advertisements on their websites with the hopes that their earnings will eventually spike.

Publishers ask themselves things like, is a 728×90 unit at the top with a 250×250 sidebar unit is the perfect combination? The thing is- this is not the right question to ask. A better concept to consider is that if all users are unique- why do we assume that there is one perfect ad combination for everyone?

When you think about it, every user coming to a website has a very different profile. Some people are coming from the desktop, others are coming from mobile; some people are in a hurry to find a quick bit of info, while others are there to spend a long time engaging with the content.

One user might be starting their work day in California, while someone viewing the same site in India is browsing the internet while enjoying dinner. Those 2 users will have very different profiles, so the way they interact with advertisements will naturally vary. The right question to be asking is, how can I give each visitor an ad combination that will provide the best possible user experience?

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Ezoic, is a platform for digital publishers that helps websites do all of this on their own. Ezoic became an award-winning,  Google Certified Publishing Partner in 2015 for their technology’s ability to help publishers improve user experience while increasing ad revenue.

Ezoic has developed a machine learning layer that sits between a site’s host and its users. This Artificial Intelligence. platform actually learns from visitors over time to gather data on what works best for each user. Every visitor is served optimized ad layouts tailored to their preferences, completely eliminating the need for publishers to test for the perfect “one size fits all” ad layout ever again.

Ezoic AdTester and performance comparison Features :

However, Ezoic doesn’t expect publishers to take their word for it that their users are having better a experience with optimized ad combinations. Ezoic wants publishers to see it for themselves. This is why they allow publishers to test the Ezoic platform on a small percentage of their traffic for no cost at all. Running a side by side comparison in parallel with AdSense (or any other company a publisher is using) provides a clear idea of how Ezoic performs against the original static ad layout. Essentially, publishers can directly see the value Ezoic is adding to their site.

Even though publishers start sending a percentage of their traffic through Ezoic to be optimized, that doesn’t they have to stop serving ads through their current ad networks.

Ezoic mediation for high CPC Keywords :

Ezoic is actually able to link with most high-quality ad networks through a process called Mediation. Ezoic ensures that publishers get the highest paying price per advertisement, and linking AdSense has actually proven to benefit a site’s optimization!


Publishers are typically drawn to look at traditional success measures, however, these metrics do not always communicate the real experience users are having on a website. If you’re a publisher- is CPC one of the main metrics you look at? While it’s a common metric, focusing on it doesn’t do much good for your overall performance.

Most sites have an average CPC that is determined by the advertisers based on their ROI on the site, the content, and overall traffic quality. There’s some optimizations to be had, but the range is relatively low (+/- 15%). Something that’s not commonly realized is that optimizing other metrics can increase your revenue 50-200%. These are the metrics that Ezoic focuses on. At the end of the day, Ezoic wants to ensure their publishers are seeing an improvement to their bottom line, not just one of the many metrics advertisers use.

Ezoic EPMV Metric :

What Ezoic has found to be the grand slam for publishers is a metric called EPMV, or earnings per thousand visitors. This is the metric Ezoic uses to define revenue success because it takes into account all of the variables from the perspective of the publisher- not the advertiser. If Ezoic can increase EPMV, it means that you’re earning more for each user that lands on the site! In your AdSense account, this is called Session Revenue. You can see this number in your Adsense account under ‘Performance Report > Ad Sessions > Ad session RPM’. This metric is going to tell you how much you’re earning for every visitor to the site, which Ezoic has found to be a much more meaningful metric.

What else can Ezoic do? A lot. Their machine learning platform is always improving, and their goal is to stay far ahead of the game in terms of advancing their technology. There are some minimum requirements to implement Ezoic’s machine learning layer on your site, but the platform is free for 30 days and never requires out of pocket costs. They also offer full ad implementation at no extra fee if you don’t already have ads on your site. To be frank, if you’re a publisher- you’re losing money by not using Ezoic on your website.We are very happy and satisfied with ezoic performace.

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  • Ad Mediation to increase revenue
  • Adsense vs Ezoic Comparison stats
  • Ability to use Adsense Parallel with Ezoic
  • Powerful AI serve high CPC relevant ads
  • Powerful APP Store with useful Features
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