How to Develop an eLearning Course Material that Sells?

Updated on: August 31, 2019

Once you have the learning objective, competency levels and delivery methods sorted out, it's about time to put these pieces together to set your eLearning program in motion. The development of an eLearning course starts with understanding the target audience. Which means the process starts long before your kickoff meeting with Subject Matter Experts and Learning Strategists.

A successful eLearning course is centered around the learner's ability and offers easy accessibility to an organized course library. The key is to minimize the clutter and distractions and direct the focus towards learning. Besides, building a great eLearning course isn't enough. It should be compelling as well so that you don't have to try twice as hard when it comes to selling it.

So here's how to go about it.

Videos in eLearning

Make use of videos

It's easier to learn through visuals than plain text. That explains the staggering success of Youtube and, on the contrary, the downward spiral of text-heavy websites which lull you to sleep. Introducing videos to your course material is the best way to boost engagement and pique interest.

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Your eLearning course should be designed with learners in mind. Every learner is unique, and they'd like to move through the course material at their individual pace. If you let them speed through concepts they are familiar with and revisit difficult concepts when needed, not only will they be able to complete the course on time but will also learn and retain better.

Deliver at their fingertips

No matter which industry you cater to, your learners are never far away from their mobile devices. So make sure your eLearning material is adapted to screens of all sizes.

Elearning strategies

Create an explainer video

eLearning courses are quite lengthy, but putting their gist into a short explainer video should help learners decide whether to sign up or not. It's better to have your learners understand what you are offering, and what value are they going to get out of it. A little information before buying the complete package is always helpful and builds trust.

The explainer video should clearly outline the what's and why's of your eLearning course, how long it will take and what are the takeaways.

Explainer Videos

A short video like this can win over a reluctant learner and make them understand the context of the training and what to expect.

Use storytelling

Humans and stories are intertwined since time immemorial. If you want to capture the attention of an audience, initiating the conversation with a 'once upon a time' can do the trick. The same can be applied to your eLearning course material. Use stories, anecdotes, and real-life examples and notice the drastic attention shift that it creates.

Make learning easy and fun

Who says learning has to be done the hard way? Gaining knowledge or learning a new skill can be made easy and fun through blended learning, which is a combination of instructor-led training, web-based training, mobile learning, learning portals, and support tools that show up at the point of need.

eLearning Content Providers for Development Training recommend breaking down lengthy course material into smaller, more impactful modules, which seem easier to digest.

Employ the right marketing strategies

Selling your course material is just as important as creating it. You can try all the tricks in the book to promote your course material organically, but if you want instant results, investing in paid marketing is worthwhile. PPC campaigns for eLearning Content Providers can help you get the maximum bang for your buck.

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