How To Install & Dual-Boot Windows 8 With Windows XP & Windows 7

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Recently Microsoft announced their brand new Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition which  is now available for download.Windows 8 is basically a  Multi-faced  OS from Microsoft ,which has more number of improvement and more number of newly added features which make it possible to be use in many platform like Desktop or in Tablet PC. The UI design of windows 8 is pretty good w.r.t tablet PC. The beauty of windows 8 is , it  support  ARM compatible device.In windows 8 they furnish most of old UI functionality with new one like Windows 8 Explorer with Aero and Ribbon Menu Interface etc.

Windows 8 Features

Features Of windows 8:

1. New & Stylish Customizable User Interface.

2. Multi face Ui with support to ARM compatible devices

3. Better Memory management (Win 8 take Approx 256Mb Ram for basic operation )

4. Facility tomountVirtualDisk & CD-Image or  ISO image file of any application

5. Multi monitor,Hyper-V(Virtualization) and Apps Support

6. Much Faster Boot Time (Win 8 boot in 8 sec)

7. Support for USB 3.0

8. Enhance File operations

9. Windows To GO (Possible to make it portable on any USB key) & many more ...

Some of the above features are not fully supported in windows 8 developer preview

Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview

Step1. Download Windows 8 Developer Preview & create a free partition of min. 20GB.

Step2. Install any Virtual Disk tool like Daemon ToolsMagic ISO,Virtual CD etc. (We recommended you to do installation of this  in win7 if you already have otherwise use XP)

Step3.  Mount your downloaded Win8 DP ISO image into any software,it will auto-run application,simply ignore it.

Step4.  Now explore that DVD from my computer and navigate to /Sources folder where you will find Setup.exe.

Step5.  Run that file ,your installation process will started,after that you need to choose a appropriate partition on which you wish to install windows 8 DP.

Step6. Wait for System to complete all activity of copying and expanding windows files.

Windows 8 Installation

Installation Start

Step7. When it over your system restart and now it will configuring your system,you will see new boot screen of win-8 ,this process may take a time to configure it.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Installation Process

Installation Process

Step8. choose your appropriate OS (Win 8 here)

Windows 8 Developer Preview choosing OS

Choosing Boot Option

Step9. On next screen provide your computer name

Windows 8 Developer Preview Assign PC Name

Assigning PC Name

Step 10. After that you will face a setting screen, choose either Express or Custom (Express settings are recommended )

Windows 8 developer Preview installation Settings

Choosing Settings

Step11. Now you will get Windows 8 logon screen,provide your appropriate user credential that you want to use.

Windows 8 developer Preview installation Login

Creating Login Credential

Step12. On next you will get new dashboard UI of Windows 8 🙂

Windows 8 Metro UI

Windows 8 Metro UI

That's it!!! You Install Windows 8 developer preview successfully 🙂

I am sharing some snap of windows 8 new features and apps

1. Enhance menu bar:

Windows 8 Enhance MenuBar

Windows 8 Enhance MenuBar

2. New IE 10 Browser with full HTML5 Support

Windows 8 IE 10

Windows 8 having IE 10

3. Headline Apps

Headline App In Windows 8

Headline App In Windows 8

4. New Born Task Manger

Windows 8 Enhance Task Manger

Windows 8 Enhance Task Manger

After successful installation of windows 8 developer preview on my machine, I tried lots of features, few of them are good and some of them are little bit tricky 🙁

Thinks I Dislike In Windows 8 developers preview:

1. How to close any apps (No close button their even alt+f4 won't work)

2. Adding and removing Metro Start UI

3. Switching from various apps.

4. No standard Start-up Menu in Win 8 🙁

5. Fails to add Windows Xp in windows 8 boot loader

How to Include Windows XP in Windows 8 Boot Loader:

When I reboot my windows 8 os & saw the boot loader of windows 8 , i was shocked !!!  because their was only two options are available  to choose either Windows 8 or Windows 7, I thought that I loose all my 2 Windows XP OS ,which are still whole  & sole of my development 🙂 .That time I blame on myself,” Why should I did all this things”, but ignoring all the problems I decided to tackle the situation, i tried to find out the solution, i use some boot loader code, make a changes in boot.ini replace some winxp boot.ini code etc but failed many time & finally after 2hours of R&D I got the perfect & very simple remedy with all my 2 Windows XP OS are live in boot loader 🙂  I just follow some simple steps  🙂

Step1. Navigate to My Computer from system Explore or Desktop

Windows 8 My Computer

Windows 8 My Computer

Step2. Then at the top menu bar click on "System Properties"

Windows 8 System Properties

Windows 8 System Properties

Step3. On next windows select "Advanced System Settings"

Windows 8 Advanced System Settings

Windows 8 Advanced System Settings

Step4.It will popup you new windows ,from which you need to click on "Advance" tab then click setting for "Start-up  & recovery "


System Properties

System Properties

Step5. Now in default OS select "Earlier Version of Windows " Now click on ok and restart your PC

Windows 8 Startup & Recovery

Windows 8 Startup & Recovery

Step6:Now you should have option to load windows XP prior to Windows 8 Start ,Enjoy all windows  platform 🙂

Installing Windows XP Boot Loader Before Windows 8

Windows XP Boot Loader Before Windows 8


If you install Windows 8 with your Windows XP OS then you can get back your XP by doing following steps :

1. Login to win8DP, start your Command prompt in Admin privileged mode i.e right click to run as administrator,

You can find cmd.exe file in "Drive:WindowsSystem32" here drive may be C,D,or E etc.

2. So navigate their and right click on CMD.exe to run as administrator,

3. Now type this " bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr} " reboot your PC and

You will get your Windows XP back with "Windows Earlier version option" in boot menu

🙂 Enjoy and do reply about it

If anybody still having a problem to get windows xp in windows 8 booting preference please posts your comment below

Windows 8 Features
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  1. Hats off to you! I myself installed windows 8 and my xp was gone.. But thanks to you, now I can work on my windows xp too..

    1. thank u very much the solution is working and i got my windows xp option back .
      otherwise i was going to just reinstall xp and try dual booting
      u just save a complete days work

      thank you very much

  2. Hey there... I fallowed all your tutorial but was not able to get the boot manager screen that shows all the OSs..... it goes right to the blue screen " Choose an operating system" screen with only a Windows Developer Preview as option.
    I installed MSW8 on my Acer Aspire One with XP.
    Any idea ?

    1. Hi Leo to get back your windows Xp simply do following things
      1.Login to win8DP, start your Command prompt in elevated privileged mode i.e right click to run as administrator,You can find cmd.exe file in Drive:\Windows\System32 here drive may be C,D,or E etc. go their and right click on CMD.exe to run as administrator,
      3.Now type this "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr}" reboot your pc and You will get your Windows XP back with "Windows Earlier version option" in boot menu 🙂 Enjoy and do reply about it

  3. I've gotta thank you too. Was stuck after installing on my netbook, now I'm back up and running.

    Now if only I could get my resolution up high enough so that the W8 apps worked when I'm booted in there.

  4. alright the problem is I had xp and windows 7 as a dual boot I installed windows developer from a usb drive and I kept my xp partion and deleted windows 7 and installed windows developer. all works fine butt cant dual boot into xp theres no option on boot screen. bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr} I tryed this it didn't work I also tryed loading Earlier Version of Windows didn't work. when I go to restart it says windows has a error a needs to reboot. and then when it does no xp just windows developer. The only way im able to boot xp is from my usb of hirens boot cd. any help would be great thanks.

    1. Hey Jon ,it's seem that u lose ur major BOOT.ini which is required by boot loader ,so that u unable to get win XP,Simply read this document Trouble Shooting Windows 8 boot loader to get win xp back" ,follow all instruction ,hope it will clear your problem 🙂 let me know if any help needed

      1. hey so is safe to proceed installation of windows 8 while my sistem currently have windows 7 and windows XP.. is my XP confirm 100% will be safe if i follow the steps? configure inside windows 8 advanced setting right???? thanks juz wan to confirm..

        1. Yes Johnny 100% if u followed all proper steps that I mention in post ,I also install win 8 on my win Xp and Win 7 PC ,It works perfect 🙂 Let me know your reply 🙂

    1. Alex ,it's a problem of your XP installation ,it may corrut some files ,So i suggest you Press F8 while booting ,choose Safe mode,login win xp in safe mode,try to restore your system from Start->All programs->accessories->system tools->System restore and try to restore it to earlier days on which its working perfect :0 it may solve ur problem otherwise u need to do repair ur windows xp from win Xp bootable CD, let me know about it 🙂 Good luck alex

  5. I have found your blog by searching in Google. I really have this problem and want to boot dual OS in my PC.... thanks for sharing this nice article..Hope everybody will be benefited by this...Keep it up. 🙂

  6. Thanks a ton. Was loloking for My computer to check the disk management, but couldnt go to there as I couldnt find the icon 🙂
    My problem was with Win xp & 8.

    Thanks again.

    1. hey just go to desktop from metro menu ,then go to explore ,it will open windows documents etc. then on left hand side u will see the "My Computer" that's it 🙂

    2. ohh, just go to desktop from win Metro then open Explore ,which show u some music,pictures or my docs windows then on left side u will get "My Computer" icon, that's it 🙂 enjoy

  7. Hi,
    I've downloaded and burn the ISO to DVD. When I try to install it from XP it don't ask where I should install the 8 DP, it just says need 16GB on drive C. How to change the partition?

    1. Hey nusz You can install Win 8 without DVD also,by using Virtual drive software's as mention in my post,so go with that,due to lack of require hard-disk space you are getting such message,win 8 require Min 20GB of Hard Disk partition,you simply delete any of ur existing partition from disk management utility in win XP and will choose it for win8 during setup

  8. hi,

    i installed win8 developer preview on my xp sp3.
    i want make it dual boot for xp and win8. And i tried "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr}”,still i m not getting the boot option.

    Can u help me for make it dual bootable.

    1. Hi Suman, you may try to configure settings in win8dp as per my POST(see screen shots) ,if it won't work then Simply read this document Trouble Shooting Windows 8 boot loader to get win xp back ” ,follow all instruction ,hope it will clear your problem let me know if any help needed

  9. Thanks, you are a lifesaver, I was thinking the whole weekend how to fix this issue, I thought I lost my windows XP booting option, you save me at least the two hours you where trying before and another 6 hours of doing research. Thanks from Guadalajara,

    Pan American Games 2011

  10. the apps if you go away from it automatically the apps go in sleep mode
    that great idea from Microsoft cause if the apps is sleep mode
    don't use memory of cup , so you doesn't must close it look at the ie state

    the ie 10b better than 9

    1. If you want to dual boot option in windows XP BOOT Menu then u have to play with BOOT.ini code, which most complex process ,so if u have Win xp and win8 dp installed on your system then do same & simple process that I was explain in my post 🙂 let me know if any other help is needed

  11. I am following your instructions using Magic ISO. Everything was going great until I tried to run setup on the virtual CD. I get: G:\Sources\setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

    I am sure that is because I am trying to run setup from a W8 64-bit ISO from within XP 32-bit. I conclude your instructions will require using the W8 32-bit OS iso file .. not the 64-bit.

    Or am I missing something?? Obviously, there is no way to boot from the virtual CD.

    I either have to burn a 64-bit DVD or go to W8 32-bit ISO ... right????

    thank you in advance.

    1. Your absolutely right WacoJohn ,you r trying to run Win8 dp 64 bit on Win XP of 32-bit ,which is totally unpredictable as far as platform is concern 🙂 , that's why u r getting such error. Solution for this is either install Win Xp 64-bit and try to run setup of win 8 from 64-bit XP or I strongly recommended that simply download Win 8 DP 32-bit and use daemon tools as virtual drive & start your installation ,Enjoy Win 8 32-bit installation,If you have some other queries then do share with us !!! 🙂

  12. HI,
    I downloaded 8DP 64bit iso and wrote to a DVD and installed on a different partition in my 32 bit vista PC. now only 8DP is coming up and vista do not appear in boot options. neither is it coming in msconfig or system recovery settings.
    will bcdedit work for vista? what is the parameter to be used?

    also in 8DB, my microphone stopped working.. need help troubleshooting.
    will greatly appreciate your help.

    1. Ananth, as per your statements ,had u tried my suggestion i,e navigating to SYSTEM PROPERTIES->START UP & RECOVERY option? If not then just do this from your W8DP so that it will show u old boot menu along with win8DP choice,Platform is not concern w.r.t boot,I think it should work,if it fails then do dcedit in W8DP as i specified in my post ,Let me know about it !!!

  13. Dear Saurabh,
    Your articles are very interesting. I have a Win 7 Home Premium 32 bit pre-installed OS in Compaq 610 laptop. Since my Sony handycam runs on Win XP, I tried installing Win XP many times without any success.
    In fact the USB port does not even recognize my handycam.
    Could you please help me on how I should go about it.

    1. Hi Soumyendu thanks for you compliment ,we always looking to share some good things with our readers 🙂 ,Come to point, I have few solutions that may work for you
      1. as u have Win 7 then have u tried to install your web cam on win7?,if not then try it !!! i know if its old one their may be problem related with handycam drivers.If u have driver CD or setup with you then I suggest you to simply "RightClick" on that drivers "setup.exe" then go to Properties of that file ,in upcoming window you may see tab like"Compatibility " go with it ,check it "Run this program in Compatibility mode for " and from drop down select Win XP ,apply & save it ,and re-sun your driver setup if it work then u don't need to install win XP,if not go with other
      2.As you told that you tried to installed win XP with you laptop & failed in each installation can u elaborate what problem exactly u faced ? let me know about it .According to me your computer might have some vendor specific hardware that support Win 7 or higher version of OS that's why its not accepting XP. But u can install win xp by concerning with your dealer.
      Your feedback is appreciated !!! 😀

  14. An Insightful post.. To Install & Dual-Boot Windows 8 With Windows XP & Windows 7 is very simple.. The requirements are depends upon OS, If you are using Windows XP, you need to download and install Microsoft Image Mastering API V2 and .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 first. or using windows 8 you to Download Windows Developer Preview 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64).. And Download and install Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool..

  15. I wish I had found this before installing Windows 8!

    I created a new partition and successfully installed 8 on it, then found, as you did, that I could no longer access my XP installation. I then stupidly panicked and reinstalled XP. Now I cannot access Windows 8! I've tried editing boot.ini to add this line:

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows 8" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

    which gives me the Windows 8 option when I start up, but selecting it just gives an error: "load needed DLLs for kernel".

    Any ideas please? Thanks.

    1. Ohh, that's really bad Nick, I also need to know about it !!! i think if u have Win 8 bootable DVD then their might be an option to repair ur Win 8,I suggest u to checkout this possibilities but remember to go with each and every instruction while repairing so that u never loose ur data ,btw by changing boot.ini code doesn't effect actual boot loader that's why your code failed.I will also check about this,give me some time so that i can give you proper solution 🙂 Good day !!!

      1. Thanks Saurabh. Your help is much appreciated.

        I do have a bootable Win 8 USB drive, which does indeed give some repair options (after the initial language screen) - Troubleshoot: refresh / reset - but I don't really know what I'm doing here. "Refresh" appears to be a Windows re-installation so I suppose I could use this to reinstall Win 8 and then follow your instructions to get XP back? Going round in circles a bit here!

        Anyway, I'll await further word before doing anything. Thanks again.

        1. Hey Nick as per my knowledge,you can go with Refresh PC option ,so that it will recover your boot.ini and you will get W8DP boot menu and after that u can use my trick to get win Xp back,Good luck dude !!! Ping me if any help needed

  16. Sorry, only just got back to this. I ran through the Refresh option but it still left me with XP only as a boot option, so I ended up reinstalling 8 from scratch and then following your instructions to get XP back. All now working fine - many thanks.

  17. Hello, I just read texts on your blog and I became interested in the topic. I love your blog and I am thinking whether I could use your entries in my paper? Would it be possible? If yes, please write to me.Thanks.

    1. Thanks for ur compliment,but we are not allowed any one to share our genuine articles any-where as we are already connected with DMCA,so please don't do such things.DMCA catch you as we are their premium member. Instead of that you can get good content writers.Sorry for that we are tight with RULES !!!

  18. HI Saurabh!!

    i started installing windows 8 DP & it all gone well but when the process says to install CD/DVD drivers then i inserted my motherboard drivers CD. which has VIsta & Xp setup only.

    so,installation setup cannot process further more & replys

    "No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK."

    please help me Dude


    1. Hi sandy ,can u please tell me ,do u complete the installation of Win 8 DP and then tried Driver Installation? let me know more about it,If u directly invoking setup of drivers then try to start it in compatibility mode by "Right Clicking on Setup"->Properties-> Compatibility mode -> select win 7 or Xp compatible mode and run it.Let me know the progress.will help u further

      1. thanks for your reply saurabh!!

        i started installing windows 8 setup.exe from /Sources folder.normally it started the process after the drive selection next window came to insert CD/DVD drivers or it is missing.

        so, then i inserted my motherboard cd but the setup doesn't recognises
        the drivers cd

        mine is windows XP SP3


        1. Hey sandy,do u choose UDATE os or FRESh installation ?,according to my knowledge something going wrong with your win8 DP DVD,it may corrupted!! if u selected UPDATE win xp sp3 -> win 8 dp then it may conflicting with existing driver anyway try to do it using another DVD,let me know ur progress

          1. hey saurabh!!

            im trying to install a fresh copy with a dual boot menu.

            below is the message shown by the setup every time for new setup

            “No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click ok"

            is there any prebuild drivers software for motherboard running for XP in windows 7 or 8 because i never used any of these OS before.

            or is there any way to install drivers virtually to my system
            waiting for your valuable feedback

            note: i downloaded Windows8 DP from Torrent not from windows website


  19. Thank you very much for this to the point tutorial.
    I first tried running under VirtualBox; didnt work, too much start up failures.
    Special gratefull for the dual boot loader explanation at the end of your tutorial. Because at first i could only load Win8 and not XP.
    After setting "earlier version of windows" that was fixed!

  20. i had the same problem, i have searched many days finding answers and solutions but nothing....i have done such a lot of things, trying VisualBCD , recovery console, copying ntldr file from win xp cd am replacing the existent one...but nothing....with VisualBCD i tryied many times to fix it but then i couldn't boot into any Windows, so i repeated the fix boot fix with win 7 cd recovery each time....and then i starting again and again...but finally, when i was completely hopeless, i prayed God and the virgin Mary to help me fix it and they did extremely rapidly!!! Here's how : when i was using VisualBCD from win 7 and 8 and trying to fix boot sectors, i keep receiving the message that Win 8 founded as active system or partition , or whatever, even if all 3 OS-s appeared like founded and repaired, but still not seeing win xp. so God enlighted me to go to partition manager- choosing the partition where win xp was installed, go to options and then setting the partition as Active! then finally i founded the Early version under the advanced system option of choosing the default os boot. Aleluia ! Thanx God !!! however, i tryed this options of choosing the os before finding your post but win xp wasn't there so that amplified my worry those days...i guess 4 days or more since installed win 8. another problem is now when booting from xp or 7, the restore points from win 8 are lost. i experienced the same thing in win 7 but i founded a post where i could hide the win 7 partition from xp not to see it anymore...but because now the letters of partitions are different, i have to manually do that from i am a little reserved...i was wondering if anyone could to a file to do that and then when click on it just to add this change to the entry like i did on win 7, but i don't think it is possible coz for example win xp sees my win 8 on partition j and not everyone has this situation.

    Bye !!!

  21. so now the win 8 cp is for download....i want to install win8 and also keep windows XP(my current OS) do i get to choose from the boot menu which OS to use....?
    plz help fast!!!

    1. Hi adity ,I suggest you firstly install Windows 8 on your machine and then follow some steps mention in article,u can easily get back ur windows XP,If u have any queries kindly let me know 🙂

  22. HI,
    I installed windows 8 CP 64 bit on separate hard drive.... then plugged xp hard drive back in and have been swapping boot order in the bios to be like a duel boot....however I'm finding that after 10 or more boot swaps that the computer wants to check the hard drives and repair during boot time... it doesn't matter if I boot into xp or windows eight they both do the same thing and scan and repair the drives... whats going on and can I get it to duel boot the correct way as you have???

    1. Hi Gene,it was happening because ur boot.ini is invalidate during each hard disk replacement.that's why system searching for its recovery.I suggest u to plug Win 8 HDD and boot ur system and then plug XP HDD and check of dual boot,if its not their then follow my steps from win 8 to get win xp back,hope it will work for you !!!

  23. I have win XP i installed the wiN8 setup from microsoft it is currently running in background should i go ahead or cancel it and install the ISO type ? are there any risks when installing form setup? would i be able to uninstall win8 or boot with xp ? please tell it's urgent

  24. Hey Saurabh,

    I had windows 7 and installed windows 8DP via virtual clone drive.. But now I couldn't find my windows 7 while rebooting. I mean I couldn't find any other OS in the startup and recovery.

    Please help me..

    Appreciate your time!


    1. Ohh... Clone driver may causing such problem,your system failed to get exact boot.ini for all os.I suggest u put Win 7 bootable and do boot recovery process,it will fix ur concern & then install Win 8 on stable Hard drive.

  25. Saurabh,

    I tried the command ” bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr} ” on CMD admin, it says the operation completed successfully. But when I rebooted the system there is no other OS displayed other than the Win 8DP.

    Please help me man!

    1. Hi pandu, I understand ur problem.Have u tried to change settings from mycomputer property->Startup & recovery to "Earlier versions of Windows",I already included image in my post.I think this option should work.if still having problem then let me know about it I will try to find better solution for you.Good luck

  26. I even tried via the MSCONFIG -> Boot tab, it shows only one OS.

    Is there any way to get back my win7?

  27. Thanks saurabh, I tried ur advanced setting option n it doesn't work.. As I see only one OS to choose.. Probably I'll try another option that u suggested.. But I got all my docs n photos from windows.old folder.. So I'm having second thoughts on going back to Win7... Hope there won't be oodles of bugs 🙂 anyway I must say u r doing an amazing work.. Will read rest of ur blogs..

    1. Its my pleasure pandu,kindly follow up with you status,if any help needed then simply make a comment we will try to help you,All the best for ur next process.

  28. Hi Saurabh,

    Request you guidance in the below mentioned issue.I have win xp in my C: drive and Win7 in D: drive. I downloaded Win8 and I thought I will install it in C: drive(C drive format option selected). Now the problem is I cannot access my win7. Once the system boots its directly booting Win8. I guess the Boot file got deleted. Win7 files are still there in my D drive. IS there any way to get into my Win7.Do I need to install Win7 again? I lost my CD. Please help me, can we add the win7 into Win8 boot loader?

    1. ***** You need to right click the Command Prompt in win 8 & choose run as administrator its IMP*******
      When ur computer boots press SHIFT+F10 to enter the command prompt.
      Execute following commands

      bootrec /fixmbr ****update the main boot record

      bootrec /fixboot **** update the boot sector of System

      bootrec /scanos **** known OSes to the boot configuration data.
      Get it to list Windows 7 execute follwing commands.

      " bootrec /rebuildbcd " this will rebuild the boot configuration data.
      If that doesn't work, reboot and use "bcdedit" command from command prompt from Windows 8 CP like this:

      bcdedit /create {ntldr} /d "Windows 7"

      bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=X:

      bcdedit /set {ntldr} path ntldr

      bcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addlast

      Note: Replace X: by your Windows 7 partition drive.

      If still it won't work then i suggest you to download and install Visual BCD I also recommanded to go through Visual BCD configuration if ur new to boot edition
      All the best and let me know about it

  29. heya.. I have installed win 8 consumer preview in the same drive as my XP on.. now during the reboot.. it doesn't ask me which one to open n directly goes to win. I'm not able to open win XP. pls help me out!
    I tried your above soln abt didn't work out !!

    1. HI Sudarshan,I understand your problem thing is that u overwrite win 8 on win XP,so its impossible to get win xp back.Their are only 2 ways to get stable booting 1st. Install fresh copy of Win XP on other drive 2nd. Uninstall Win 8 and Install XP on same drive and then proceed with Win 8 new installation.Kindly backup ur D: data before proceeding with these steps.Let me know if anything is needed.All the best 🙂

  30. I've windows xp installed im ma pc and i downloaded windows 8 consumer preview. While installing, its only giving two option 'instal nw and install later', install on other partition is missing... by default its taking C drive where my xp is installed. so i scared of lossing xp data...
    Can u please help me to have both with full data... Please do reply.. Struggling from couple of days... let me remind you again, its w8 consumer preview not developer preview...

    1. Sandeep can u tell me,how ur started installation,by booting ur system at startup or from Win XP directly ?also check what is the format of other partition FAT32,or NTFS. Let me know more about it !!!

  31. Hi, I tried to install it sing a virtual machine, but it does not give me the option to choose a partition. I have two partitions
    on the laptop, one with windows 7 and the other one is empty, how do i install it on the empty partition, bescuase it
    don't ask me what partition to install it on? I am trying to instal windows 8 consumer preview, and both partitions is in NTFS format, van you please help me...

    1. Hi pieter i suggest you to go to My Computer->RightClick->Manage->Disk Management->u will get list of partitions,so from that delete your empty partition and again create some sub partition from that unallocated partition and now try to install win8 ,it will give u an option to choose partitions 🙂 let me know if any help needed

  32. Hi'Ive tried doing it, all worked out fine, but when I install Windows 8, it start with checking for updates,the license key, then license agreement,after the license agreement the setup ask me what I want to keep, for axample, personal stuf etc, then checking for things I need to do first, then tell me about Kaspersky I need to uninstall becuase it wont work on windows 8, and then ask to install, it tell me that when I will click install, I wont be able to use the computer for a while, while Windows 8 is busy installing.. It don't ask me anything about a partition... When I created the partition, it formated, and everything, but must the partition be active, becuase the other partitions is active, but I cannot mark this one as active. May this be the fault?? Is there anything else I can try, becuase I really dont want to lose my Windows 7 operaing system...

    1. Hi pieter,If u want to survive your win 7 os then I suggest u to put win 7 bootable DVD in ur PC and do system repair operation ,it will detect your BOOT.ini and update it into system .After getting win 7 u can install win 8 🙂 let me know if any help is require !!!

  33. i have followed your guide. During these process i had to partition my hdd for win 8 cp. Now it shows, you can't install os in dynamic drive.. any tips how to revert from dynamic to normal partition ?

    1. Hi Imraan to revert back to Basic Partition follow these steps "Go to Run->DISKMGMT.MSC " u will get disk manager,then I suggest you to delete a partition that you want to utilize for Win8 CP & recreate that partition with NTFS.Then try to install win8 ,if it won't work then do DISKMGMT.MSC and select your disk(not a partition) where ur going to install win8,take a backup of all your partition data & then delete all partition of same disk and now right click on disk area as in image " " and hit "Convert to basic disk" 🙂 let me know if any other help is needed !!!

  34. I have XP installed in my 500 GB hard disk connected to the motherboard. I had a spare hard drive of 40 GB which is old and has a normal connector. I connected that to my motherboard as well and installed Win8 CP on that drive.
    But when I start computer, it doesn't show the boot option of choosing the OS before boot. what should I do? both are connected as masters with the jumper on.
    What should I do?

    1. Hi Justin,I think you have to change the Master-slave configuration from BIOS(pressing F2 or DEL during PC boot),you need to plugin port of SATA disk drive into another SATA port.So make your W8CP as master & new hdd as slave.If it won't work then try to attach only w8cp HDD and see whether boot options are appearing or not.If its work then after attach new with it.BTW for good performance installing w8dp into new HDD is good idea instead of old. :0 let me know if any other help needed

  35. Hi Saurabh!
    How about the installed program in xp if i install W8??
    & What is the difference between DP and CP suggest??

    1. Hi Fan you can re-install that programs into Win8 by going to .exe property-> Compatibility option and choose Win XP,if they complain in win 8.
      Friend here Win8 DP is nothing but Developer Preview,which is mostly used by major software manufactures to test their software compatibility with Win 8.& Win 8 CP is nothing but consumer preview edition to give hands-on to users.After this alpha/beta version will be release 🙂 Not sure !!! Is their is any thing that I can assist you ? Have a great day !!!

        1. Definitely It will deleted if u format your Win XP, keeping both OS is good idea to save u in disaster situation.if any one crash other will survive.I recommended you to keep both because Win8 CP is not a stable versions, you may face problems 🙂

  36. Hi, I previously had Windows XP and decided to download Windows 8 but I am not happy with it at all. I tried following the steps but in step 5 I had no option to select "Earlier version of windows". Could you please help?!

    1. Hi Rebecka,To get back your Windows XP do following steps:

      1. Insert your Win Xp bootable CD, & wait for some time till this bluescreen appear , after that press 'R' button of Keyboard.
      2. You will enter into black screen i.e command prompt.Now system automaticaly detect existing Win XP OS installation and list them in number format.
      3. Now if u have XP on "1.C:\Windows" then ENTER '1' to choose it and then it will prompt u to enter Admin password if u set any,otherwise just press Enter button.
      4. Now on next command line type " bootcfg /rebuild " & hit enter,you have to wait for few min. so that system will scan all availalbe win XP boot options.
      5. After successful scanning you will get a list of detected Windows boot installations,now to add it into boot menu simply tpe " Y " in response to question & hit enter
      6. In next prompt it will ask u "Load identifier", in that put name of OS that u want to display in boot menu e.g 'Windows XP Professional' or 'My Win Xp' etc. enter it acccordingly & hit enter
      7. On final prompt it will ask" OS load option" now simply type " /Fastdetect " and hit enter
      8. Now take out your XP CD from cd rom and type 'exit', your system will restart & you will get your win Xp back.Boot it into Xp and format Win 8 drive from XP, its so simple.
      9. View this video if get some problem " "
      10. Enjoy it !!! let me know ur status.All the best

  37. Hi Saurabh, thanks for the great work.

    1. But my problem is not with XP, it's with Linux (RHEL6). I had Windows7 and RHEL6 installed on my PC at separate partitions prior to installation of Windows 8 Release Preview that too on a separate partition.

    2. I was using GRUB as boot loader written at MBR, which is taken over by Windows 8 boot loader and I am unable to boot my Linux OS.

    3. Kindly help me out to make entries in Windows 8 boot loader to include Linux OS.

    Sushil Vashist

    1. Hi Sushil,
      really strange situation.
      You can fix it by following few steps,firstly we nned to add GRUB and then need to list windows Os in grub loader.

      To get back ur grub follow this steps:

      Let me know if it works for you !!!

  38. Thank you for this informative post Saurabh.

    I am attempting to plan an installation of Windows 8 Pro in October when it is released.

    I have a workstation with three 250G hard drives (1 partitioned drive and 2 backup drives) running WINXP Pro. So I think I can ghost-copy XP and the programs I want to retain to a second hard drive and install WIN8 on the partitioned drive. Correct?

    What I'm trying to figure out is this: Is what I described above the most functional way to continue using WINXP occasionally? Or is another arrangement (virtual drive?) more functional?

    I would not access the Internet on any regular basis with the XP OS because Microsoft will no longer support it, but I need it to run an older version of AutoCAD that I don't want to upgrade.

    I have never used a dual-boot system. How does it work?

    1. Hi Peggy thanks for rising your question, as you told that u have 3 HDD of 250gb.So I suggest you to install win 8 on any hard disk but select different partition, Don't choose a partition on which Win Xp is installed. Also make sure that during win 8 setup process you selected new installation instead upgrade option. Dual boot means 2-or more OS working on same PC, you have to choose any of them during your system startup. I hope it will clear your queries.Let me know if any help is needed.

      1. Thank you for your response Saurabh.

        I will need to do an upgrade to take advantage of their upgrade offer.

        Do you have advice on how to set up the computer for the upgrade?

  39. Hi Saurabh,

    We upgraded to Win8 on top of Win7. Will it be applicable to follow your instruction to have both in dual boot?
    Besides, when install programs in one Win, will it be visible in the other Win?

    1. Hi,see if u upgraded ur win 7 to win 8 you'll never see win7 as it is upgraded.If u install any software on any windows version,it will work on same OS not on other

  40. Hey, I have been having trouble despite following your directions and others. I installed Windows XP after Windows 8, then did bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /fixboot, bootrec /rebuildbcd. bootrec /rebuildbcd doesn't detect Windows XP, of course.
    So then I started up CMD.exe in administrator mode and typed the following:
    bcdedit /create {ntldr} /d "Windows XP Professional"
    bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=F:
    bcdedit /set {ntldr} path \ntldr
    bcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addlast

    The problem is with the line bcdedit /set {ntldr} path \ntldr...
    I am unsure of the direct path for the Windows XP boot exe, so I have it set to F:/WINDOWS/. I believe this is the last thing I need to get my dual-boot working. Do you know the exact path?


  41. Thanks for the quick reply and your help, Saurabh 🙂

    Having performed " bcdedit /set {ntldr} path \ntldr ", I receive an error on boot.

    File: \ntldr
    Status: 0xc000000f

    I think I need to give a more specific path. What do you think?
    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi madhur I suggest you to not to use command,follow screen shots displayed at bottom in Article.It will help you to fix your problem.Let me know if you need more help

  42. HI
    actually before i was using window xp sp2 and windows 7 both on my lappy.
    now i am using windows 8 at the place of win 7.And now i am facing a problem my win xp is not working when i boot with xp then a blue color screen comes for very short time and system restart again.
    So please give an appropriate solution for short out this problem.
    Reply me as soon as possible..
    Thank you

    1. Hi karan,I understand your problem,basically BSOD occur due to malfunctioning in your WindowsXp files.I suggest you to reinstall win Xp on sam pc and then by using EasyBCD recover both os in new win8 boot menu.I hope it will help u

  43. Hi, I am on windows 8 pro and like NONE of my internet browsers work on windows 8. So i tried looking in updates, Programs and loads of other stuff. I want to get rid of it because Nothing works No games 🙁 Some programs like getting error on minecraft, Counter strike and lots of stuff so how can i access the internet on my laptop if my browser isn't compatable with windows 8 SO I WANT TO REMOVE IT email me on facebook thanks,

    Daniel -The windows 8 HATER!.

    1. Hi Daniel I really feel your emotions,Its strange situation if something is not working for you as you are very excited to experience it. Look like their might be a problem in your internet connectivity settings, Kindly check it from Control Panel->Network Settings.As you are using windows 8,I suggest you to use Google Chrome browser(Download it from other PC).You also mentioned that you are getting error in windows 8 while dealing with games and metro apps. For that I suggest you to reinstall your genuine windows 8 pro version if you updated it from win7 to win8.
      I personally using win 8 pro genuine version but didn't face any issue.
      One tip while installing games and software on Windows 8 : If any s/w or game is not working retry it by re-initiating setup in "Windows 7 Compatibility mode " You can find this option: RClick on setup.exe->properties-> Compatibility mode->set it as Win7 and run your program.
      Let me know if you need any help.

  44. Your articals are always intresting and helpful.I install Win 8 Pro on C drive for dual boot to XP Pro on D drive.After installation I don't get Duel boot Screen on Win 8 Pro.I try to edit loader and other things without success.After a week I reinstalled XP Pro on D after formatting drive D.Now Win 8 is not accessble I try different thing but not still able to dual boot.So plz Suggest some Solution.

    1. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 Look like you removed your Windows 8 Boot record (MBR). I suggest you to try this,Insert your windows 8 DVD and during booting process hit 'Troubleshooting' option & try to recover it from it. If it fails do these things
      Insert Win Xp bootable, after booting enter into 'Recovery console' option ->> CMD -->> now type following things
      Select your current windows installed dir by pressing '1' then type commands like below:

      type > bootrec /fixmbr (writes mbr but does not overwrite partition table)
      type > bootrec /fixboot (writes new boot sector to system partition)
      type > bootrec /scanos (scans for other OS’s that you might want to add to bcd)
      type > bootrec /rebuildbcd (scans for other OS’s, unlike rebuildbcd it allows you to select the OS’s you want to add to bcd)
      Now it will show you list of existing OS.

      the first prompt asks to Add installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All).
      Type Y in response to this question and press Enter.
      The next prompt asks you to Enter Load Identifier:.
      This is the name of the operating system. For example, type Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition and press Enter.
      The final prompt asks you to Enter OS Load options:.
      Type /Fastdetect here and press Enter.
      Take out the Windows XP CD, type exit and then press Enter to restart your PC.

      If it still fail, Just download & install EasyBCD
      in your win Xp and configure it to get your win 8 boot menu. Let me know for more help

  45. Hi Saurabh, I'm glad I found your webpage....lots of good information here.
    I've recently acquired a Windows8 system with a 2Tb HDD, and have determined that several of the older (and very important) programs I want to move over from my WinXP/SP3 machine are incompatible with the Win8 OS. Win8 has the capability of shrinking/repartitioning the HDD so I've set up a partition into which I hope to install WinXP Pro/SP3 from an OEM CD to set up a dual-boot arrangement. Posts on other forums indicate that installing Win8 as a dual-boot on an existing WinXP machine is easier than installing WinXP as a dual-boot on a Win8 machine. Reading comments here seem to indicate that installing WinXP after Win8 overwrites or eliminates the Win8 bootloader. I've downloaded EasyBCD v2.2 which I understand can assist in configuring the bootloader to recognize both OS's. I've continued researching comments and suggestions on various forums to be better prepared before starting the process. What major pitfalls should I expect once I start? Any suggestions or insights would be most appreciated.

    1. Hi spider thanks for your compliment, We always want provide good and easiest solution for our readers. As you mentioned in your problem you have to install Win XP on existing Win 8.Surely your boot loader will get affected after installing windows XP. But you can easily get your Win8 bootloader along with win XP,for that first install Win Xp on different partition.After completing installation of xp you will only have access of win xp. After this insert your windows 8 DVD and boot it at start-up and use fix problem option/Repair(See instructions) it will automatically create updated bootloader along with WinXp and Win8. For safety purpose I suggest you to take backup of exciting bootloader from EASYBCD + install both OS of same bit 32-32 or 64-64. Let me know if you face any issue

  46. Hello Guys,

    Saurabh, I must commend that you have a lot of knowledge and I look forward to work with you one day.

    I also once have the issue of dual boot, or let me say multiple boot and I followed all the steps above but failed although learnt some tricks until I saw this post online and I must tell you that its so easy to have windows 8, windows7 and windows xp all together and you will be able to select any of the OS.
    Here is the link peeps:


  47. Saurabh

    I have an 7 year old compaq celeron laptop with win7 and winxp dual boot. Winxip I am having as I have a BENQ scanner which works only with winxp. Now I plan to buy an acer laptop with windows 8 preinstalled is it possible to install winxp following the above instructions. Or can move the winxp by cloning software to the new laptopl

    RS Gopal

    1. Hi gopal thanks for in detail info, I suggest you to use VirtualBox to use windows 8 on your PC.So you can easily use Win Xp in your windows 8.Let me know if u want any other solution.

    1. HI myk, I suggest you to use virtual box or VMware Player in your windows 8 and from that use your windows Xp, its that much simple and reliable process. You can do hard installation but it may create few booting issue in future.

      its better to use virtual machines to boot windows 8 with XP

  48. I was planning to install dual-boot WIN7 Pro with WIN XP Pro, but a Norton tech tells me Norton Security Suite won't function on a dual boot system for both OSes. What have others found with their Security programs?

    1. Hi Peggy, If you have single license of Norton then its really hard to activate it on different machine because if you either boot in one of the OS then u need database update for sure. from their Norton can easily find it you are using that copy for two OS which is not going to work. I suggest to install it on OS which ur going to use mostly

      1. A lot of older programs won't work with Windows 8.1. I haven't yet partitioned the hard drive and put XP on it. It shows less than 2 MB available when I tried to shrink the volume. I'm confused. I need about 5 GB.

        So, I went to your blog and then did system properties. Of course the only default operating system listed is Windows 8.1.

        Can someone please take me through step by step. Thank you.

  49. Saurabh,
    Can you explain the step by step procedure to install XP having already got 64-bit Windows 8 pre-installed?

  50. Hi Saurabh!

    I have a quick question:
    My dual boot setup is TWO separate hard drives. I have Win 8 Pro on drive C:) and XP Pro on drive E:.

    When in Windows 8, the boot to "Earlier version of Windows" option is not available.

    If I run "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr}", will Win8 see XP, even though it's NOT on the same hard drive?


    1. Hi Sirus, yes it has to show the 'Earlier version of windows' without any error. In software your physical location doesn't matter all things are done in virtual logical way. But keep in mind your 2nd HDD also connected to same machine. Just try for it and if you have any other queries let us know 🙂

  51. Hi there,

    I have installed Windows 8 on a PC running windows xp. I was trying to get a dual boot and used advanced options in the setup, but ended up with xp on a drive and win 8 in another.

    Now, the PC starts on Win 8 without the option to start win xp.

    I can see win xp on the other drive, so, how to get the PC to allow dual boot without losing all my old files in xp or at least reverse back to xp for now?

    Checking on MSCONFIG, Win 8 changed drive D to C, and Windows XP appears as follows:

    Windows 8 (D:\Windows), where Windows in D is XP with all files and users intact.



    1. Hi Mike,
      I understand your concern, in above article please refer bottom section to produce few steps for dual booting your windows 8 and windows xp. If stil have some issue please let me know.I will assist your accordingly

      1. Hi Saurabh,

        Thank you for your reply, but this did not work.
        An error message: An unknown command was specified!

        Please advice.

        1. Hi Mike,
          Please run that commands with Admin Privilege, RClick on CMD then RunAsAdministrator... login with admin or current credentials of system.
          Then enter all those commands.
          also keep in mind to replace "Drive" with you XP drive

          You can also try it by doing it from Windows8 settings which I already showed in above article.

          Let me know if your still face such issue.

  52. Hi Saurabh,

    Thank you for coming back to me.

    I was trying it with Admin Privilege, here is the full description of the error message if this may help;
    An error message: An unknown command was specified!
    Run 'bcdedit /?' for command line assistance. One of the lines is: /bootsequence
    Can we use that? Any other ideas?
    Another option, if it would work, I can connect the hdd to anther pc as an external drive, format c: to get rid of win8 now, but how can I get the pc to boot from the old system?

  53. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He used to be entirely right.

    This post actually made my day. You cann't consider
    just how much time I had spent for this info!
    Thank you!

  54. Everything is very open with a really clear description of the issues.
    It was really informative. Your site is extremely helpful. Thank
    you for sharing!

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