Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite,Symbian,Android:Last Day To Get It Free Hurry !!!

Updated on: May 18, 2013


Day by day mobile users are increasing drastically,many peoples use their cell phone for internet Surfing ,online translation ,mobile money,this leads the security and privacy issue of users.So we must use good Mobile anti virus programs.Though many peoples claim that android is not vulnerable for virus ,recently it also found virus infection and for Symbian I know how vulnerably it is 🙁 .So whatever it is we have to protect our data and privacy while using our Tablet or Mobile devices.

Big Dr.Web Heart Mobile Security is also one of the good Mobile security program which protect your data and session of mobile when you are using it over the air(OTA)and on cloud.Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite offers high speed scanning of a reliable virus protection truly flexible configuration with minimal system load and a flexible and easy to use interface
Features of Dr.Web Mobile Security

  • High Speed
  • Reliable Virus protection
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Low on System Load
  • Easy Management
  • Low traffic update
  • User Friendly interface
  • Protection from unwanted incoming calls and SMS

Grab Free Dr. Web Mobile Antivirus Key

Supported Mobile OS:

Symbian: S60, Symbian 9, Symbian S^3

Windows Mobile

Android OS: 1.5/1.6/2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3/3.0

They are currently running a offer for love mates to protect their  loves mobile from viruses for that they providing you 2 free genuine serial of  Dr.web mobile Security suit,to grab this offer you have to just go here and fill the form with your and your loves email address and Submit it ,then you will receive genuine key pair for each other separably in your inbox,so Hurry and protect your love cell phone a,impress him/her,it will end on 30 April 2011.

Note: This offer is fully genuine offer with full functionality of mobile.

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