Download Nokia Ovi Store Applications to Computer without any Addon

Updated on: October 28, 2019

Ovi Store is one stop Application Store for all Nokia mobile phones. However, Many peoples are using OVI to get the latest mobile content ,the beauty of this application is it provide you only compatible application related to your phone & most of Nokia mobiles have built in Ovi application.Ovi Store does not allow us to download applications to PC. Also, Ovi Store provides online installation of applications on mobile phones, which needs data transfer. So if you want to get any application via PC -MOBILE you just need to Send SMS from PC interface.Unfortunately due to huge request SMS will not reach Immediately.
So now I am going to share trick about How to download OVI applications of your PC without any Special Software or addon.
To do this you must have:

  • Ovi Account
  • Notepad++

Sign in or Register to Ovi Store.
After Signing in, select your approprite phone model.
Select the application you want to download. You will be redirected to the application description page. Note that this trick works with free or trail version of Ovi applications for paid version it won’t.
Click “Send to Friend” button.

When clicking Send to Friend option, Go to the Address bar of your web browser and replace “send-to-friend” keyword with “download” and press Enter.

eg. After clicking Send to Friend button, the URL would be: 

Here, replace send-to-friend keyword with download.

Hence, the new URL would be: 

Hit enter, file will downloaded ,Now check the format of downloaded file.

For Symbian Installation Source (.SIS or .SISX) files:

You will find that the downloaded SIS or SISX file has an another extension “” or “” and you can not install .dm files on Mobile phones. First you have to convert it to it’s actual extension. To do this, Open the .dm file with Notepad++. If you don’t have Notepad++ Open the file with Notepad or click here to Download Notepad++.

After opening, Delete the readable words “–-boundary to binary

Save the file with suitable extension.

eg.for files save the file with sis extension and for file save the file with sisx extension.

To Download  Java Application Descriptor (.JAD) files to .jar:

Downloaded JAD files from Ovi Store contains hidden download URL of the original file. After downloading the JAD file, open it with Notepad or Notepad++

Copy MIDlet-Jar-URL and paste it on your web browser.

Download the original JAR/JAD file and save it to your PC, Enjoy this trick !!!

Note: This is Not Hack its a trick !!!

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