How To Install & Dual-Boot Windows 8 With Windows XP & Windows 7

September 18, 2011

Recently Microsoft announced their brand new Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition which  is now available for download.Windows 8 is basically a  Multi-faced  OS from Microsoft ,which has more number of improvement and more number of newly added features which make it possible to be use in many platform like Desktop or in Tablet PC. The UI design of windows 8 is pretty good w.r.t tablet PC. The beauty of windows 8 is , it  support  ARM compatible device.In windows 8 they furnish most of old UI functionality with new one like Windows 8 Explorer with Aero and Ribbon Menu Interface etc.

Windows 8 Features

Features Of windows 8:

1. New & Stylish Customizable User Interface.

2. Multi face Ui with support to ARM compatible devices

3. Better Memory management (Win 8 take Approx 256Mb Ram for basic operation )

4. Facility tomountVirtualDisk & CD-Image or  ISO image file of any application

5. Multi monitor,Hyper-V(Virtualization) and Apps Support

6. Much Faster Boot Time (Win 8 boot in 8 sec)

7. Support for USB 3.0

8. Enhance File operations

9. Windows To GO (Possible to make it portable on any USB key) & many more ...

Some of the above features are not fully supported in windows 8 developer preview

Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview

Step1. Download Windows 8 Developer Preview & create a free partition of min. 20GB.

Step2. Install any Virtual Disk tool like Daemon ToolsMagic ISO,Virtual CD etc. (We recommended you to do installation of this  in win7 if you already have otherwise use XP)

Step3.  Mount your downloaded Win8 DP ISO image into any software,it will auto-run application,simply ignore it.

Step4.  Now explore that DVD from my computer and navigate to /Sources folder where you will find Setup.exe.

Step5.  Run that file ,your installation process will started,after that you need to choose a appropriate partition on which you wish to install windows 8 DP.

Step6. Wait for System to complete all activity of copying and expanding windows files.

Windows 8 Installation

Installation Start

Step7. When it over your system restart and now it will configuring your system,you will see new boot screen of win-8 ,this process may take a time to configure it.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Installation Process

Installation Process

Step8. choose your appropriate OS (Win 8 here)

Windows 8 Developer Preview choosing OS

Choosing Boot Option

Step9. On next screen provide your computer name

Windows 8 Developer Preview Assign PC Name

Assigning PC Name

Step 10. After that you will face a setting screen, choose either Express or Custom (Express settings are recommended )

Windows 8 developer Preview installation Settings

Choosing Settings

Step11. Now you will get Windows 8 logon screen,provide your appropriate user credential that you want to use.

Windows 8 developer Preview installation Login

Creating Login Credential

Step12. On next you will get new dashboard UI of Windows 8 🙂

Windows 8 Metro UI

Windows 8 Metro UI

That's it!!! You Install Windows 8 developer preview successfully 🙂

I am sharing some snap of windows 8 new features and apps

1. Enhance menu bar:

Windows 8 Enhance MenuBar

Windows 8 Enhance MenuBar

2. New IE 10 Browser with full HTML5 Support

Windows 8 IE 10

Windows 8 having IE 10

3. Headline Apps

Headline App In Windows 8

Headline App In Windows 8

4. New Born Task Manger

Windows 8 Enhance Task Manger

Windows 8 Enhance Task Manger

After successful installation of windows 8 developer preview on my machine, I tried lots of features, few of them are good and some of them are little bit tricky 🙁

Thinks I Dislike In Windows 8 developers preview:

1. How to close any apps (No close button their even alt+f4 won't work)

2. Adding and removing Metro Start UI

3. Switching from various apps.

4. No standard Start-up Menu in Win 8 🙁

5. Fails to add Windows Xp in windows 8 boot loader

How to Include Windows XP in Windows 8 Boot Loader:

When I reboot my windows 8 os & saw the boot loader of windows 8 , i was shocked !!!  because their was only two options are available  to choose either Windows 8 or Windows 7, I thought that I loose all my 2 Windows XP OS ,which are still whole  & sole of my development 🙂 .That time I blame on myself,” Why should I did all this things”, but ignoring all the problems I decided to tackle the situation, i tried to find out the solution, i use some boot loader code, make a changes in boot.ini replace some winxp boot.ini code etc but failed many time & finally after 2hours of R&D I got the perfect & very simple remedy with all my 2 Windows XP OS are live in boot loader 🙂  I just follow some simple steps  🙂

Step1. Navigate to My Computer from system Explore or Desktop

Windows 8 My Computer

Windows 8 My Computer

Step2. Then at the top menu bar click on "System Properties"

Windows 8 System Properties

Windows 8 System Properties

Step3. On next windows select "Advanced System Settings"

Windows 8 Advanced System Settings

Windows 8 Advanced System Settings

Step4.It will popup you new windows ,from which you need to click on "Advance" tab then click setting for "Start-up  & recovery "


System Properties

System Properties

Step5. Now in default OS select "Earlier Version of Windows " Now click on ok and restart your PC

Windows 8 Startup & Recovery

Windows 8 Startup & Recovery

Step6:Now you should have option to load windows XP prior to Windows 8 Start ,Enjoy all windows  platform 🙂

Installing Windows XP Boot Loader Before Windows 8

Windows XP Boot Loader Before Windows 8


If you install Windows 8 with your Windows XP OS then you can get back your XP by doing following steps :

1. Login to win8DP, start your Command prompt in Admin privileged mode i.e right click to run as administrator,

You can find cmd.exe file in "Drive:WindowsSystem32" here drive may be C,D,or E etc.

2. So navigate their and right click on CMD.exe to run as administrator,

3. Now type this " bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr} " reboot your PC and

You will get your Windows XP back with "Windows Earlier version option" in boot menu

🙂 Enjoy and do reply about it

If anybody still having a problem to get windows xp in windows 8 booting preference please posts your comment below

Windows 8 Features
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  1. Hats off to you! I myself installed windows 8 and my xp was gone.. But thanks to you, now I can work on my windows xp too..

    1. thank u very much the solution is working and i got my windows xp option back .
      otherwise i was going to just reinstall xp and try dual booting
      u just save a complete days work

      thank you very much

  2. Hey there... I fallowed all your tutorial but was not able to get the boot manager screen that shows all the OSs..... it goes right to the blue screen " Choose an operating system" screen with only a Windows Developer Preview as option.
    I installed MSW8 on my Acer Aspire One with XP.
    Any idea ?

    1. Hi Leo to get back your windows Xp simply do following things
      1.Login to win8DP, start your Command prompt in elevated privileged mode i.e right click to run as administrator,You can find cmd.exe file in Drive:\Windows\System32 here drive may be C,D,or E etc. go their and right click on CMD.exe to run as administrator,
      3.Now type this "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr}" reboot your pc and You will get your Windows XP back with "Windows Earlier version option" in boot menu 🙂 Enjoy and do reply about it

  3. I've gotta thank you too. Was stuck after installing on my netbook, now I'm back up and running.

    Now if only I could get my resolution up high enough so that the W8 apps worked when I'm booted in there.

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