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Error : The editor has encountered an unexpected error after Updating WordPress 5.0

WordPress is getting more mature in UI and UX. Gutenberg is one the update which is totally focusing on ease of editing factors. Recently WordPress roll out their “WordPress 5.0” update.  After updating my couple of blogs, I faced some issues in my WordPress editors.  I encountered with below error when I tried to post some new articles on my blog.Wordpress Editor error. The editor has encountered an unexpected error.

This error signifies that after a recent update my existing WordPress classic editor is not working properly because of some conflict in code/plugin. I did research on this and found below solution which is addressing my problem.

How to FIX ‘The editor has encountered an unexpected error’ after Updating WordPress 5.0

1. If you are using any customize editor like TinyMCE Advanced then there is probability to face this error after WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg) update. So first thing is you have to disable all supportive plugins you have for your editor.

2. In WordPress 5.0  version you have only access to Gutenburg editor not to WordPress classic editor. So you have to install WordPress Classic Editor to have old type post editing. This enables you to utilize your other supportive plugins like TinyMCEAdvanced for editing your posts/pages.

3. Once you installed old “Classic WordPress Editor”, you can enable previously disabled plugins.

4. This will solve your issue and you will able to access WordPress editor without any issue like normal. You will not face any kind of error in this.

5. If you still want to use Gutenberg editor then you can switch over using this option in your classic editor. If you encounter the same error while switching then you can repeat all the above steps to fix it.

Editor-switch-wordpressIf you have any issue please comment, We will try to help you.

Saurabh Mukhekar is a Tech Blogger from Pune, India. He is also thinker, maker, life long learner, hybrid developer, edupreneur, mover & shaker. He's captain planet of BlogSaays and seemingly best described in rhyme. Follow Him On
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