How to Download Twitter(X) Video DM on Mobile & PC

Updated on: January 29, 2024

Twitter, now known as X, is the most important micro-blogging platform on the web right now. Users can share photos and videos via Direct Messages (DMs) with ease. Hardcore users of the platform may have quite a lot of videos they wish to download but have no idea how.

Not knowing how to download Twitter (X) videos from DMs shouldn’t be viewed as a surprise because the platform does not offer a valid way to get the task done. With this in mind, then, we must make use of third-party tools.

There are several tools available free of charge on the web that are perfect for downloading videos from Twitter (X). Finding the best one is not easy since all of them focus primarily on downloading videos, so do not expect a lot of uniqueness.

From our point of view, the most important thing here is that the tools work as advertised. And from the time this article was published, all tools worked just fine.

How to download Twitter(X) DM videos

If you want to learn how to download videos from your Twitter DMs, then take advantage of the following solutions.

  1. Use the VLC Media Player
  2. Download videos on Twitter(X) via the Video Downloader Plus extension
  3. Use the TwiDropper tool
  4. How to download Twitter(X) videos on Android
  5. How to download Twitter(X) videos on iOS

1. Use the VLC Media Player

The popular VLC Media Player is a great tool for downloading videos on the web. Most users have no idea this is indeed a fact, so they’ve never made attempts to make full use of its features. With that in mind, let us explain how to get things done.

First, you must open your favourite web browser.

  • Go to the official VLC Media Player website, download, and install it on your computer.
  • From there, navigate to Twitter(X).
  • Ensure to log in with your official credentials if asked to do so.
  • Copy the link of the DM video you wish to download.
  • Next, launch the VLC Media Player right away.

VLC Media Player Convert and Save

  • Once the player is up, navigate to Media, and from the dropdown menu, please select Convert / Save.
  • A new window with the name, Open Media will appear.

VLC Network

  • Click the Network tab, then under Please enter a network URL, paste the copied link.
  • Hit the Convert / Save button, then look to the Convert window and click the arrow icon that sits under Profile.
  • From there, choose MP4 from the list of options available to you.
  • Look under the Destination section, and click Browse, then choose the destination where you want to have the file saved.
  • Finally, please click on Start, and that’s it. VLC Media Player will now download and convert the Twitter(X) video.

2. Download videos on Twitter(X) via the Video Downloader Plus extension

Video Downloader Plus

If you feel using the VLC Media Player is a task too complicated, then a simple Google Chrome extension might help. The extension in question is called Video Downloader Plus, and interested parties can find it in the Chrome Store.

  • Begin by downloading the extension via the Chrome Store.
  • Once the extension is installed, you must visit Twitter(X).
  • Navigate to Messages via the left pane.
  • Click on the message where the video is located.
  • Next, you must click on the video to play it in your DM.
  • While the video is playing, or after it has completed playing, go ahead and click on the Video Downloader Plus extension.
  • Right away it will give you different resolutions to choose from.
  • Next, you must click on the file you want to have downloaded to your computer.
  • That is all now. In a short moment, the video in your DMs should be downloaded and saved to your computer.

3. Use the TwiDropper tool


Have you ever heard of a free-to-use online tool known as TwiDropper? Its main purpose is to make it possible for users to save Twitter(X) videos with ease. So, let us explain how to get the most out of TwiDropper without additional delays.

First, you must visit the official TwiDropper website via your favorite web browser.

  • Click on the DM option at the top.
  • Log in when asked to do so.
  • You will have to authorize the TwiDropper app to communicate with your Twitter(X) account.
  • When you’re done signing in, the tool will redirect you to a page that showcases all your images and videos received in your DMs.
  • Choose the preferred quality of the video, then download it to your computer, and that’s it, you’re done.

4. How to download Twitter(X) videos on Android

In order to download videos from your DMs in Android, you must use a screen recorder. You can download one as XRecorder from the Google Play Store.

  • Open the Twitter(X) application on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Go directly to the Twitter(X) DM, then choose the video you wish to download.
  • Open it in full-screen mode.
  • Start your screen recorder and ensure it is recording while the video is playing.
  • When the video is done, stop the screen recorder and save the recorded content to your device.

5. How to download Twitter(X) videos on iOS

When it comes down to downloading Twitter(X) DM videos on an iOS device, the task is more straightforward. And that's because iOS devices have a recording feature built in.

  • To begin, then, please open the Twitter(X) app, then go to your DMs. Open the video you want to download in full-screen mode.
  • Go to Control Center, then tap on the Record button to initiate a recording.
  • After the video has been recorded, tap on the Record button once more to stop.
  • That's it really, you've successfully saved a video from your Twitter(X) DM.

Does deleting a DM on Twitter(X) unsend it?

From what we have gathered, the answer to that question is a simple yes. If you delete a Twitter(X) DM, it will be deleted for yourself and the receiving party. However, one should bear in mind that if the other person has seen the message, then there is nothing you can do.

Is it safe to use Twitter(X) Direct Messages?

Some level of security is provided by the Twitter(X) direct message service, but nothing that is super secure. This means you should exercise caution on the type of material sent via Twitter DMs, especially with people you do not have a connection with. If you want increased security, we suggest trying Telegram since it is more secure than most.

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