iEvaphone: Make Free International Calls From PC to Phone

Updated on: July 12, 2022

iEvaPhone is website which lets you make Free International Calls from your PC to Phone without installing any software. You can make a call to almost any country. These can be calls to landlines as well as mobile numbers. All you need is internet access! Today, people use Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo and other apps to make free video calls and group calls to their friends and family. You might have also used calling cards with cheap plans for mobile phones while traveling abroad. But what if you want to make a free international phone call without installing any app and directly from your PC with just an internet connection?

There are many sites which help you to send free SMS anywhere in the world. But do you know how to Make International Calls For Free? Whether it is USA, UK, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, China, Denmark, Thailand, Philippines or any other place. If not then very soon you will experience an easy way to make Internet Phone Calls!

VoIP: The Magic Behind iEvaPhone

Yes, you can make phone calls using just your web browser. This technology is called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP works differently from cell phones with SIM cards. Cellular networks were developed for phone calling, whereas VoIP uses the Internet as its communication backbone. iEvaPhone is an app that works on VoIP technology. You can stay in touch with your loved ones directly on their phone number using iEvaPhone. It scans for available providers over your internet connection, and chooses the cheapest ones. This method works on PC, Android, iPhone, iPad.

Free Calling With iEvaPhone

The only thing is that your calls are limited to a certain duration. The free call duration varies depending on the call destination and line provider. The maximum free call allowance for some countries can go up to 5 minutes per call and 2 calls per day. Note that these are voice calls, which are just audio calls and not video calls, but they are made directly to an international phone number! So you can use iEvaPhone to your advantage and for the right situation.

How To Make Free International Calls using iEvaphone

1. To make free international calls, just go to the iEvaPhone website. You will see a mobile phone interface on their website.

2. Alternatively, you can download their iPhone or Android app.

3. Simply use the buttons to dial the Country code and the Phone Number where you want to call.

iEvaPhone Free International Calling Worldwide from PC

4. Note that you can check the Free minutes from their Free Minutes tab.

iEvaPhone Free Minutes Tab for Free International Calling

iEvaPhone Free Minutes Tab

Indian customers may get less time duration through these calling services. Still, it is beneficial for peoples who always give missed call to their friends to callback them πŸ™‚ You can also tell your abroad friends about this service, so you can call each other.

5. Place your call and wait to be connected with end user. Once the voice call begins, you can talk to your friends and family members for free!

6. You can use your own dashboard after signup to store numbers in their online phone book. And if you want to make more calls simply buy their credits, choose from their data plans according to your data usage. When you run out of credits, you can always top up as required.

7. You can also check their website if they have any offers like referral bonus from time to time. With such offers, you can win free calling credits by sharing your referral link with the people in your contact list. When these people join the service using your link, you get free credits which you can use to make international calls.

iEvaPhone Registration for Free International Calling

iEvaPhone Registration

iEvaPhone dashboard for free international calling

iEvaPhone dashboard

Features of iEvaPhone

1. Make Free International phone calls to any mobile and landline phone number worldwide.

2. Without Signup, you can make a call.

3. You can make free voice calls worldwide from your web browser.

4. No extra software download needed.

5. Duration of free call depends on location and the line provider.

6. Currently you can make 2 free calls/day without any registration.

7. You can read iEvaPhone FAQ to clarify your doubts and use their social media channels as customer service.

8. iEvaPhone started as a website. Besides this browser version of its service, it has expanded to Android and iPhone apps now.

Remember that iEvaPhone logs all the details of call originator and end user. So don't use it for illegal purpose! You may be caught immediately!

Free International Calls Online

There are many apps and websites that offer free international calls using their mobile apps. But these kinds of audio and video calls are possible only between app users. If a person is not using the same app, you cannot call them using that app. For example, you can use WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Telegram, Facetime etc for text messages, voice calls, and video calls for easy communication. Even Google has been experimenting with its Google Voice service, but it is limited to people in the US. However, what if you want to call your friends and family from your browser to a phone without installing any software, app, plugin?

iEvaPhone is a phone service using VoIP technology that helps you make free phone calls anywhere worldwide. They work with more than 10 top VoIP providers to make one on one calls, but not conference calls. You simply need to use their website to make international calls. For now, free international calling is available from India, United States, Canada, and several other countries. Please try using iEvaPhone and let us know in the comments if it worked for you! You can tell us which country you called from, and to which country?

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