EMPORIA: Upcoming Personalized Search Engine From Microsoft

Updated on: July 6, 2013


Are you bored with using Google.com as a preferable search engine for all of the time? Do u always feel uncomfortable with google's unwanted advertisements on the search pages? Guys, you have a good news then. Microsoft is working on a personalized search engine  known as Project emporia. Recently the mobile version has been launched on windows phone 7. This mobile version is a prototype of project emporia and it has been listed in top 10 apps for windows phone 7. This app helps you to categorize the news and the preferences are changed automatically according to the reader's choices. The same  procedure will be used in emporia search engine.


Project emporia app on Windows phone 7


So how does Emporia work? If you are searching with Emporia, it will first search for the news streams, categories and the social networking content. People will be able to redefine the categories according to the popularity of the content by examining the number of hits and followers. For example if you have already created a list of news/content in prior with your search keywords and you have started searching for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ; it will be added as a new category and you will be getting updated with it.

For all those who desperately wanted a dislike button on facebook, Emporia presents you a voting system for content.It is as follows.

  • Hit on a story whenever you want to see more stories like this.
  • Hit on a story whenever you want to see less stories like this.
  • Hit on a story whenever you want to mark it as read but not influence your voting.

This votes will be taken into consideration on your side as well as it will tempt the other people too. For more Information click here

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