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Updated on: May 18, 2013


After Launching of  Google+ and its amazing features like Hangout-video chat Services, Today Facebook started its own Facebook video chat service, which enables Facebook entertainer & addicted user to spend more time with their friends and family  in face-to-face fashion. It is  possible because of SKYPE & FACEBOOK alliance.

This news comes just a week after when Google+ is launched, So Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced at the Boston headquarters last week that his company is planning to “launch something awesome” for its users. who really did very hard work to develop this service within few weeks after announcement of Google+. According to  me  the hangout feature is most different features  in Google+ w.r.t Facebook, so to keep their users and attraction towards Facebook ,they did right job at right time. Facebook announced it on their official blog Facebook Blog, according to them the new video chat system now consists of a sidebar panel with “The people you interact/message most.”

What is Big Deal in Facebook Video Chat Service?

1. We don't need to make signup with Skype to initiate any video call.

2. Service is totally Independent from Skype Messenger.

3. Simple and light weighted plugin installation  needed.

But according to reports, this does feature not work yet on Opera browser and on Linux based operating systems. It works perfectly fine with Google Chrome and they will look forward to it !!

If you are someone who is really want to grab this  feature, just follow simple steps in compatible browser (chrome) to enable video calling in your Facebook’s account.

Step1. Hit the Facebook Video Calling.

Step2. Click on "Get Started Button" on same page.

Video calling started

Step3. Now click on the name of contact you want to chat with and then click on the Video calling icon in the chat window.

Initiate video Call

Step4. Now it will prompt you to install small plugin into your browser,just install it,this is very simple and one time process.

Facebook Video Call Plug-In Installer

that's  it, now you can make video call with your friend .

Calling Process

See Some Videos,so that you can use it more friendly



[note]Currently Video calling  is only restricted to one person at this time and both parties need installation of plugin for successful call establishment[/note]

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